Royce is 10! Merritt’s Bacon, Baby Books, Great Wolf Lodge, BJ Italy, Visits, Girls Tennis and Ramona!


Royce and Dixon in sweet contemplation over a Red Robin poster. 🙂


Younger kids playing “Hide-and-go-Seek” in the house with some friends. This didn’t work so well when Merritt went in her room to change… Mid-change, little bodies started popping up all over her room….. 😉

Merritt and her bacon making….  She LOVES to make fresh bacon.  From the other room I could hear her talking to the bacon.  Ha!  “Oh look at you, you just won.”  She calls it her bacon cooking race.  She only eats one piece of bacon as a fee for her labor. 🙂

Tess:  “Moooom, these little kids don’t know who Mr. Rogers is!”   I sang the theme song.  Dixon’s response: “I do too know who he is!  He’s my Primary teacher!”

Bryson getting stuck in Philadelphia for 3 days on his way to Italy!  There was a huge storm that hit the east coast.  Royce was so worried about the homeless people getting cold. 🙂  Italy with Dihana was amazing for them!  

A restaurant server bringing steaming Fajitas out to a custumer while innocently whistling/flirting with Hadley (who is 12).  She was so cute and turned beet red with a huge smile on her face.  She just couldn’t believe he was whistling at her.  🙂 

Our entire family signing up for the Spartan Race in August (minus Addy and David who will be in Ireland).  Even Corbin will be home to do it with us.  Bryson called and talked me into it.  I might die, but will die trying to have family fun, right? They say they’ll help me…..

Feeling like a bit of loser as I see so many things I want to do for my family but can’t for multiple reasons.  The number one reason is that I choose not to.  Sad to say, but I really need my down time and I choose that over getting certain things accomplished.  Soooo, one day the kids were asking what time they were born.  I started getting all the births mixed up and thought “Oh no, they aren’t going to feel special.”  I told them we could look at their baby books, but in the back of my head I was worried that I never filled things out on some of the middle kids….  We went and looked and Happy Mommy Moment!  Somewhere along the way, I had actually filled each book out and put pictures in and everything!  We had so much fun reading the details while smiling and laughing.  Miracles do happen!  It’s definitely not a must, but I was thankful I actually did these.

Dixon:  “Mom, do you know why I am sitting here inside?  Because when I was jumping on the trampoline for so long my hip started feeling cranky on me.”

Royce:  “I think it’s lame when they make big Lego pieces when you can just do it yourself with smaller pieces, at least most of the time….”  😉

Royce: “I’m going to have a really nice car when I grow up.”  Me: “What type of work are going to go into to pay for it?”  RJ:  “YouTube Mom, I already told you!  I need to get my own channel and get going on it!”


Merritt singing lullabies to the boys because they couldn’t fall asleep the night before Great Wolf Lodge.  She didn’t know I was videoing her, so that’s why it’s dark. I think Royce is harmonizing in the background….

Great Wolf Lodge!  I had so much fun taking the five youngest kids.  Traveling gets better and better as they grow up.  The fabulous Johansen’s came too and we had a blast.  There was a huge positive to my recent wieght gain…. We flew down those slides at very high speeds. 😉

Having our wonderful King family over for dinner.  We were so thankful they could sneak some time in and drive up from Salem.  Still missing Michelle right in our ward with me, but we’ll have to cope.  Thinking back to our little kids playing together and babies being born, then watching them as teens enjoy each other makes my heart so happy.  I’m so thankful for incredible teenagers.


SNOW!  Spring tried to come early in February and I wasn’t ready for it yet.  So I kept saying I just needed one more good snow to happen.  Then it happened.  Now I’m all ready for Spring and love all the flowers coming up and trees blooming.

Royce turning 10!!!  I can’t believe he is that old.  He’s such a joy to have around.  His enthusiasm for everything makes me smile and he’ so kind.  I kept hearing him say that he didn’t want his day to end because it had been the best day ever.  We only do pretty simple things for birthdays but he was so appreciative.  Love my Roycee!

Royce slept with these papers because he was dreaming of getting these Legos for his birthday. Nana and Boppa got it for him and gave him the present a few days early. He had to wait until his birthday to open it, so I found him sleeping with the wrapped present under his covers. Hoping he never grows up! Thank you Nana and Boppa for making his dreams come true!!!

Note from Kevin: I was out chopping wood with Royce for the first time since he sliced his foot open.  Then the Royce brain when into action.  One right after each other, almost in rapid succession he said “Do you know about a rolling shutter?  It’s why things in motion in a video seem bent. Why does the Hulk need armor? I don’t think he needs it. It would be cool if we had super powers. What are we going to do for my pinewood derby car?  Did you know that the brain…” I love his mind!

Great temple trips with wonderful people.  My heart just fills right up when we get to go, whether it’s alone or with others, I love the unity that happens and the strength of the Spirit.

Fabulous visit with Sharon Bischoff!  Kevin was out of town, so we made a late night of it.  I’m truly thankful for her wonderful kindness, strength and example.  So fun!

College friends!  I’m so thankful for wonderful friends that last a lifetime.  Lunch with Tracy filled me right up.  Love you Tracy!

My eyes crack me up! I try not to blink and then it looks like my eyes are bugging out! 🙂

Random spiritual talks with Kevin.  We keep getting caught up in our room or bathroom talking and the kids eventually all end up in there with us or we’re late to something.  I’m so thankful for Kevin and our deep relationship along with all the humor we share.  “Love is the compound of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” -Aristotle

Addisen and David deciding to go to Ireland for 13 weeks this summer.  David is taking a group from BYU through his program and Addy gets to go!  We’re super excited for them!  

Hadley drying Merritt’s hair for her.  Merritt hates to dry it all the way but loves to have it smooth.  It melts my heart to see them be so sweet to each other. 🙂 . 

Hadley reminding me of Ramona Quimby! Oh how I love her.  One day, I said to her that I have my very own Ramona with two Beezus’ as older sisters.  

Tennis starting for Tess and Merritt!  It is such a blast to watch them!

Tess and Kaylie are doubles partners.

They got first place at a tournament! What a fun weekend for Tess!

They are so sweet to each other and cheer each other on.  Someone on the team finally asked them if they had always been friends.  Tess laughed and said they were sisters.  The other girls were surprised because they were so nice to each other.  Love it!  They won their first matches and happen to play right next to each other and started at the same time.  My parents came too!  Life can really be magical sometimes.  🙂

Actually planting our garden starts on time this year.  They are starting to grow already and it’s been really fun.  

Reading the book “Yellow Star” by Jennifer Roy.  It’s a short read, but so good.  I cried at the end.  Tess and Merritt picked it up right after me and loved it too.

Enjoying the little things….  I love the breeze through the trees, our land, ducks in the pond, sunlight through branches, fires in our stove, laughter throughout the house, kids chatting together, attacks on Kevin when he arrives home from traveling, hearing our cars drive down the gravel driveway as our family returns home from activities, wood being chopped outside and so many other wonderful things in this life.

