Week 98 – Elder Jones

Transfers, Cube and Buffalo

Tuesday: He’s a great day today! We had a great lesson with ****** We got serious with her and testified about the church. She is making the effort to figure it out. She has a few concerns but believes the Book of Mormon is true. She is still trying to get over the Nephi killing Laban thing. But she is willing to pray about it.

***** went in for her temple baptismal interview. She was so excited. Never seen someone this excited. Unfortunately her membership records haven’t gone through yet so bishop can’t sign it until that. She was crushed. We are too. We are so sad. But, hopefully they will go through in the next week or so. I hope so. She wants to go so bad. I want her to go.

Wednesday: Long day. The one appointment had cancelled so we mostly went and found people all day. Exhausting. 

We did a lot of weekly planning and that was great. I’ve been having some cool studies lately. There was a cool article about using gifts that God gives us. I’m trying to do that a lot more. Because we all have such awesome gifts but don’t know how to use them a lot of the time. And I’m trying to figure out how to use them. I guess I need to apply it in a different way? Idk yet.
Saturday: Transfers are tomorrow. I know it’s my last one, but I am so nervous that I will get transferred for my last one (he didn’t get transferred) 😉
Sunday: We had a great day today! We have an investigator given to us by referral on like Friday or something. She wants to take the lessons and came to church with her kids. Even her 9 year old daughter loved it. This member guy has, in her own words, gotten her to a point spiritually where she is ready to hear the gospel. Kinda a perfect situation. We had some good conversations with her. Definitely prepared. We have a lesson scheduled for Thursday. I’m excited!
******’s records went through and she has her recommend! Btw, she thinks you’re cute mom, with what you sent her over fb.
We had an amazing lesson with the ******. He asked for a blessing because his back is killing him and he has a lot he needs to do but can’t because of his back. In the middle of the blessing, he kinda jerked back a little and then I heard a pop. When the the blessing was over he said he had never seen a blessing work that fast. The pop was his back, randomly popping into place,  He didn’t have pain anymore. Wow. Then we had a lot of great gospel conversations after that. So awesome.
We got to see Sis. Crans!
Scripture of the week: This one comes from sacrament meeting. Here is what the speaker said: “In Colorado, buffalo and cows live close together. When a storm comes, the cows run away from it and when it catches up to them they keep trying to outrun it. This makes them run with the storm, thus staying in the storm longer, maximizing the pain that comes from it.  On the other hand, buffalo charge the storm and run into it. When it hits, they keep running into it and come out the other side faster, minimizing the time spent in the storm and minimizing the pain that comes from it. It is the same way with humans. We naturally avoid and run from trials, which ends up making the trials cause us more pain and prolong the effects. When we turn towards a trial and face the problem head on, the pain and difficulties of the trials pass faster and cause us less harm.

So, are you a cow or a buffalo?”

So the scripture if the week is this, Moroni 7:33 ​“And Christ hath said: ​​​If​ ye will have ​​​faith​ in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is ​​​expedient​ in me.”
We need to trust Christ enough to charge right into the storm. Be a buffalo.
Also this awesome quote form Brother Schwartz last night. “Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans.”
I finally did it. I’ve made my rubiks cube goals. I can solve it every time in under a minute and my fastest time is now under 30 seconds. 29 to be exact.

One thought on “Week 98 – Elder Jones”

  1. Can’t believe this is his last transfer!!! So amazing. BTW- I am decidedly a cow- slow learner who takes the longest route to learn a lesson and bellowing about it the whole time. Love the Rubic’s Cube report. And so interesting that Nephi killing Laban is hanging someone up. We get so used to the narrative that it is good to see it from another perspective. I may have a hard time with that too if I thought too much about it. So I will stop thinking about it 😂.

    So excited for Girl Weekend in Nov!! Sent from my iPhone


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