Week 103 – Elder Jones – The End and the Beginning….

Final Email, Final Zone conference and Goodbyes

Tuesday: Had an awesome day. We finally are getting to the end of a
long list of things to do we have been working on for the past week
and a half. We actually were able to go knock on a door or two today!
Yay! We had a lesson with ****** and she had some friends there. One
of the guys is from here but is now visiting. He lives in Harmony
ward in the Camas area. He moved there right when I left. I invited him to
my Homecoming. He’s cool. His name is Cole Solari. He helped teach and
did a great job. He’ll get home a few days before I do. Great lesson.
We had all four youth teach Elder Robinson and I. It went well. Then
tonight we worked on our talks for Zone Conference.

Wednesday: Had a great lesson with *****. Taught the Restoration  and
it made things make sense for her. Such a good lesson.

Thursday: Zone Conference. Long day but good. A lot of things went in my brain then right back out because I can only use it for a little longer.  The worst part was saying goodbye to a lot of people. That was sad.  Man, leaving here is going to be hard. I love so many people. It was cool though,
on the way back, we had the whole district in the Party Bus (the
mission van) and I drove.  It was a blast because we
turned in “The Work” album by Nashville Tribute Band.  Everyone sang
the missionary songs loudly and it was like a super missionary moment of
all of us singing missionary work songs. Cool moment. I loved it!

Friday: Weekly Planning. We had a great lesson with ***** about the
Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity. She basically ends up already
living the commandments right before we teach them and knowing what
she needs to know right before. She is so prepared. She sees how it
will all help her.

Sunday: We had a great lesson with ******, as usual. Their puppies are
still the best. After that, we were on our way to dinner and both
Elder Robinson and I got a weird feeling that was very prominent and
was really bugging us both. We knew the Spirit was telling us
something, but we didn’t know what. It was just a feeling that
something needed to happen, to change. Throughout dinner we were both
thinking about it and eventually I had a thought “Maybe we should not
go to our lesson with **** and *** tonight.” We had another
couple coming with us but it felt off. The second I had the idea to
not go and just have the couple go, the “off” feeling went away and I felt at
peace. As soon as I was able to tell Elder Robinson, he felt good too.
So we called the members but they didn’t answer. So we went to their
house and told them, called ***, and set it up. It all felt good. We
don’t know how it went yet, but we will find out soon.

Scripture of my mission: John 15:13 “Great love hath no man than this,
that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

I have been thinking about my mission a lot, seeing as how this is my
final week. Some of you knew me before my mission. Some of you knew me
at the beginning of my mission and some of you are still around me.
Some of you I’ll even see later today. The point is, I have changed a
lot. From each of these times of my life, I have changed a massive
amount and am a very different person. I keep growing and changing.
But the most important think that I’ve learned on my mission is about
love. The scripture above talks about love, and how love is about
sacrifice. For the last two years, I gave up my life for Christ. But
not only for Christ, for every one of you that is receiving this
email. Y’all are my friends. I gave up my life for the people out here
that I have taught, and served and helped, and cried with, and cried
for. But that’s not all. I’ve done so for y’all as well. You’d be
surprised how many of you I have prayed for repeatedly. And that’s
because I love you. I have come out here and learned how to love. I’ve
learned what God wants me to be. I’ve learned my potential and am
still trying to fulfill it.  If there is anything I’ve learned out
here, it’s that love is the most important quality a person can
posses. It is the best motivator. The most important aspect of life is
love. So when you go to bed tonight, thank God for the love you have,
the people who love you and for the people that you love. I don’t know
how to put it into words and I’m not doing a very good job of it. But
know that I love you and that’s why I’ve laid down my life for the
past two years.  I’m not done sacrificing for love. When I return,
I’ll keep serving and sacrificing. I know God lives. I know the Book
of Mormon is true. I know that the Gospel will change you.  Most
importantly I know that God loves you and Jesus Christ loves you
personally. He knows you. You don’t understand how much he loves you.
Nobody can. He loves you!
I close my mission, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