Getting a china cabinet after multiple moves and 25 years of marriage!  I’ve always wanted one, but it was never a must.  We set it up and I love it!  🙂 Take note that I left the bottom shelf empty and put things underneath, in hopes that things won’t get broken….

Finally making it to OMSI for the first time since we moved back!  We loved it.  It was followed by a fun day of playing in the sun with other home schoolers at the Johansen’s house.

“When you begin to catch even a glimpse of how your Heavenly Father sees you and what He is counting on you to do for him, your life will never be the same.” “It’s time that we stop comparing ourselves to others….. When you let the Lord know that you are serious about doing exactly what you came to earth to do, watch what happens. He may change many things dramatically. So hang on for the ride of your life, the ride that you were born to take!”

– Pres. and Sis. Nelson at a YSA Devotional in Las Vegas


Week 83 – Elder Jones

Funerals for Rocks, The Person I Need to Become and the Baptism


We taught ***. We taught him about
Christ and read scriptures about his life and watched the Bible videos
for those scriptures. It was kinda cool. We were planning on teaching
something else but the Spirit said to change it so we decided to do
the Jesus thing as we were walking up to the house.
Then we talked to the Rubicks cube guy there again.
Elder kite didn’t like the happy rock I made him because it wasn’t
what he was expecting. A little rough around the edges. So we went to
the back yard and had a funeral. We dug a hole with a hammer, buried
it with “this land is your land” by Motab playing In the background
then we covered it and we found a piece of white marble or granite or
something and made a headstone for it. It was beautiful. Missions do
things to ya. I just had a funeral for a rock.


Ok. What a day. Probably one if the most spiritual days on
my mission. I’ve been thinking a lot about the person I want to
become and how I want to actively change to become that person. I had
the motivation today during zone conference, I got more than that. I
was thinking about it, and seeing examples of what not to be and what
to be, and the Spirit suddenly gave me the feeling of this “You need
to change to be that person. Not because you want to, but because you
need to. Because God needs you to. You only have three transfers left.
You need to be that person by the time you go home.” Well, ok. I never
thought about whether I needed to or not, but the Spirit said to. It’s
serious now. What I am aiming for is being a sincere spiritual giant. All day I have actually done a really good job with it.
It’s been an amazing experience.
One example, we have to prepare a five minute talk for every Zone conference. I basically compiled a lot of the stuff from this past week or two,
everything from the moonlight analogy to the how much do you love
Jesus Christ thing. I put it into a talk and it was all Spirit led. So
much. For the first time ever I actually wanted to be called upon to
have the opportunity to give the 5 minute talk, as they are selected
by direction of the Spirit. Sure enough, I got called up. At the
beginning if it I told everyone that I timed myself previously and it
came out to 12 minutes and so I would try to shorten it. Then
President called out from behind me and told me to take as much time
as I needed. Yes! So I threw the stuff I had taken off back in to
have the full talk.  I had so many people come up
and compliment and comment on the things I said. I am so glad I was
able to help people with it. That the Spirit guided me as to how to
prepare so I could touch their hearts.
I can be that guy. That spiritual giant. I want to. I need to. I’m ready to.


We went and worked real hard. We were on exchanges and I
was in the Spanish Branch with Elder Kite. It was fun. We went to a
town they had never been to and tried to find Hispanics. Found a cool
mountain top. Had some good gospel conversations with
Elder Kite. Lots of good stuff. We had some really deep awesome
conversations about the gospel with all the Spanish missionaries in
Gridley. So great. I got started on being the person that I was
talking earlier and so I got to talking about the gospel at dinner and
man, it was cool. We all kinda ended up talking about what we all knew
and sharing our testimonies in a personal way.
Today was mostly weekly planning. Did Mary’s of course. Love her. We
also mowed her sisters lawn next door. Taught Elder Kelson to do a
backflip on a swing.
Got ahold of an investigator we have been trying to reach forever and
we had a great doorstep lesson with her.


Anyways, over the past two days *** was baptized and confirmed!
I’m just so happy that he could progress and that we had a hand in that.
We didn’t even do much. We just kind of taught him what he needed to
know and the Rudd’s all helped him along. He was just so prepared. So
I attribute it all to the Spirit and to ***. The whole time the spirit
was there.  He and his girlfriend, were crying and the Spirit
was strong. So great. Good job ***. It really helped me realize that a
mission isn’t just about baptisms. Some people are meant to do
different things. I’ve just had a different job in my mission. We came
up with a parable, almost. It’s that we have the Lords field. Some people are the people who gather the crops, reapers. Some people plant seeds and help harvest, and some plow. Most people kinda do all of the jobs. But what I found was that I was sent out to plow. A lot. It’s reminds me of when I was on trek in Alabama.  The hardest place was behind the hand cart bar. There was only a half mile stretch that I wasn’t in that position because I wanted to help the most I could. Everyone else switched off. I wouldn’t.
So I am kinda like that out here. I got sent to areas that were at a
rock bottom and I just plowed the field and got it all ready to be
harvested. Then one day the Lord called over to me and pointed out this one
plant that stood alone. He told me to go grab it. And it came out of
the ground willingly. Then he smiled and sent me back to work. I got a
second of harvesting. And that’s great. But, it’s not about that. It’s
about serving him where he wants me. And I’ll go back out there and do
the hard stuff.
I don’t know if that made any sense but there it is.

Scripture of the week: Matthew 25:20 And so he that had received five talents came and brought other five talents, saying, Lord, thou deliveredst unto me five talents: behold, I have gained beside them five talents more.
21 His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.
We are all given gifts by God. He expects us to use the gifts we have to do good, and to develop our our talents. The more we do this, the more the Lord will bless us with with even more gifts. And the cycle goes on. I have been studying this week about gifts. Spiritual gifts and talents and such. Mostly because I realized that I have many gifts and talents. But I realized as well I haven’t been using them the best I could. I realized that I can really have a big impact on people when I speak. I realized that I can earn people’s trust. I can use these things to help others. So we need to do that. Give back to the Lord.

Week 82 – Elder Jones

Jesus Wept, Happy Rocks and How Much Do You Love Jesus Christ?

I made the 7 layer cookies and they were amazing. I ate a couple and we took the entire platter to district meeting and they were gone by the time we left. The recipe never fails.

