Parental Paradoxes


2 thoughts on “Parental Paradoxes”

  1. This is a list of Parental Paradoxes! I am going to add any I think of or hear others say. Please add your own ideas too! 🙂

  2. Why is it that when I am away from my kids I long to be with them, but when I am with them I want a break?

    Crissy Galicia said this and I totally agree: “Weird mom thing today: What is it that you can’t wait for your oldest to grow up and experience new things, but you want your youngest to stay your baby forever?”

    Why is it that the things that bug us most about our kids we do ourselves (I usually hear myself say something I dislike my kids saying within 24 hours)?

    Hadley was scared to tell the truth because of a punishment, we create that, and it’s right, but it almost seems wrong. Hmmm….

    Why is it that when we finally get enough money to buy the things we want to eat our metabolism is not fast enough to let us have it?

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