Week 101! Elder Jones

Auburn, Investigators and Heat

So last night I went to go write the stuff for Sunday and the email was blank. Apparently it had deleted everything that I had written all week. So that’s too bad.  I’ll just write some highlights because I don’t have the energy to think of and rewrite everything that I had before. Not that I could remember it all.
Last pday we had a zone activity in Auburn. We all met at the stake center. When we got there, we had the Baldridges take us and a couple other missionaries I know to Chick-fil-A. We hung out with them for an hour or so and ate lunch. They are awesome and so is Chick-fil-A. Then we went back to the stake center and played a ton of sports and had a water balloon fight. Lots of fun. It was good to see some old friends and have a Zone pday with other missionaries.
We had interviews this week. I did my temple recommend interview and that was great. President asked me if I had a strong feeling that someone in our area would get baptized in the next 8 weeks. We talked about our investigators. Then we talked about putting one on date for baptism as soon as possible. He said; if she sees how the gospel will bless her and has the desire to learn and change, why would she not want the blessings of baptism as soon as possible. And that was true. So he said to write up a plan of what needed to be taught and when, who will help her, how this will all happen and when the soonest possible time was to be baptized. That’s out of my comfort zone but I trusted him enough. So afterwards, we wrote up a plan for her, finding the soonest possible time she could be baptized. It came out to the 21st. We wrote out which lessons that had to be taught and when, the fellowshippers, the baptismal date, etc.  Then planned to start that day with a lesson and present it to her. We met with the fellowshipper before hand, who was kinda shocked at the suggestion and was pretty unsure about it. I said that I was too, but trusted the revelation President Ward had. So we pushed forward and set up a lesson.  She didn’t have much time.  We didn’t have much time either because of another lesson.  That made it so we didn’t get to teach the lessons that we had planned on teaching. So we realized that the 21st wouldn’t work because she wouldn’t have everything taught by then.  We still carried forward with the plan but challenged her to be baptized on the 28th instead. After some explaining, she was totally onboard because she saw that it would help her a lot and that she needed it, especially to develop her faith. It was a cool experience and taught me about trusting in your leader’s revelation. She is on date for right after I go home! I’m proud of her.
It’s been about 105 degrees this weekend, getting kinda hot. HA!  Just kinda hot…. 🙂 Our apartments air conditioning doesn’t work very well, so even though we have had that ac running for hours, the apartment is still at 83 or so. We set it to 68 because it can’t get anywhere near there. By the time we wake up it’s made it down to the low 70s.
Scripture of the week: Alma 13:27 And now, my brethren, I wish from the inmost part of my heart, yea, with great anxiety even unto pain, that ye would hearken unto my words, and cast off your sins, and not procrastinate the day of your repentance;
I though I would share this because of the story of our investigator. The reason President Ward wanted us to encourage her to get baptized earlier was so she wouldn’t be putting these blessings off and procrastinating receiving all that comes with it. Baptism helps so much.  Most people don’t even realized how important it is. It’s not like I want to go out and baptize people just to baptize them, I want to help others to receive all the blessings they can, and baptism gives you some of the most blessing possible. So procrastinating getting those blessings is not worth it. That’s why in that scripture he talks about not waiting to repent. Do everything we can now, and receive the blessings.

Week 100!!!!! Elder Jones

Re-centering, More Garage Sales and Swords

Tuesday: Again, we had absolutely nothing planned. We knocked doors all day. But, we got to have dinner with the Baldridges! We went to happy Garden Chinese and afterwards my stomach hurt so bad because I ate so much. Man I love them.
Wednesday: Just got out of a bomb lesson with ******. Taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. It made so much sense to her and answered so many questions she has. I can’t even describe how awesome her lessons are. She is just so in tune and ready. It’s awesome to be able to give someone answers like this. Something I’ve known my whole life that means the world to someone else. How can I not love being out here? I have something that is free that some people realize how amazing it is.  I can give it to them. Some people hate me for having it, but I don’t care.  As long as I am able to get it to those who are dying for it, it’s worth it. Worth 2 years. Worth my life. If it’s worth Christ’s life, it’s worth mine.
Besides that, we had a good day. District meeting. We got ahold of ***** again. ****** looked up an object lesson on YouTube and wanted to teach us so we went to her house and she had this cute little object lesson all ready and she was dressed up and had a name tag. So awesome. She is the best missionary in the ward. She is feeding us on Friday and is inviting *****. She wants to serve a mission. How cool. What a missionary. What an amazing person.
Saturday: I haven’t written much this week. It’s been crazy over the last three days.  Today was great. We went and talked with those people we saw at the garage sale last week. The less active ones.  The wife really wants to be involved and really wants to make it to church but her husband keeps making excuses. But she is pushing hard. She kept asking us to get him to go and we were trying our best. So hopefully they will show up. We promised them a seat by us. They are cool though.
We went garage sale tracting. Talked to a lot of people. Lots of random ones. Had a lot of good conversations but nobody that was further interested. One of the other missionaries found some swords at a garage sale and I was going to buy one because it was insanely cheap but I let Elder Brazier have it.  I still had a little fun with it. I will send y’all a video. Then we went and visited people and had to do some reports and calling. It was a productive day.
Oh, last night we met with ***** and ***.  We were up front with them and restated our purpose and told them how amazing the gospel is. We said that we needed to teach about the gospel first and foremost.  We ended up having a really good conversation and a good lesson after that. Sometimes you just need to recenter and things can progress better. So this worked.
Scripture of the week: Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
This is one of Sister Weists’ favorite scripture. The reason I like it is because you can say that you love God and other, but that can only be true if you show it. Because faith without works is dead. If you don’t show that you mean something, do you mean it?  If we show God that we love him through our actions, then he knows it, and other do too. And it’s a good example.