We had a great lesson with *** today. We need to do his baptismal interview very soon so we just went ahead and finished teaching all the lessons to him. We have taught most of it already, we just needed to finish the loose ends and tithing. He seemed worried about it a little at first but because he trusts God, it made logical sense to him and he was all for it. Then we set up a time for tomorrow to interview him and went over the questions. He answered them great.
Lots of contacting because all our lessons fell through. We got a text from **** and she said he has to move her baptism back a week because she will be out of town. Sad because I won’t be there for it. But I don’t care that much because I just really want her baptized because she needs to be. That’s what is important. So please pray for her that it will go through.
So I got an email today from the Elders I’m your ward Mom and Dad, Elder Bryan and Elder Kirby, and they basically asked me some questions. Wow. What awesome elders. That’s probably a good enough reason to trust them. They obviously care about the ward.
So I’ll keep today short because I’m writing up a ton of stuff to give to them.
The major thing today was that *** had his baptismal interview today and it went great. He passed and is set for baptism. So awesome.
We had dinner with a less active family and they were awesome and so easy to talk to. Lots of things we can help with. They like us so that’s good. Gave their son a blessing.
Lots of finding today. It was very, very cold today. Mostly because the wind was blowing really, really hard and it rained a lot. Abnormal for here.
Had a great lesson with ****, went over the Articles of Faith. Everything makes sense to him. It all just clicks.
I’m making happy rocks for everyone in the district. They are just smooth stones that I pick up from gravel roads and put a smiley face on. They can go in a pocket or on a desk. They are just a reminder to be happy and any time you’re sad you can look at it and it makes you happy. It’s a reminder that there’s always so much to be happy about. For some reason I love them and everyone else in the district loves them too.
I’ll tell you the moonlight analogy I thought of on Monday. We can be like the moon. It’s always night out and we can see the sun. The sun warms us and lights up our world. But people here on earth can’t see the sun. It’s dark out. But we can be like the moon and reflect the light of the Son and make it so that the people in earth at night can see perfectly well enough to walk and do what they need to. And it’s beautiful. We reflect this light by asking ourselves this questions posed in Alma 5:14: “Have you received His image in your countenance?” So once we ask ourselves this and do our best to be like him, the more we reflect His light and the more people can see and have their world lit up.
I killed a bird today. It flew down in front of our car on the way to Butte City. Whoops.
Really rainy, and very very cold. Like gets into your bones cold.
We did lots of fun work. Got in contact with a person or two. Tracted. Lessons fell through. The most crazy thing that happened was during tracting in Biggs.  We knocked on our first door and there’s a tv on and it’s pretty loud and the toddler struggles but eventually gets the door open. And he is naked. Well ok. He’s just a toddler. He doesn’t know better. But he runs off and yells in toddler talk “Mom people are here” We hear the mom coming around the corner without much on.  We saw a lot!!!! She looked up and jumped behind the door and said loudly to her son “You can’t open the door like that!” So it was obvious that she didn’t know the door was open, but she was walking around without clothes. We just walked away and preached the gospel to more fully clothed people. 🙂
Spiritual thought for the day, I was watching the two brothers II video and he said something in there that I thought was awesome. He was talking about loving people on a mission. I related to it perfectly. Then he came up with the solution. He started by describing how it is before the mission. He said that loving people is amazing but there’s a lot of hurt that comes with it. He said he learned to put up barriers so that he wouldn’t get attached to people because when he did he just got hurt. (I’m watching this thinking “That was me!”). Then he said that on the mission he found that it’s more important to love people and you have to do that. And he did. (And that’s what I found too. The beginning of my mission was hard because I had that barrier up so I wouldn’t get attached to people because I didn’t want to get hurt. It’s easier that way. Eventually I learned that I needed to let that barrier down. Because you can help others a lot more if you love them.) But the guy said that the problem with loving people is that it kinda hurts. He says how it is a toss up between saving yourself the hurt, or helping other people in their hurt. You want to have self control but sometimes with love you can’t. Then he says this “John 11:35: Jesus wept. The perfect human, the perfect example of manhood, the perfect example of self control and self mastery, wept.”
Man did that hit me hard. I realized how far I’ve come in that. I went from not allowing myself to love people because I didn’t want to have the hurt. But eventually I did. The perfect example of love went through the bad parts of love too. When Lazarus died, he wept. The next verse says “Then said the Jews, Behold how he loved him!” He made that sacrifice as well. Love can hurt sometimes. But that’s ok. It hurt Christ too. That’s part of love. It makes that loving part even better though. I really focus on love in the mission it’s so great to learn more about it.
I’m really excited for the Spartan Race. Still trying to get in shape though. I am eating very very healthy for breakfast, pretty healthy for lunches and dinners……I have no control over that. Haha.
 So here is the scripture of the week. I’ll do it backwards this time because I need to explain. I had a thought process that took up about ten seconds but my mind just went through it so fast so here is the thought process I had.
We had just watched the Hope Works talk: Seeing Green( and I got into a mode of trying to figure things out and finding a better solution. After watching the talk, I realized quickly that the solution to many problems is to put things in a different, more important perspective. I was thinking about a problem, the problem of being motivated and choosing the right. The main two things being to not give into temptation and getting motivated to do missionary work. Mainly the latter but it applies to both. And many more things actually. But I had this mental image of a missionary that represented all missionaries; me, my companions, other missionaries I know, other missionaries in the mission, other missionaries in the world, anyone. This missionary in my mind represented us and was laying in the floor and was just exhausted and wanted to lay there for a few minutes because working every spare second is hard. I thought of this one liner to get this missionary who represented all to get up and want to work. The line that I would say to him was: “How much do you love Jesus Christ?” Of course, since this is addressed to missionaries or members of the church or anyone actually that loves Christ, the answer would be that this missionary loves Him lot. Then my response would be: “Then get up and show him”. It just puts things into perspective. It also applies to simply choosing the right. Then I thought to myself, one of my focuses on my mission has been to love people, so where does this fall in line with that. Another thought immediately followed: Jesus Christ is one of those people that I love. “Wow” I thought. “That’s a cool and powerful concept. I wish there was something that was canonized and plainly supported by Christ himself to support this because that would make it really, really powerful.” Then without expecting it, a scripture popped into my head. And it just tied it all together. The cherry on top. It supports my concept. And it cuts to the heart. And that’s where I get this weeks scripture of the week.
John 14:15 “If ye love me, keep my commandments.”

Week 81 – Elder Jones!

Golf, Chickens and Dogs 🐕 🐓

This one is my favorite because Elder Brown and I totally look like Superman and Wonder Woman (he is Wonder Woman not me. He has the girly leg and arm up)! 🙂


Wow, there’s a lot for today. And it started with yesterday.  I got a set of golf clubs from a service we did because they were going to just throw them away so I took them because why not, we have room in our house. We went to the field with the Spanish elders for pday and we started playing golf.  We played for over 3 hours. It was just a lot of fun. We just had a ton of fun and most of them had never golfed and we made it fun.  So it was a good pday.

