Week 100!!!!! Elder Jones

Re-centering, More Garage Sales and Swords

Tuesday: Again, we had absolutely nothing planned. We knocked doors all day. But, we got to have dinner with the Baldridges! We went to happy Garden Chinese and afterwards my stomach hurt so bad because I ate so much. Man I love them.
Wednesday: Just got out of a bomb lesson with ******. Taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. It made so much sense to her and answered so many questions she has. I can’t even describe how awesome her lessons are. She is just so in tune and ready. It’s awesome to be able to give someone answers like this. Something I’ve known my whole life that means the world to someone else. How can I not love being out here? I have something that is free that some people realize how amazing it is.  I can give it to them. Some people hate me for having it, but I don’t care.  As long as I am able to get it to those who are dying for it, it’s worth it. Worth 2 years. Worth my life. If it’s worth Christ’s life, it’s worth mine.
Besides that, we had a good day. District meeting. We got ahold of ***** again. ****** looked up an object lesson on YouTube and wanted to teach us so we went to her house and she had this cute little object lesson all ready and she was dressed up and had a name tag. So awesome. She is the best missionary in the ward. She is feeding us on Friday and is inviting *****. She wants to serve a mission. How cool. What a missionary. What an amazing person.
Saturday: I haven’t written much this week. It’s been crazy over the last three days.  Today was great. We went and talked with those people we saw at the garage sale last week. The less active ones.  The wife really wants to be involved and really wants to make it to church but her husband keeps making excuses. But she is pushing hard. She kept asking us to get him to go and we were trying our best. So hopefully they will show up. We promised them a seat by us. They are cool though.
We went garage sale tracting. Talked to a lot of people. Lots of random ones. Had a lot of good conversations but nobody that was further interested. One of the other missionaries found some swords at a garage sale and I was going to buy one because it was insanely cheap but I let Elder Brazier have it.  I still had a little fun with it. I will send y’all a video. Then we went and visited people and had to do some reports and calling. It was a productive day.
Oh, last night we met with ***** and ***.  We were up front with them and restated our purpose and told them how amazing the gospel is. We said that we needed to teach about the gospel first and foremost.  We ended up having a really good conversation and a good lesson after that. Sometimes you just need to recenter and things can progress better. So this worked.
Scripture of the week: Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
This is one of Sister Weists’ favorite scripture. The reason I like it is because you can say that you love God and other, but that can only be true if you show it. Because faith without works is dead. If you don’t show that you mean something, do you mean it?  If we show God that we love him through our actions, then he knows it, and other do too. And it’s a good example.

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