Week 98 – Elder Jones

Transfers, Cube and Buffalo

Tuesday: He’s a great day today! We had a great lesson with ****** We got serious with her and testified about the church. She is making the effort to figure it out. She has a few concerns but believes the Book of Mormon is true. She is still trying to get over the Nephi killing Laban thing. But she is willing to pray about it.

***** went in for her temple baptismal interview. She was so excited. Never seen someone this excited. Unfortunately her membership records haven’t gone through yet so bishop can’t sign it until that. She was crushed. We are too. We are so sad. But, hopefully they will go through in the next week or so. I hope so. She wants to go so bad. I want her to go.

Wednesday: Long day. The one appointment had cancelled so we mostly went and found people all day. Exhausting. 

We did a lot of weekly planning and that was great. I’ve been having some cool studies lately. There was a cool article about using gifts that God gives us. I’m trying to do that a lot more. Because we all have such awesome gifts but don’t know how to use them a lot of the time. And I’m trying to figure out how to use them. I guess I need to apply it in a different way? Idk yet.
Saturday: Transfers are tomorrow. I know it’s my last one, but I am so nervous that I will get transferred for my last one (he didn’t get transferred) 😉
Sunday: We had a great day today! We have an investigator given to us by referral on like Friday or something. She wants to take the lessons and came to church with her kids. Even her 9 year old daughter loved it. This member guy has, in her own words, gotten her to a point spiritually where she is ready to hear the gospel. Kinda a perfect situation. We had some good conversations with her. Definitely prepared. We have a lesson scheduled for Thursday. I’m excited!
******’s records went through and she has her recommend! Btw, she thinks you’re cute mom, with what you sent her over fb.
We had an amazing lesson with the ******. He asked for a blessing because his back is killing him and he has a lot he needs to do but can’t because of his back. In the middle of the blessing, he kinda jerked back a little and then I heard a pop. When the the blessing was over he said he had never seen a blessing work that fast. The pop was his back, randomly popping into place,  He didn’t have pain anymore. Wow. Then we had a lot of great gospel conversations after that. So awesome.
We got to see Sis. Crans!
Scripture of the week: This one comes from sacrament meeting. Here is what the speaker said: “In Colorado, buffalo and cows live close together. When a storm comes, the cows run away from it and when it catches up to them they keep trying to outrun it. This makes them run with the storm, thus staying in the storm longer, maximizing the pain that comes from it.  On the other hand, buffalo charge the storm and run into it. When it hits, they keep running into it and come out the other side faster, minimizing the time spent in the storm and minimizing the pain that comes from it. It is the same way with humans. We naturally avoid and run from trials, which ends up making the trials cause us more pain and prolong the effects. When we turn towards a trial and face the problem head on, the pain and difficulties of the trials pass faster and cause us less harm.

So, are you a cow or a buffalo?”

So the scripture if the week is this, Moroni 7:33 ​“And Christ hath said: ​​​If​ ye will have ​​​faith​ in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is ​​​expedient​ in me.”
We need to trust Christ enough to charge right into the storm. Be a buffalo.
Also this awesome quote form Brother Schwartz last night. “Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans.”
I finally did it. I’ve made my rubiks cube goals. I can solve it every time in under a minute and my fastest time is now under 30 seconds. 29 to be exact.