But today was amazing. Filled with lessons and getting stuff done. We were on exchanges and I stayed in the area. I was with Elder Brown with whom I served with I’m Auburn. He was trained by Elder Kerby. It all went amazing and we had a good lesson with the Calvinist guy. I would go into depth more but I need to get to bed so I’ll tell the best part of the day. We had a lesson with ***, and we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. He understood the last lesson well and didn’t have any questions from it. So we talked about faith and repentance then about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. After those last two principles the Spirit was there and it was good. So I asked him if he still felt like he should be baptized if he received his answer. He said yes. I asked if he would like to set a date and he said yes!  We discussed a date we thought would be good for him to be baptized on. So back to the lesson, I said that Elder brown and I thought that April 7th would be a good date (a month and a half away). It all got quiet and he and his girlfriend started talking quietly with each other, I couldn’t hear what they were saying.  They did this for a little bit and I was thinking “Oh no, I think it might have been too soon and this scared him”.  He is hard to read because he doesn’t say much but listens intently and understands. But they are talking and I was about to say something along the lines of “We don’t want to rush you, this is a decision we want you to make on your own, you should pray about it” because that made sense. But the Spirit put this scene from the district into my mind about how long periods of silence can be good. So I just shut up. And eventually they stopped talking and said “We were actually thinking we could do it sooner.” What? Well ok. So I looked at the calendar and realized the week before is general conference. So we told them that that week wouldn’t work because there isn’t a sacrament meeting to confirm him in, but we said that we could do the 24th. That was a long shot. That was like throwing a bowling ball with your eyes closed. It might be a yes, but probably no.  They talked  again and turned back to us and said “We were actually thinking the 10th”. So I turned back to the calendar and realized April 10nth wasn’t a Saturday so that wouldn’t work.  Then it clicked. I looked back at the calendar and realized March 10th is a Saturday. I looked up and said “March 10th?” “Yeah”. I was dumbfounded. I didn’t even think we were allowed to do that. I looked at Elder Brown and asked him if we were even allowed to do it that soon. That’s two and a half weeks away from today. He shrugged and said “I don’t see why not. As long as you teach him everything before then.” So I turned back and said “Yeah, we can do that. We have to teach you everything first but we can do that. We will aim for the 10th.” And the Spirit was definitely there. As I started promising him blessings, I saw him grab *****’s hand and there was a feeling in the room of “This is right”. Just peace and a good feeling. I could see that they felt it too. Wow. I’m still shocked. How grateful I am for seeing real live miracles. That’s what this was. And get this, that’s before I leave Gridley. I could see him be baptized!

We had another lesson with ***. Taught the law of chastity and word of wisdom. He is clean with all of that and doesn’t have a problem with it. We taught Sabbath Day as well and he works on Sundays but understood and said he will ask to have his off days switched to Sunday. Great lesson.
Lots of finding the rest of the day. We ended up with a ton of money for dinner and so we went with the Spanish elders to the only restaurant in our area, the pizza place. That was good.
We were on Exchanges today and I was with Elder marsh. We were going to go tract this tiny little town on the very edge of nowhere and the furthest away of any town in our area. So we get out there and try one guy that Elder Marsh remembers and he wasn’t home. Then we start tracting. The street is only like 6 houses long. The second to last house is a duplex and has fenced in yards. In one of them there is this small husky. He had really cool eyes. Just the happiest, jumpiest dog ever. To get to the front door we have to go into the yard and so we were debating it because we could get attacked by the dog. We went up tot he fence and he was friendly so we decided it was safe. Can you guess what happened? Well, you were wrong. He didn’t attack us. We opened the gate just enough for us to get in and the dog bolted out. Now, I could tell this dog wasn’t supposed to be out because he acted like he never got out. Just like Bentley used to before she was trained and before she got old and tired. This dog grabbed something off the ground and took off out of the driveway and ran. He went to another house and started peeing in the yard. We were in shock. There was no way we would catch him. We stood there for three minutes asking each other what we should do. We couldn’t catch him. There was no way. And in this little town of like 100 people, I’m sure that it would be a big deal. So we decided we could at least try. So we went over to it and it ran around a little then came walking right up to Elder Marsh. Problem solved, right? Wrong. When Elder Marsh went for the collar, there was no collar and the door looked up at him and smiled, then took off again, running through a field. Yeah, there’s no way we would catch him. Dumbfounded, we started walking towards the way he went and he had found another do on another side of a fence and they were running along the fence together. So we did all an Elder could do. We stopped in the middle of the street and prayed. After our prayer we started walking towards it. It’s frolicking through the streets just happy as can be, like it were in a dream. The dog disappeared around a car. Then I saw the chickens. I said to Elder marsh out loud “Oh man, I really hope it doesn’t go for the chickens.” We walked for about ten more seconds when the dog bolts around the car, chasing a chicken. This chicken takes off flying like I’ve never seen a chicken fly before. This thing flew on top of a roof of a two story house from across the street! The dog managed to get some of the tail feathers and was chasing after about ten other chickens as it disappeared around a corner. We were in shock…….again. “It just got worse.” I said to Elder Marsh. So we stood there for another minute or so. The chickens weren’t screaming anymore so that was good, they must have all gotten away. Most of them were on the roof or in the trees. We finally decided to try and find the dog again and that’s when it came frolicking around the corner……with a chicken in its mouth. How many times can we be shocked in 5 minutes. Don’t worry, that’s not the end. So as the dog is running around the corner with the chicken in its mouth, it looks at us as it passes and the look on its face said “this is so much fun, I’m so happy!” I’m sure it was happy be we weren’t. We were amazed at what was happening. The dog took of frolicking in the direction of the yard it peed in. After standing there like idiots for a few seconds, we started walking back towards the house. As we do, Elder Marsh says “Maybe this Gods answer. Maybe that chicken gave up its life for us to be able to get the dog back in the yard. Maybe the dog took the chicken back to its turf.” “Elder Marsh… That’s dumb.” I said. But once we got around a car and could see the dogs yard, there he was, sitting in the middle of his fenced in yard…….eating the chicken. He wasn’t just nibbling, he was full on, Tyrannosaurus Rex 🦖, feet on the chickens wings, pulling its body apart viciously. But y’all, he looked so happy. But it was so bad. So we walked quickly to shut the gate and the dog looked at us and the look on this things face said “Thanks Guys!” We shut the gate and walked very quickly back to our car and left Butte City. As we were fleeing the town of Butte City, we caught a glimpse of the yard and in the split second we saw the yard at a distance, the dog was still tearing the chickens’ stomach out. Wow. There’s a dog story for ya.
Feeling better about myself today. After much, much thinking, I’m just going to go completely the opposite way and be the best I can with the changed rules and not even question them and support President Ward as much as possible. I think that if he hadn’t burnt me to a crisp in interviews the most change I would have had was being silent about the rules. But because of how bad it was, I gave some serious thought to it and I want to be proactive in fixing the damage I may have caused.
Pinewood derby tonight. It was a blast.  A member made us a car. It was shaped like the scriptures. I’ll send a picture. But it got second place In the regulation race. Go us! Hehe.
But the highlight of the day was a call I got from Sister Bennion. She was here in Gridley my first transfer here. She is amazing. But after leaving here she went to Roseville and now she is in Yuba City. In Hillcrest ward. My ward. But she called today and she wanted some to know who the missionaries were on a certain day and she thought it might have been me. She gave me the date and I said yeah, I had gotten there a few weeks before that. After figuring a few other things out and asking if I knocked on a certain door, I remembered who she was talking about and told her what I knew. I’m not sure if I ever wrote this down on my emails but I’ll tell you now. When I was serving in Yuba City, we knocked on a door of a former investigator. The record looked good and we didn’t know why he stopped investigating. We knocked on the door and a woman answered. So we asked if Seth lived there and she said he joined the navy. So we said oh. So naturally I was going to ask if she needed help with anything. As I was about to the spirit told me to make it more personal so I asked slowly and very seriously “How are you doing personally?” She paused for a second. Then she just broke into tears. Through sobs she responded “Not very good, not very good” wow. The Holy Ghost knows what he is doing. Eventually we asked if we could come back later and talk with her and help her and she said that would be great. I never saw her again. Every time we tried knocking she didn’t answer. We tried a lot. Then I got transferred three months later. That was it.
Back to today, Sister Bennion said that some of the missionaries that followed us had finally gotten ahold of her at the right time in her life, just a few months after I left. She was at a point where she was going through a hard time and started actually taking the lessons. Eventually the missionaries kinda lost contact for some weeks. But Something happened in her life again and she told Sister Bennion and her companion that’s she is going all the way and wants to be baptized. She is getting baptized on the 17th. The reason Sister Bennion called is because the investigator doesn’t know which missionaries it was that originally found here. Apparently it was us, that first time when we knocked on her door. Apparently knocking on her door that first time and saying what we said is what got her to start feeling things and opened her up for the missionaries. She wanted to know who those missionaries are because she wants to send us letters with little gifts to thank is for knocking on her door that first time and opening the door to the gospel. Wow. I am amazed.  There are so many people like this in all of my past areas.  I am now finally seeing the results.
Scripture of the week:
2 Nephi 32:2 “Do ye not remember that I said unto you that after ye had received the Holy Ghost ye could speak with the tongue of angels? And now, how could ye speak with the tongue of angels save it were by the Holy Ghost?
3 Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ. Wherefore, I said unto you, feast upon the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do.”
Our Bishop pointed out that this verse tells us that speaking in the tongue of angels is simply speaking the words of Christ. So we need to know what those words are so we can speak them. And the more we do, the more we can speak them with power. Then we will know what to say, when to say it and how to say it.

