Week 99 – Elder Jones

Chick-fil-A and “Man vs. Wild: Suburban Edition”

Sorry this took so long. We had to go to Roseville for a car
appointment so we went shopping at good stores down there rather than
the tiny little grocery store here. Then we went Chick-fil-A because it was over there. Best decision ever. So yeah.

Yesterday we had district meeting since Elder Marsh got transferred
down here, I got to see him! He is my district leader. I love him. He
is the best and it was great to see an old friend.
Today was great. We had an awesome lesson with *****. We had it at
the ward mission leaders house and it all went well.
Hey, she said she could take a box of stuff up to Portland for me. That’s good.

Friday: Ok, it’s almost 10 and we just got home so this probably won’t
as detailed as I wish but I’m doing it anyways. We planned most of the
day, but we just had a lesson with ******, and it was amazing. It lasted over 2 hours. We taught the plan of salvation. We would ask her if she knew what something was and she would kinda give her opinion of what she thinks something might be.  She was always spot on with the right answers.
Some of them she explained better than I even could. She had an
explanation of the Holy Ghost that I never thought of that made
everything more simple. Like when we asked her if she thought she
lived before she came to earth, she came up with this answer about
knowing that we lived in some way before here, more of just our
personality and soul, but not with a physical aspect. What? That’s
like exactly the premortal life! All we had to do was add in that we
lived with God. All her answers were like this. So awesome. The
lesson went tell. She has a lot to think about and process but she has
been very, very prepared. It was awesome. We have a meeting scheduled
for Wednesday. I’m excited. It all made sense to her.
Another cool thing from today, we decided to play tennis for workout
this morning. We have some racquets that aren’t too bad (the best ones
I’ve seen from a missionary apartment) and so we went to the courts
and played. It was so good. Elder Robinson is better than he should
be for never having played. Hey, y’all better watch out because I might
not suck when I get home. We are going again tomorrow.

Saturday: We went garage sale tracting this morning. We went and found
as many garage sales as we could and talked to the people there.
People are much nicer when you think you will buy something from them.
We went to this one garage sale and as we were talking, I realized
they were a less active family that we had been trying to get ahold of
and we had a good conversation and they invited us back and said it
was about time to get their 9 year old son baptized. So what a
Another small miracle is when we stopped by another one, we walked
into view of the yard sale and I saw a big Alabama A that Elder
Robinson pointed out. I asked them how much it was before I even was
close to them. They said 5 bucks. I bought it. It turned out to be a
sweatshirt. And a really nice one. Worth a lot more than 5 bucks. I
was so happy. We talked to them for a while too. It was kinda weird
because they had a lot of shirts with naked women on them. Kinda
awkward but I’m used to it now. (Not naked women, but awkward
So that was a fun morning. We had a lesson in the afternoon and had a
lot of reports to do.
A lot of coming home stuff got piled on me today. First off, you sent
me the flight itinerary (thanks by the way, I never got the email for
some reason), and somehow that made everything a reality to me. Then I got what are called “trunky papers”. It’s the final plans for returning.
It has the schedule and plans for the departing temple trip, drop
your bags off at the mission office, departing dinner and testimony
meeting, departure, everything. That hit like a brick. All of it is a
lot to take in and my brain was kinda fried. It makes me want to go
work even harder. It’s crazy. Kinda freaking out in a good and bad

Happy Father’s Day Dad! Love you! You are the best dad ever and you
don’t realize how many times out here that I need to make a decision
and remember a story or something you told me and I know what to do
and other have been blessed by it. So many things I never thought I
would actually need to know that have blessed so many people including
me. You have no idea. In fact, there are even a few experiences from
your mission or earlier life that I tell to people and it helps. Thank
you so much! Love you!


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