Elder Jones – Week 97

Zone Conference, Scrabble and Testimony

I accidentally left my bag at a lesson with Meghan, Skyler and Nat. So the kept it hostage so they could use it to draw information out of me to find my worst fears.

Tuesday:  I practiced piano a lot because both the
songs that I’m playing at Zone Conference got changed. I am playing
the piano for the musical number for my Zone and another Zone. Lots of
good things happening.

Wednesday: We had a lesson with ****** scheduled. But her chair had collapsed and broke underneath her and she was hurt. So we walked in and she wasn’t in the mood because she was kinda in pain. We asked if we could do anything for her and she pondered and fussed for a minute and said “Could you play scrabble with me?” I think scrabble is very boring but I love her so I said yes right away. It really lifted her spirits and we had a great
time. Worth it. I won actually. I have no idea how.

Thursday: I am so exhausted right now. Just got back from a full day.
Zone Conference; sitting for 10 hours then dinner which we were late
to, then MCM, which we were also late to. I can hardly function right
now. Cool quote: I assume the best in everyone, until they show
otherwise-President Hinkley. I also heard this, but I workshopped it a
tiny bit… anyways: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,
but do it a different way this time…..” Love it. So true.
President Ward rolled out this new mission initiative that is
absolutely amazing. It’s about meeting with the Bishop and asking a
set of questions from how we can help him. Then meet with the
ward mission leader for some of the same stuff but some different. It
basically helps them know that at we are good missionaries and
motivate them.  It’s an awesome initiative that is going to be amazing and works with members.

Friday: Weekly planning as usual. We did that and made a lot of good
progress. Then we had a lesson with ******. We talked about tithing
and family history but mostly about the temple. She has a lot of good
good lessons. So we pulled up a lot of pictures and such. We explained
how everything happens and all that. She loved it and should be going
to the temple soon. The ward council is setting up a temple trip for
her. She will have the Medford temple 3 or so hours away from her in
college but will still tack on the extra 40 minutes to go to Portland.
She has always dreamed of going to that temple and loves it. So she
wants to go to that one. So we looked at pictures and talked about
making a trip. I’m excited.

Saturday: We did a lot of finding today and we worked on clearing out
a list. We did find one guy that is interested. He said he is agnostic
but gets the principle of faith and is waiting for his faith to kick
in. Basically he is waiting for his faith to come. Almost like he
wants it but hasn’t found it yet. Wow. That was cool. We will see
him next week. But yeah, a lot of finding today.

Sunday: ****** hates speaking in front of groups of people. In fast
and testimony meeting she kept bugging me to get up. The Spirit wasn’t
saying to, so I wasn’t going to. Eventually I told her that I would go
up if she did because I knew she wouldn’t. She looked at me for a
second and then got right up and walked all the way up there and bore
an amazing testimony. I guess the Spirit didn’t need to get me up
there because he knew that she would.

The World Wide Youth Devotional was really good. We watched if for comp studies. Wow!
President Nelson sees something that needs to be done and doesn’t mess
around. 🙂



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  1. LOVED how the spirit didn’t need to urge him because it knew someone else would! 😂😂😂

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