Week 94 – Elder Jones

Jesus Marshmallow, Green and Baptism

Tuesday: Been a fun day. We started off the day with a bomb lesson with *******. We read from the Book of Mormon and she has some awesome insights. It’s been hard to get ahold of her but things have cleared up more. The spirit was just really there and she was very receptive. We are kinda focusing her in getting her back on track with the Book of Mormon. Next time we will try to get her to come to church. She likes the idea of baptism but with everything in life, she likes to find out as much as she can about something before she fully commits. Hence why we are focusing in church and the Book of Mormon. But anyways, it was just a great lesson. Spirit was there and she seems like she will start to progress a lot.

We practiced our musical number with the other elders. We are doing “Be Thou My Vision” because I showed it to ******* and she loved it and it’s her favorite hymn too now. So we practiced. The we had to run around and do stuff. Has, help other elders out. We knocked some doors. Dinner. Then we went to help the priests with there mutual activity. Fixing bikes. My favorite. Maybe some day I’ll start up a mountain bike business. I would be happy doing that. Then we went to a funeral for a fish. Fun day! Lots of good stuff.
Wednesday: District meeting is always fun. We filled out ******’s baptismal form for a while. Got to meet with ***** and ***. Our gospel conversations went better than an normal. It was excellent. Also, ***** had her baptismal interview and all went well. She is set for Saturday. I would write more but we are teaching seminary in the morning.
Thursday: We have been busy again trying to set the baptism up and make it run smoothly. We went around and invited a ton of people to it. We also taught seminary this morning. It was a blast. I love teaching teenagers because of you make it fun, they love it and learn a lot. And they pay attention. I love working with teenagers. I could do that forever.
Friday: We had a lot of planning to do today, especially for the baptism. Made another Star Wars video. Hehe. We had a lesson with ******. I’m so excited for her! And I’m excited I get to see Green tomorrow!
We met with ***** and the whole gang. They had dinner and dessert, they even got me an ice cream cake for my birthday. They are amazing. They asked a million questions and I really learned a lot from them. They learned a lot from us. The spirit was so strong. They are very wise. We showed them a snippet from the talk: “Receiving answers to prayers” by Richard G. Scott. They loved it. ****** was saying how when she hugged me she felt Christ’s love so she called me a Jesus marshmallow. Like hugging a marshmallow full of Jesus. Haha. Love them. They are coming along quite well.
Saturday: Well, you saw the pictures. ****** got baptized. That was one of the most powerful experiences in my mission. Wow. Lots of people came and we were all talking. And around the time we were about to start, we were running into a problem. We had set up the room with all the chairs we could fit. And it was a big room. But there were not enough. There were not nearly enough. So we had everyone go to the chapel instead. After everyone was there, we realized how many people there were. It filled up the whole chapel except for half of one of the side rows. And this was a big chapel. We had around 200 people there. There was a butt load of people there. A lot of people from our ward and 5th ward, because that’s where all her friends were. And a ton of missionaries and investigators came and less actives. It was amazing. Also, Elder Green was there with his parents. When I saw him I ran through the parking lot and jumped on him. His parents are super cool btw. So we are in the chapel and we start and have the prayer and song and the talk.  Her parents came. Then we all went over to the font room. We helped her get there and sent her into the bathroom so she could go through. She had ***** and ****** and another one of her friends with her. We had to take out most of the chairs and have most everyone stand to watch and still, we couldn’t fit everyone into the room. Even Green and Elder Pugmire and the people that have helped teach her couldn’t get a good place to watch. I was one of the witnesses and I could see down the little hall way where she would come into the font.   At this point only me and a few people in the audience could see here. She looked at me with big, wide scared, open eyes and an open mouth with a smile. Just overwhelmed. So much. She looked at me and I nodded and smiled. She looked at her Dad and  suddenly got calm and looked back at me. Then she walked confidently into the water. The spirit his so strong at that moment. It was already insanely strong before that but when she suddenly got a ton of courage, and walked so confidently in, the Spirit confirmed to basically everyone that she was making the right choice, and she knew it. The guy baptizing her was in tears and said what he needed. Then he dunked her. The Spirit was just so filling. It was amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever felt the spirit So strongly. Oh my goodness. Then she walked out. The 20 or so people filed out and went back to the chapel.  Elder Pugmire, Brazier, Robinson and I did a musical number. It was great.  After we had taken a ton of  pictures and everyone left, we met up with Green and his parents,  at a Mexican place for lunch. It was a blast. It was just one of the most amazing days on the mission. Oh how I love the spirit. I hope I never forget that feeling of love for ***** and for Christ.
Sunday: Had to say goodbye to Green but ****** is now a member. So proud of her. I love that girl. I let her watch as I changed her to a member on area book. She was so happy.
Scripture of the week: This one is for *******:  Mark 16:16 ​”He that ​​​believeth​ and is ​​​baptized​ shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be ​​​damned​.”
The miracle of ******’s baptism wasn’t that she was baptized as much as her amount of faith. She listened to the spirit. She knows the spirit. That scripture talks about how we need to have faith and be baptized, but it talks more of faith, because if we don’t have faith, our spiritual progression is stopped or damned. She had the faith to be baptized, they aren’t complete without each other. A true belief leads to action. If you don’t have a true belief, you won’t act. ****** does have a true belief. She knows it more than so many people I know. And she shows it.

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  1. You simply have to LOVE a Jesus Marshmallow- especially one that talks about such incredible experiences (baptism!!!) using the word butt load ! 😂😂😂 Maybe that new convert that he “loves” will be a new daughter in law? Couldn’t determine the age.

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