Week 93 – Elder Jones

Fardos, Birthday and BBQ

Monday: We got too go to the Fardos’ for pday!  It was great to see them again. We did another picture scavenger hunt. My team tied for 2nd and day 3rd. It was a blast.  Loved seeing them again and seeing two stakes worth of missionaries. Got to see nome old friends.

Tuesday: So I wake up and I have an email. It’s the email that says I
can start MyPlan. MyPlan is basically this online course for
missionaries about to go home. It’s about adjusting, work and
dating. It’s happening!!
We had district meeting.  Elder Kite got emergency transferred form
Citrus Heights up here because his companion, Elder Jones, went back
to Puerto Rico. So he is in my district again! Yay!
We did some service today. Then we caught up on phone calls and stuff
and then went around and invited a ton of people to the ward bbq.
That’ll be fun. ***** and ***** will come! They haven’t met the ward
Cool thing, I got a call from Vancouver today. It was some
missionaries up there that had a member moving into my ward. He is in
Fern Prairie ward right now. Her actually served in Washougal River
ward for a while. I think his name is Elder Finley? something like
that. But he asked if my Dad was Kevin Jones. Yup. So that was a cool

Thursday: We started Exchanges last night.  I went to the other wards with Elder Pugmire. We had a blast. We went and taught an investigator that I’ve been to before in their ward.

Friday: We did a lot of weekly planning today because we had to plan
for ******’s baptism. We planned a lot. But we had a ward bbq tonight and ***** and ***** came! They loved it. This is the first thing they’ve ever done with the ward and they loved it. Free food and the people loved them. We played corn hole with them. They had fun. Then we went over to their place afterwards for games and a lesson. Successful day. So glad they came. We had a lesson with ***** as well. We talked about the atonement and she is super excited to be baptized.

I had a great birthday! I listened to the Gentri album
so many times. They did such a good job with it. They sang one of my
favorite songs: “I’ll Fly Away”.  That was the best version of it I
ever heard. It was so different but so amazing! I couldn’t stop
listening to it. Fantastic. What a great album.
I got a million messages and emails from people saying happy birthday.
Thank y’all! Loved yours especially. I bought myself ice cream. Yum.
And I got to sit at a piano for a while. I’m making a new arrangement
for “Be Thou My Vision”. It’s been my favored hymn for about a year.
Probably longer. But either way, I have been making a new arrangement,
a little different than the last one. And the bridge for it is
amazing. So many different little things in it that make it amazing.
Wow. I love writing music. Arrangements or originals, I don’t care. I
love it.
We got to knock a lot of doors and we didn’t have a dinner and neither
did the other elders so we all ate together. I was happy with that. I
love Brazier and Pugmire. So yeah. Pretty good birthday. I’m not a
teenager anymore.

Scripture of the week D&C 8:2 ​”Yea, behold, I will ​​​tell​ you in your mind and in your ​​​heart​, by the ​​​Holy Ghost​, which shall come upon you and which shall dwell in your heart.”
This week on exchanges with Elder Pugmire, he talked with me about a conference talk called: “The music of the gospel”. I’ve heard the talk and seen the video they made for it. But it never clicked. For some reason, on Thursday it clicked. It talks about how the gospel is like a dance. We learn the dance steps with our mind but we hear the music with our hearts. If we only learn the dance steps, but don’t feel the music, we are not able to fully dance. We are just moving. But if we feel the music, it all works. With the gospel, if we just do what we are supposed to, we aren’t really living it. But if we feel the spirit and have the correct desires, we are doing it right. I realized that growing up I just kinda went through the motions and did what I was supposed to. Yeah, I felt the spirit, but never really seeked it out. In the mission I finally did and now my testimony if the gospel is strong and I know the gospel is true. But that was only after I felt the music. So search it out. Really search to feel the spirit and you will be able to apply everything correctly.

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