Weeks 79 and 80 – Elder Jones (The second week is exciting!)

Week 79

The Book of Mormon, Wagner’s and Captain Jack Sparrow


I looked at the weekly baptism report for the mission and Nan Shaw from Auburn got baptized! I didn’t think she was going to make it but she did! So happy for her. Wow.  Yesterday was just crazy because of transfers. We had to babysit Elder kite and make sure he cleaned his apartment. It was fun. We got to know his new companion, Elder Marsh. He is super cool.  He is the new district leader and the district meeting this morning was fun. There’s another one if the sisters that came in that I served with in Yuba City and that’s super cool. During district meeting we set a goal for how many Book of Mormon’s the district was going to give out this week. Elder Kelson and I loved this since we have been focusing on this lately. We set a goal for an average of 5 Book of Mormon’s to give out per companionship this week. Elder Kelson and I tend to give out all 5 today but only made it to 3. But that’s a lot for one day. We worked really hard and got 3 out and that’s a great start. So who knows how many we could have at the end of the week. It’s a tangible goal and I can do that.

We were able to give out another Book of Mormon. We had a pretty full day which is awesome. We had 4 appointments set up. We had a practice teach and that was great. Elder Kelson did amazing and I didn’t have any complaints. The next two appointments didn’t happen, but we were able to reschedule one for tomorrow. Then we had dinner and a lesson with ****. The lesson ended up being just all of us doing what we can to help him. We have to just wait until he is divorced so he can get baptized and it’s hard on him so we focused on just getting his spirituality up.
We went to Mary’s in the morning. We were able to get a lot done even though it was just two of us.  We moved some pots around and cleaned up portions of her garden and replanted and repotted some plants. Successful service. We had to cram everything else in for the rest of the day. We had three lessons set up. None of them ended up happening though. ***** and ***** had to reschedule and our new investigator ***** wasn’t there. Then **** was asleep when we got there. But we were able to get the other stuff in, we weren’t going to have time for it all in the first place.
We had dinner with the Wagner’s again. Love them. We actually took the Spanish Elders with us. I always learn so much from the Wagner’s. He is such a wise man and always has something to say that I soak up. So cool.
Its weird. Y’all have no idea how it is for me out here. Those who have been on a mission know what it’s like, but they don’t know the people that I know. They don’t know my relationship with them out here. Nobody does except the missionaries that are serving with me and those people that are here. I wish that I could show you a glimpse inside. It’s so cool.
It was a great day today. We wrote up the progress record and went and tried some less actives. In the afternoon we got ahold of this former investigator and she was more receptive than she seemed before, which she already seemed pretty receptive, and we have a lesson set up for her on Tuesday. Super pumped about that. We got ahold of some other people we haven’t been able to get in contact with.
Our lesson with our new investigators from last week fell through. Bummer. We will find him.
We helped ******* move to Biggs, in our ward. So excited for her to be in our ward. ***** is ***** daughter, the one that got baptized. So they will be in our ward and we were able to get a lot of stuff moved up there. Had some great help from Brother Thompson.
For the last two weeks, the evenings have been in the 70’s and beautiful. Today and yesterday it dropped back to the 60’s. I’m not liking the cold being back.
We also have another Book of Mormon away. #6!  We still have till Wednesday to give out 5 more, so we are ahead of schedule.
Great day. Super busy. Cool quote from Sister Wagner’s sacrament talk that I need to apply to my life (her talk was one of the most amazing, sincere talks I’ve heard in my life), she quoted Capitan Jack Sparrow:  “The problem isn’t the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.”  Man is that true.
Scripture of the week: 3 Nephi 11:39-41
39 Verily, verily, I say unto you, that this is my doctrine, and whoso buildeth upon this buildeth upon my rock, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against them.
40 And whoso shall declare more or less than this, and establish it for my doctrine, the same cometh of evil, and is not built upon my rock; but he buildeth upon a sandy foundation, and the gates of hell stand open to receive such when the floods come and the winds beat upon them.
41 Therefore, go forth unto this people, and declare the words which I have spoken, unto the ends of the earth.”
I liked this scripture a lot when I read it this week because Christ tells us what his doctrine is in some of the previous verses and if we understand this, and stick to it, then we can withstand all that is thrown at us by the world, by Satan, and anything else that may happen to us. Crazy hard things happen to us as missionaries, and to any normal person. So when we stick to the teachings of Christ, then we can not be overcome by all the bad, hard or impossible struggles that we have. Then, at the end, the apostles are told to declare it to the world. And that applies to us. Especially me as a missionary. But to all those who understand it. I know that when we do build our lives on Christ that we will be able to get through anything that comes up against us. No matter how big or small.

