Epi Pin, Failed Flubber, Love From Afar, General Conference and the Temple!!!


Kevin took these beautiful pictures!
Kevin took these beautiful pictures of the temple!



Corbin accidentally injecting himself with an Epi Pin!  He was going through an old bike saddle bag and somehow he hit the end of the needle and it auto injected.  Of course we weren’t home and he was shaky while his heart was racing.  A huge thank you to Beth Collins for resting our worries.  Corbin is presently fine and back to normal.

Completely sleeping through tornado warnings.   Good thing all was well.  We got a great nights sleep.  🙂

Watching Hadley and Royce’s last soccer games (for us).  We have LOVED cheering them on and getting a little too into the games.  🙂  We are so sad to have them end next week.

Second try at making Flubber and it was too wet.  The kids still played with it outside during a big thunder storm.  We’ll buy “Elmer’s Glue” next time, like the recipe said.  993748_781423008566541_1087699610248622104_n 10354953_781423061899869_6136252488234208848_n

Realizing that I often get caught up in correcting and teaching my children too much.  I was prompted to look at one of my kids and list off all the wonderful things about that child.  We decided to take a seperate day to list off what we love about that person.  One is coming your way Bryson and Addisen….  So this was a thing that “didn’t work”, that turned into a thing “that worked”.  🙂  10653861_781434238565418_7643188210180830799_n

Kevin feeling a bit stressed by everything he has going on.  They are great things, but he left for meetings tonight feeling a little overwhelmed.  Sweet Tessa decided to get the kids to do a “Heart Attack” on his office door and computer.  1379863_781422581899917_6912342329237608663_n 1959479_781422551899920_4008707305059070023_n 10481703_781422618566580_3485361504663107498_n


School in hammocks.  The house was so quiet while the kids were outside reading for hours.  The weather was perfect and they set it up all by themselves.

Kevin stepping in for Royce’s soccer coach.  He and Royce had so much fun!

Ward temple night!  The adults, youth and primary children all met at the temple.  Kevin and I got to help with the children.  WE LOVED IT!  The little kids say the cutest things and we were so impressed with how sweet they were with each other.  We drove down with all our kids and it was fun to hear them joking around (until it wasn’t fun…).  Tessa and Corbin have been doing Family History work, so that made the evening even more special.  Thank you to the fabulous leaders who organized this great activity!

General Conference weekend!  We loved getting to hear from our prophets and leaders.  It’s  wonderful to get an entire weekend with our little family.  Homemade biscuits, donuts and playing at a park (during the break), Dixon falling asleep on me, the Elders joining us for a session and dinner, Fruit Loop necklaces, M&M Bingo, a sticky note wall with good quotes.  We were feeling renewed and ready for the next week.  10710599_778986868810155_7769297433930726998_n 10710660_778986765476832_7202187962362861346_n 10712751_778986815476827_6979387354051461896_n 10712844_778986718810170_3791623515374462012_n1610817_778986832143492_5444822678101393433_n

Addisen kept some of the traditions from afar.  :)
Addisen kept some of the traditions from afar. 🙂
This was during the first session.  I loved the angle of Kevin's picture.
This was during the first session. I loved the angle of Kevin’s picture.
Homemade Biscuits!  Yum!
Homemade Biscuits! Yum!

Watching Mom’s Night Out!  Tessa, Corbin and I laughed so hard at this movie.  It was good, clean fun and had some great, stressful moments.  I loved her quote at the end:  “I am a mess, but I am His mess”.  She went on to explain that as we see other people doing great things, we might worry that our kids don’t have that or experience specific greatness.  She realized that Heavenly Father gave us these specific children because we are the best mom for them.  We are enough!

Watching Goonies (on Clear Play) with the Kevin, Hadley, Merritt, Tessa and Corbin.  It was so fun!  Seeing the Oregon Coast was the best for me!

The love that surrounds Addisen in Rexburg.  It truly warms my heart to hear of long time friends taking her to lunch, helping her as a guest speaker and offering love and support.  The love travels all the way to Alabama!  I imagine this as a bit of what Heaven will feel like.

My dear friend Katie Durrant taking Addisen out to lunch.
My dear friend Katie Durrant taking Addisen out to lunch.

Fall Break!  We went and saw Planes II:  Fire and Rescue, met Kevin’s cousin Amy and her family in Cullman for dinner and played at the Botanical Gardens.  We are only half way through and loving it.  The slow schedule is more my pace!  I am loving that I don’t have a baby schedule to work around.  But they are growing way to fast and it’ll be sad in a couple of years.  I’m still working on freezing them at these ages.  1524592_781422918566550_7298279234861793063_n 1794738_781422941899881_2173919525539176924_n10675511_781422871899888_1129287237778329832_n1555506_781422825233226_6790414048568750812_n 10361310_781422791899896_5548323189576316989_n 10710779_781422765233232_3900610796910835332_n 1016252_781422731899902_733461027962285227_n 10455837_781422708566571_3854475669247096533_n

Dixon moving to a bigger bike.  He thought he had to be six to ride it so he wouldn’t even try.  I lowered the seat and convinced him he could do it and off he went.  He can go so much faster now!  I love watching my big three year old.


Going out to the driveway to check on Dixon riding his bike.  I found it at the end of the driveway…..  I looked across the street and found him sitting on a riding lawnmower with our fabulous neighbor Russ, helmet and all.  It was so cute.  1922242_781422641899911_3688563803633402932_n 1959667_781422688566573_7521029876256681387_n 10533890_781422658566576_1260738309408717700_n



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