Week 94 – Elder Jones

Jesus Marshmallow, Green and Baptism

Tuesday: Been a fun day. We started off the day with a bomb lesson with *******. We read from the Book of Mormon and she has some awesome insights. It’s been hard to get ahold of her but things have cleared up more. The spirit was just really there and she was very receptive. We are kinda focusing her in getting her back on track with the Book of Mormon. Next time we will try to get her to come to church. She likes the idea of baptism but with everything in life, she likes to find out as much as she can about something before she fully commits. Hence why we are focusing in church and the Book of Mormon. But anyways, it was just a great lesson. Spirit was there and she seems like she will start to progress a lot.

We practiced our musical number with the other elders. We are doing “Be Thou My Vision” because I showed it to ******* and she loved it and it’s her favorite hymn too now. So we practiced. The we had to run around and do stuff. Has, help other elders out. We knocked some doors. Dinner. Then we went to help the priests with there mutual activity. Fixing bikes. My favorite. Maybe some day I’ll start up a mountain bike business. I would be happy doing that. Then we went to a funeral for a fish. Fun day! Lots of good stuff.
Wednesday: District meeting is always fun. We filled out ******’s baptismal form for a while. Got to meet with ***** and ***. Our gospel conversations went better than an normal. It was excellent. Also, ***** had her baptismal interview and all went well. She is set for Saturday. I would write more but we are teaching seminary in the morning.
Thursday: We have been busy again trying to set the baptism up and make it run smoothly. We went around and invited a ton of people to it. We also taught seminary this morning. It was a blast. I love teaching teenagers because of you make it fun, they love it and learn a lot. And they pay attention. I love working with teenagers. I could do that forever.
Friday: We had a lot of planning to do today, especially for the baptism. Made another Star Wars video. Hehe. We had a lesson with ******. I’m so excited for her! And I’m excited I get to see Green tomorrow!
We met with ***** and the whole gang. They had dinner and dessert, they even got me an ice cream cake for my birthday. They are amazing. They asked a million questions and I really learned a lot from them. They learned a lot from us. The spirit was so strong. They are very wise. We showed them a snippet from the talk: “Receiving answers to prayers” by Richard G. Scott. They loved it. ****** was saying how when she hugged me she felt Christ’s love so she called me a Jesus marshmallow. Like hugging a marshmallow full of Jesus. Haha. Love them. They are coming along quite well.
Saturday: Well, you saw the pictures. ****** got baptized. That was one of the most powerful experiences in my mission. Wow. Lots of people came and we were all talking. And around the time we were about to start, we were running into a problem. We had set up the room with all the chairs we could fit. And it was a big room. But there were not enough. There were not nearly enough. So we had everyone go to the chapel instead. After everyone was there, we realized how many people there were. It filled up the whole chapel except for half of one of the side rows. And this was a big chapel. We had around 200 people there. There was a butt load of people there. A lot of people from our ward and 5th ward, because that’s where all her friends were. And a ton of missionaries and investigators came and less actives. It was amazing. Also, Elder Green was there with his parents. When I saw him I ran through the parking lot and jumped on him. His parents are super cool btw. So we are in the chapel and we start and have the prayer and song and the talk.  Her parents came. Then we all went over to the font room. We helped her get there and sent her into the bathroom so she could go through. She had ***** and ****** and another one of her friends with her. We had to take out most of the chairs and have most everyone stand to watch and still, we couldn’t fit everyone into the room. Even Green and Elder Pugmire and the people that have helped teach her couldn’t get a good place to watch. I was one of the witnesses and I could see down the little hall way where she would come into the font.   At this point only me and a few people in the audience could see here. She looked at me with big, wide scared, open eyes and an open mouth with a smile. Just overwhelmed. So much. She looked at me and I nodded and smiled. She looked at her Dad and  suddenly got calm and looked back at me. Then she walked confidently into the water. The spirit his so strong at that moment. It was already insanely strong before that but when she suddenly got a ton of courage, and walked so confidently in, the Spirit confirmed to basically everyone that she was making the right choice, and she knew it. The guy baptizing her was in tears and said what he needed. Then he dunked her. The Spirit was just so filling. It was amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever felt the spirit So strongly. Oh my goodness. Then she walked out. The 20 or so people filed out and went back to the chapel.  Elder Pugmire, Brazier, Robinson and I did a musical number. It was great.  After we had taken a ton of  pictures and everyone left, we met up with Green and his parents,  at a Mexican place for lunch. It was a blast. It was just one of the most amazing days on the mission. Oh how I love the spirit. I hope I never forget that feeling of love for ***** and for Christ.
Sunday: Had to say goodbye to Green but ****** is now a member. So proud of her. I love that girl. I let her watch as I changed her to a member on area book. She was so happy.
Scripture of the week: This one is for *******:  Mark 16:16 ​”He that ​​​believeth​ and is ​​​baptized​ shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be ​​​damned​.”
The miracle of ******’s baptism wasn’t that she was baptized as much as her amount of faith. She listened to the spirit. She knows the spirit. That scripture talks about how we need to have faith and be baptized, but it talks more of faith, because if we don’t have faith, our spiritual progression is stopped or damned. She had the faith to be baptized, they aren’t complete without each other. A true belief leads to action. If you don’t have a true belief, you won’t act. ****** does have a true belief. She knows it more than so many people I know. And she shows it.