Week 80

Greenie Day, Cheez-Its and Lessons on Being Prepared


What a great day! Today was greenie day, as in I pretended to be a greenie and Elder Kelson was the trainer. We did this mostly for the purpose of seeing how he did when he completely took over and so I could see what else I needed to teach him. He did great! He knows the area well and did a great job. It was a fantastic day. We met with **** and he is getting married! Not sure when yet but it’s official now. So Happy for him. He will come to the high priest dinner on Friday so that’s great.

We had a lesson with a guy named *** today. Last week we got a text that a lady in our ward’s daughter’s boyfriend wanted to be taught. We went over and he has no Christian background but went to church with his girlfriend a couple times and wants to learn more. Wow! We taught him and he just soaked it in. He is praying about it. It was hard to teach him because he is the second person I’ve ever taught that hasn’t had a religious background so it’s from ground 0 and I don’t know how to teach that very well.

We had many other miracles today as well. Got Book of Mormon number 8 passed out. Wow. That’s a lot.

Even better, to top it off, tonight we went to ***’s.  We have just been giving small lessons and stuff and waiting for her to bring up baptism on her own. Tonight she did! She asked about **** and when he was getting baptized. Then she asked how setting a date worked and eventually after a few more questions she finally said that she wanted to get baptized before I leave. So we are going to meet on Saturday and talk about it further. We are not going to push at all and just let her take steps on her own because that was a problem last time. So she knows that she set it up and wants it for herself. I’m excited. What a great day.


So this morning I looked Dad up on Facebook as I periodically do to see if you have made another one of those Pursuing Happiness videos. Because they’re too big to send, I just check to see if you posted it. And you had! I watched it. I loved it! Dixon is not that old. That’s got to be Royce. He can’t talk that well! I can tell that a lot has changed since I’ve been gone. Just a lot of little things. Man, I wish I had realized how awesome my family was before I left. Y’all seem like y’all have a lot of fun. And the video doesn’t even show all the little things about being in our family. I’m really excited to see y’all again! Love y’all!

“I learned something about sin today. I tried drowning my sorrows by eating Cheez-Its, and it just made it worse. Like drinking. It doesn’t work.”-Elder Kelson

Besides all that, today was great. District meeting was great as usual. Love seeing all the other missionaries.

After that, we headed (I hope that’s a real word) off to our lesson with ***. It went great. We taught the Plan of Salvation. He took it all in well. We taught simply. Very simply. He read the pamphlet we left him about the lesson we taught yesterday and he had written down a list of questions, which we answered before we taught the lesson. They were amazing questions. Afterwards, we asked about how he was doing with the Book of Mormon and  he said while reading it it hit him how God has been very present in his life and he never realized it! Wow! Oh yeah, and during the lesson we challenged him to baptism and he accepted. We didn’t pick a date because we didn’t think we would be challenging him to it. We asked him if he got and answer that the church and Gospel is true if he would be baptized and he responded immediately that he would. So amazing!

Sadly, we have to turn him over to the sisters because he is YSA age. But that’s ok. As long as he progresses. Then we had our next two lessons cancel on us. That was kind of a downer. I think that’s what put Elder Kelson into his binge eating the Cheez-its. He was struggling for no particular reason. Probably our cancelled lessons and that we have to give up ***. But then as we started studies, the Spanish Elders walked in to our house for something as they do a lot, and they said that they just had something cool happen.

They decided to knock on the door across the street from us. Their plans fell through and Elder Marsh said he saw a Mexican in the steps one time. So they knocked at the house and the guy answered. He said that for the past year or more of missionaries living where we live, he has been waiting for us to knock on his door but we never have. He was super happy to see them and has been deciding what church to go to but doesn’t know. They gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he would read it with his kids every night. He has just been waiting for us the whole time. His wife and kids don’t speak Spanish so they want to be taught in English. So that’s us! Apparently he has observed us over the past year and likes us and is excited to meet with us. Let’s just say that turned Elder Kelson’s day around.


Great day again with more miracles. We got ahold of a less active and she’s fine with us practice teaching her. All of our lessons cancelled on us of course except for one practice teach. But we were able to fill our time because the *******’s needed help with moving furniture and it turned into us helping them with a lot of stuff they couldn’t do. So that was great. We parked on the side of the road on the very edge of our area to put in stuff in our area book and as I did, I got a small thought that we should knock the door. Now, I’ve been really bad about following spiritual promptings. I’m starting to get actual promptings from the Holy Ghost, which I never really have gotten promptings like this before, but I’m starting to get actual, clear promptings. But I always seem to convince myself that it’s just my mind making up things. Then afterwards I realize it’s the spirit. This time, it was very subtle and I almost didn’t but I decided to anyways, even though tracting at night sucks. But we knocked the door and said we are missionaries and the lady said “Can you come back during the day, it would be a lot better then.” 🤔 Yeah, we can.

But the best part, I called Elder Niederhauser a few nights ago to tell him the good news about **** and ***, but he didn’t answer. He called back this morning and I told him and he was really happy. But then he said he had good news for me. ***, our investigator from Citrus Heights is going to get married tomorrow! Apparently after getting Sister ***** got over there (which we started up when I was there) she has been able to work her magic  ***** is going with it! This means that *** can be baptized! Amazing! I hope all goes well tomorrow. I really do. That will make me so happy.


So I learned a lesson about being prepared last night. It’s 2:45 in the morning. I’m sound asleep and I’m suddenly awaken by Elder Kelson yelling in his bed. The yelling ends up turning in to short spurts of yells, almost hyperventilating yells. That slowly turns into him, in Rhythm with the short yells, yelling “I should have be been more prepared! Elder Jones, save me!” At which his arm flopped around. I calmly but forcefully said “Elder Kelson, we are not in a teaching appointment. We are in bed asleep.” “What?” he responded. I calmly replied; “We are not in a lesson. We are in our beds sleeping.” There was a pause. Then he spoke. “That makes a lot more sense.” Another long pause of about 20 seconds. Then he let out a painful groan which, being interpreted meant “I just did something dumb, didn’t I?” We didn’t talk about it till the next morning. He remembered almost nothing. Only something about it teaching and that he did something dumb.

So I’m really tired because I went into two houses with cats tonight and they got me reacting. I took a benedryl  and that’s helping but they make me sleepy. But we had lots of planning and Mary’s and a good lesson with ****** and *****.  We also got ahold of some less actives that we have been trying for a while.


We did service for 6 bourse. That was fun. We didn’t end up with time to do most of our studies but we were busy. We got the progress report done. We met with ****** tonight and she is on date for the 17th of March! So excited for her. Pray for her please. I’m sure things will come up, but with God, we can get through them. She is initiating it so it’s all her.


We had lots of studies, had an investigator drop us because she is an atheist, and people not show up for their appointment. Typical day. Church was awesome though. *** and the kids came. *** came. **** came. All great.

Scripture of the week: Malachi 3:10

Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

I love this scripture because it applies to more than just tithing. The Lord said to prove him if he will not give you the blessings. That means to test it. Not only just test it. He basically says “Go ahead and try and prove me wrong.” You won’t. You can’t. With any commandment there are blessings attached. We can try and prove him wrong that the blessings won’t come but they will. It’s a really amazing affirmation that blessing come from keeping the commandments. Whenever I keep a commandment I get blessings. I have way more blessings than I deserve. Yea there are things in life that suck. But think of all the amazing things that I do have. I have no reason not to be happy!


KJ’s Turn 46! Skin-ny, Dis-Cover, Braces, Ax vs. Foot, Christmas and Great Movies!

Two months again!!!  My lack of writing starts building up and then it just goes on and on.  It think I’ll blame it on the holidays and birthdays….  Here’s to resuming my once a week blog…..  😉 


Having an ah-ha moment about words.  I’m sure you already know these things, but I’m still learning everyday about things that are obvious.  The word “Skinny” has skin in it.  Duh!  It all has to do with the skin (and maybe what’s under it, or not…)  🙂 Royce came up with “Discover” today.  Taking the “cover” off of something and seeing what it is…..  Obviously, we are making up our own way to define things in our house.

Kevin getting braces!  Not only that, his overbite was so bad that they had to put a thing behind his front teeth.  This causes his back teeth to not meet anymore.  That means he can’t chew anything!  Yes, he has lost weight (while I gained weight).  It also caused him to have a huge lisp, making it really hard to deliver his workshops each week.  He has done a good job overcoming it and you can hardly tell anymore.  It was a horrible first month though.  He literally had blood drooling out of his mouth after some of the workshops.  😦 Kevin is my hero for figuring out a way to make braces happen, despite the inconvenience.  He’s always wanted straight bottom teeth.  I’m so amazed at his tenaciousness.

Having the missionaries over for dinner.  One of the missionaries was new.  Our family proceeded to have our wild and crazy dinner.  I apologized for to them (not that I am totally innocent) and the seasoned missionary said to the new missionary “This happens every time we come.”  He said he loved it, but still…. Do we really have to leave our mark on everything?

A month of retraining OUR TEENAGERS on their behavior while they sit on the pew at church.  You think you’re done with craziness in church after your littles grow up.  Not with the Jones family!  We were all laughing so hard that Kevin finally looked down the pew and yelled (in a whisper) “OUR FAMILY SUCKS AT BEING REVERENT!”  Of course, that made all of us laugh even harder.  We’ve been doing much better the last few weeks. 😉

Royce chopping his foot open with an ax!  All I have to say is “Boots, Kevin, boots!”  Kevin and Royce love to chop wood together.  Somehow the boots didn’t make it on this time and the ax swung past the log…..  That was a fun one to explain to the Urgent Care people during school hours.  Kevin had to jump on a plane, so I got to do the honors.  By the time we left, the nurses were showering Royce with presents and couldn’t wait for us to come back, figuring we would probably be regulars.  So cute! Royce is cute, not the foot…. 😉 

Royce: “Not that I’d ever get a tattoo, but if I did, I’d get an ax tattooed on my foot where the scar is.” 🙂

Washer and dryer breaking at the same time during Christmas Break!  I spent some time at the laundry mat, which is a pain, but I can get a weeks worth of laundry done in two hours.  AMAZING!  I need some industrial size units at my house!  I’m truly thankful for washers and dryers.

Having a great, bad experience that solidified how I want to spend my time.  The older I get the more I keep learning about myself.  With Heavenly Father’s help I hope I can live the life He wants me to, one that feels right for me.

President Thomas S. Monson passing away (Prophet of the Church of Latter Day Saints).  It was sad, but happy.  We’re so glad he is with his sweet wife, but sad to lose him.

Little boys being ornery!  Thankfully, Kevin arrived home at the end of the week and reset them.  I’m so thankful for a wonderful husband and father!  Not to mention how much Kevin makes me laugh all weekend.  Fathers are so important.  I’m in awe of single mother’s who do such an amazing job.

Kevin is training a guy for work and one of the finacial advisors described the other guy as a Rated-R version of Kevin.  Ha!  So funny!

Hadley coming five minutes late to dinner because she just couldn’t tear herself away from “The Greatest Showman” music.  I told her she needed a punishment, so the kids started coming up with some.  It was hysterical how creative and harsh they were.  Hadley was thankful I only gave her an hour of  yard work.

Dixon:  “How about when we retell stories about when someone says a bad word, we don’t say the real bad word.”  We were cracking up because the previous day, Dixon had said some pretty bad things himself.  So funny!

Merritt getting migraines.  Most of our kids go through a teenage phase of getting migraines as their hormones kick in (I had this as a teenager too).  Merritt is pretty stoic, hardly ever cries, etc.  I told her, jokingly, that if she let her emotions out more, maybe she wouldn’t get the migraines anymore.  Emotional Therapy.  So we’re doing the opposite of what most teenage parents do, we’re trying to have her have MORE emotions.  JK, it’s now a great joke in the house when she tries to fake cry or feel more than she really does.  Merritt is awesome!

Merritt in control of the music in the car and picking all sad songs to make me cry.  Maybe this has something to do with the aforementioned paragraph…. 😉 She accomplished her mission!  I was all sad about people dying or growing up by the time I got home.

Dixon asking all day if he could pack for Great Wolf Lodge (actually he was asking for the previous 4 days, but I said no).  I needed to finish the laundry, so I finally had to pull the “You won’t get to go, if you keep asking” line.  The next thing I know he’s folding his own laundry and soon trying to reword the question concerning whether he can pack it in his suitcase… “It’s not time to pack yet….” Without the question part.  Ha!  Now I know he can fold his own laundry and pack for trips.  😉

Trying on swimsuits for Great Wolf Lodge and Merritt outgrowing the one that fit last October!  She is getting so tall!

They’re taking over….. 🙂


The wonderful Dansie’s dropping off “The Little Lamb From Bethlehem” book and stuffed animal.  We used the calendar to help us do different services throughout the month.  We loved it!  Thank you Dansie’s!!  #LIGHTheWORLD

Amazing meteor shower!  The kids froze outside but had so much fun.  I could hear them scream every time meteor would fill the night sky.  Warmed my heart!

Dixon:  “I saw the Tiny Dipper last night.”

Going to Star Wars with Hadley and Merritt!  It was so fun to watch together.  I think I actually had a spiritual experience at the end…. 😉 

Yummy Christmas cookie exchange!