Week 93 – Elder Jones

Fardos, Birthday and BBQ

Monday: We got too go to the Fardos’ for pday!  It was great to see them again. We did another picture scavenger hunt. My team tied for 2nd and day 3rd. It was a blast.  Loved seeing them again and seeing two stakes worth of missionaries. Got to see nome old friends.

Tuesday: So I wake up and I have an email. It’s the email that says I
can start MyPlan. MyPlan is basically this online course for
missionaries about to go home. It’s about adjusting, work and
dating. It’s happening!!
We had district meeting.  Elder Kite got emergency transferred form
Citrus Heights up here because his companion, Elder Jones, went back
to Puerto Rico. So he is in my district again! Yay!
We did some service today. Then we caught up on phone calls and stuff
and then went around and invited a ton of people to the ward bbq.
That’ll be fun. ***** and ***** will come! They haven’t met the ward
Cool thing, I got a call from Vancouver today. It was some
missionaries up there that had a member moving into my ward. He is in
Fern Prairie ward right now. Her actually served in Washougal River
ward for a while. I think his name is Elder Finley? something like
that. But he asked if my Dad was Kevin Jones. Yup. So that was a cool

Thursday: We started Exchanges last night.  I went to the other wards with Elder Pugmire. We had a blast. We went and taught an investigator that I’ve been to before in their ward.

Friday: We did a lot of weekly planning today because we had to plan
for ******’s baptism. We planned a lot. But we had a ward bbq tonight and ***** and ***** came! They loved it. This is the first thing they’ve ever done with the ward and they loved it. Free food and the people loved them. We played corn hole with them. They had fun. Then we went over to their place afterwards for games and a lesson. Successful day. So glad they came. We had a lesson with ***** as well. We talked about the atonement and she is super excited to be baptized.

I had a great birthday! I listened to the Gentri album
so many times. They did such a good job with it. They sang one of my
favorite songs: “I’ll Fly Away”.  That was the best version of it I
ever heard. It was so different but so amazing! I couldn’t stop
listening to it. Fantastic. What a great album.
I got a million messages and emails from people saying happy birthday.
Thank y’all! Loved yours especially. I bought myself ice cream. Yum.
And I got to sit at a piano for a while. I’m making a new arrangement
for “Be Thou My Vision”. It’s been my favored hymn for about a year.
Probably longer. But either way, I have been making a new arrangement,
a little different than the last one. And the bridge for it is
amazing. So many different little things in it that make it amazing.
Wow. I love writing music. Arrangements or originals, I don’t care. I
love it.
We got to knock a lot of doors and we didn’t have a dinner and neither
did the other elders so we all ate together. I was happy with that. I
love Brazier and Pugmire. So yeah. Pretty good birthday. I’m not a
teenager anymore.