Hadley finally getting her ears pierced!  She was a little scared, but she was brave.  The two ladies attacked her ears at the same time.  That was great!  My last girl to get her ears pierced.  😦 

Picking up Bryson from the airport for Christmas!  Dihana arrived the day before.  The drive home was full of jokes and reminiscing.  I was laughing so hard.  LOVE MY BRYSON!

Fun Young Women Christmas Party.  I’m so thankful for all the effort the leaders and girls put into the program.  Also, a fun Stake Father/Daughter Luau.  The girls had a blast with Kevin!  🙂 

Christmas Brunch with Nana!  It was at the Gracie’s in downtown Portland.  The food was divine and we loved our special time with Nana.

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!  We had a wonderful Christmas Season full of traditions and a Skype call from Elder Jones!  We had snow, service through picking up trash on the side of the road, Temple Visitors Center Concerts by the Bennion Family and lots of laughter.  We loved having Bryson’s girlfriend Dihana with us too!  I love our little family with all that I am.

It was a great competition for ugliest outfit to pick up trash.

24th Wedding Anniversary for Kevin and I!  We’re pretty excited about our 25th year and plan to celebrate!  So thankful to get 25 years with my wonderful Indy! 

Getting eight huge sub sandwiches for a Regional YSA Harry Potter Yule Ball.   

Spontaneously meeting up downtown with the McEntee’s.  The kids got to visit while Kevin and I laughed and laughed with Celeste and Dylan.  We’ve been friends from the beginning of marriage and had all our kids together.  We’re just so thankful for true, genuine people like the McEntee’s.

Going to “The Greatest Showman”!  Oh how we all loved this movie!  The soundtrack is now playing constantly and Hadley has all the dance moves down.  So fun!

Cleaning up the garage and yard on a  beautiful Saturday afternoon.  The next thing I knew, Dixon had found the horseshoes, hammered the posts in and started playing.  I joined him and had so much fun. We also ran down to the Columbia River to enjoy the sun. 

Randomly ending up on the temple sessions with our past wards.  It was so wonderful to get to visit with people we haven’t seen in years.  The weird part was it kept happening, not just once, but time and time again.  Love it!

Tessa’s fun ASL performance!  Love the song and my Tess!

This is called the flying selfie…. 😉 . We love eating at Kennedy School.

Two birthday dinners with my Mom and Dad.  I’m so thankful to have them close and get to be with them.  This year I wasn’t feeling old, just so thankful to get to live another year.  Life is amazing with all it’s ups and downs.  I was trying to think of what I wanted to do on my birthday and realized I get to do that everyday.  Sleeping in, reading, driving along the beautiful Washougal River, eating yummy things, laughing with my family and friends.  I’m just so thankful for it all.  Thanks to all of you that sent the sweetest messages.  It truly warms my heart.

Royce’s basketball games!  Oh how we love to watch him zip all over the court.

As much as I love the few sunny days we get in the Winter, I LOVE THE RAIN!  I seriously can’t get enough of it in the Winter.  I love the wind and the storms.  Of course, I still love when it ends, but while I’m in this season, I really love it.

Happy lunches or phone calls with wonderful friends.  I’m so thankful to get to slip out and meet up with old and new friends.  It truly fills me up.  🙂

Getting to go to the new Paddington 2 movie with the kids and Nana.  I didn’t think I’d really like it, but I LOVED IT!  It was so cute, witty and sweet.

Church quote:  FEMA stands for “FIND EVERY MORMON AVAILABLE”  Ha, I thought that was so funny.

Randomly watching our first four kids birth movies.  Oh my goodness, we were so young!  Our littles were hilarious with their squeaky voices.  I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID THAT EIGHT TIMES!  I think it’s just hitting me.  I’m so thankful I got to, but wow!  I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for my eight babies and the life I get to live with them.  It’s extremely special to see what we were like and have the memories come back.

Bonneville Dam field trip.  It was a beautiful day for a drive up the Columbia River Gorge with the awesome Johansen’s.  We loved our private tour (major perk for home schoolers) and learned so many fascinating things.  Then we hit Thunder Island and had some outdoor fun.

Beth Collins visiting from Alabama!  It was so great to visit with her and soak up her wonderfulness. 🙂  We also got to meet up with the Rodarte’s from Alabama over Christmas Break!  So great to feel the love.  

Reading the book “Villette” by Charlotte Bronte (I haven’t finished it yet).  How did I not know this book existed?  I love Jane Eyre and I think this is just as creative with beautiful language.  Oh, that I could ever write as Charlotte Bronte does.  It’s obviously not my talent, but I can read it and soak it up. She describes how we have such a intimate relationship with God, but when we meet regular people “It is on the surface only common gaze will fall”.  It’s not anyone’s fault but we have relationships that have to be like that.  I’ve found I really love it when encounters don’t have to stay shallow and we can get real, but most important is our relationship with Heavenly Father.  It’s always real, consistent and loving.


Week 78 – Elder Jones

Car Fix, Second To Last Door and Deleted Email(Sorry,😬)

Well, on Saturday night my entire e-mail got deleted. So this one will be short.

Exchanges with Elder Stevens were great. Lots of fun. Did some cool
Spanish stuff.
Got to see Elder Duseigneur yesterday. He goes home on Tuesday and we
realized our path were going to cross. He got to meet his grandson and
my son got to meet his grandpa. It was great to say goodbye because we
thought we already had two transfers ago. 

Super tall Elder Clark! He’s on his way home this week (oddly enough his sister lived in Farmington Ward with us). So cool!


We picked the longest street (after we had prayed about it)
and said we weren’t going to stop until we found a new investigator.
We tracted and got nothing until the last chunk where it got to the
rich housing. People there already have their minds made up about
religion so I considered skipping it but then I decided not to because
that’s the street the spirit said to tract and we needed to finish it.
We had faith and pressed forward. On the second to last house, a guy
opened the door and he was open to us! We gave him a pamphlet and set up a time.  He asked how much the Book of Mormon is and we gave
him one because they are free. What a miracle.


Transfer boards came in. Elder Robbins is in the zone again.  I’m so
glad to be around him again. Well, sort of serve around him. He is in
the other district. A few people are leaving and some missionaries I
know are coming in.
We had a transfer devotional tonight. Talked about first impressions people make. It was great.

Happy birthday Dad! I don’t really remember how old you are but that’s ok!
I also realized that I missed your birthday Mom. So happy birthday to you too!

Moroni 8:16 “Behold, I speak with boldness, having authority from God;
and I fear not what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all

I love this because my whole mission has been so centered on love. It
makes it so I can push through the scary and the hard stuff, all my
fears disappear because I love people. I taught the 16-17 year olds in
church yesterday and eventually shared this scripture with them and
challenged them to include at least one genuine compliment for the person
they’re talking to in every conversation they have. I know that it can
change people lives, so I challenge you to do the same. Christ loves
us, so let’s love others.


Elder Kelson and Stevens