Scripture of the week D&C 8:2 ​”Yea, behold, I will ​​​tell​ you in your mind and in your ​​​heart​, by the ​​​Holy Ghost​, which shall come upon you and which shall dwell in your heart.”
This week on exchanges with Elder Pugmire, he talked with me about a conference talk called: “The music of the gospel”. I’ve heard the talk and seen the video they made for it. But it never clicked. For some reason, on Thursday it clicked. It talks about how the gospel is like a dance. We learn the dance steps with our mind but we hear the music with our hearts. If we only learn the dance steps, but don’t feel the music, we are not able to fully dance. We are just moving. But if we feel the music, it all works. With the gospel, if we just do what we are supposed to, we aren’t really living it. But if we feel the spirit and have the correct desires, we are doing it right. I realized that growing up I just kinda went through the motions and did what I was supposed to. Yeah, I felt the spirit, but never really seeked it out. In the mission I finally did and now my testimony if the gospel is strong and I know the gospel is true. But that was only after I felt the music. So search it out. Really search to feel the spirit and you will be able to apply everything correctly.

Week 92 – Elder Jones

The Lost Keys, Almost Dying and Mother’s Day

Monday: We went fishing today! Borrowed some poles from a member and went! We also almost got hit by a car, we were going through a parking lot and a car came through several parking spots and didn’t stop. I swerved to get out of the way and he didn’t stop. He slowed down a little at the end but I got away. Almost died….. 😉

Tuesday: We had interviews with Pres. Ward today.  He complimented me on being “mellow”. He said I could take a lot of stress and craziness without freaking out, handling it calmly. He also complimented me on being a good teacher, he said he had heard I was anyways. Not sure how that came about but I am always willing to take a compliment. We talked about making prayers better because mine have been slacking. We talked about how I can be a good example to Elder Robinson and how I can help him. It was a pretty good experience overall. I liked it a lot. Great interview.
Wednesday: So we have been searching for some keys for the last 5 days. The church and mail keys. It was a learning experience. Sometimes God answers prayers in the way he wants, not how we do. We had been prayying forever to find the keys. We never ended up finding them. After 5 days, we decided to get a new mail key and see if we could get a new church key. We ended up having both of these in a matter of hours. It should have taken a lot longer than that. But God provided. Definitely a miracle.
Tonight we went to the park because they were having mutual there (and we were picking up the keys.) but they were playing Dragon ball. Basically kickball. so we hopped right in. I went and got to know all the youth better. We are never in the second or third hour of 3rd Ward church so I don’t know the youth hardly at all.  This was very good. We killed in in the kickball game.
Thursday: A member did a magic trick on us. After 5ish so minutes I figured it out and started playing along with it. Elder Robinson couldn’t figure it out. It was so funny. Then when we got home he was so disturbed by it that he couldn’t think about anything and he was almost acting schizophrenic in a way. It scared me. So I told him after he stressed out and almost had an anxiety attack. He felt dumb afterwards.
Friday:  We planned today. It took us an hour to figure out when and how to make our calls home.
We had a lesson with ******. It was mostly organizing her baptism. It was fun and I’m excited for her. Elder Green will be there and will even confirm her. Tonight we went to **** and ****’s and had a little lesson about repentance. Then we had our usual hours game. We played Clue. Fun fact: the way we played Clue growing up is very wrong. The way you actually play is much more organized and complicated. If you use yourly brain power, you can figure it out quick. It has a lot of adding and subtracting and manipulating. It’s fun.
Saturday: We went a planted some hedges this morning. Then we went and helped with a service project, demolishing some old Wells Fargo building so it could be turned into a community center or something.  Then we knocked random doors and ran into ***** and found a thing or two to help them with. For dinner, we had **** come to the ********’s.  He now has a family in the ward he likes! Yay! For studies at night, we watched this broadcast about using members for missionary work. It was so good. Some cool stuff it talked about it really getting to know the member so they trust you.  Also about involving them in the work. If you involve the members in the work, not only will they trust you, but they will be more missionary minded themselves because they will have the drive and hype for it. It was a great broadcast.
I loved talking to y’all yesterday. It got me more scared to leave and also more excited. Weird mix. It also showed me how much I’ve grown. It was cool because I still fit in the family. 🙂
Scripture of the week: Mosiah 5:2 ​”And they all cried with one voice, saying: Yea, we believe all the words which thou hast spoken unto us; and also, we know of their surety and truth, because of the Spirit of the Lord Omnipotent, which has wrought a mighty ​​​change​ in us, or in our hearts, that we have no more disposition to do ​​​evil​, but to do good continually.”
The Holy Ghost can guide us. If we turn to God, we can change ourselves to become who we want to be and be the best us we can be. We can be a help to others that we never could be.