Tron, Little Kids Running, 20% Motherhood, “Those People” and Johnny Appleseed!



Hadley and Royce deciding to go running (a very short one) every morning.  I told them if I was gone running when they woke up to wait until I get back.  I needed to be home when they go.  One day I was finishing my run and came into the neighborhood to find them talking with the neighbors (way down the street from our house).  I was speechless, as I wondered how long they had been out this beautiful morning (while I had been running!).  They were shocked to see me, saying they assumed I was in bed sleeping!   We had a nice little talk as we walked home…..

All the cotton fields getting sprayed with RoundUp.  It smells like a skunk and burns my throat.  There has got to be a better way to harvest the cotton.  I do love the cotton fields though.  🙂

Going to bed feeling like I wasn’t the greatest mom.  I am progressing and doing the best I can, but it always seems to only be 20% of what I know I want to do.  Mainly feeling like I need to hold the kids more.  They might or might not be overtrained to help each other and play together.  After reevaluating this for a couple days, I realized it was because I wasn’t holding a baby anymore.  I need to adjust to my older kids playing like they always have and not judge my motherhood on how much I held a little one.  This is a great phase to move into, but it’s been 20 years since I’ve not had a baby in my arms.  Thankfully, I get to snuggle with them whenever I want and I’m soaking that up!

Kevin watching TRON with Corbin while I was at Women’s Conference.  The reason this doesn’t work is that he let the little boys watch the beginning and now he regrets it.  Royce can’t stop talking about it and is constantly making costumes.













(These are the disks that Royce made for both of them.)






Reading Tuesdays With Morrie and having a fun book group discussion.  The food was yummy and we even got a spa treatment on our feet, face and hands!  Wonderful, relaxing night!

10395827_777166655658843_4481987367547107208_n 10310654_777166625658846_3648484307085842480_n









Royce reading to Dixon.  I love wandering into a room and finding my kids reading together.  It makes everything else worth it.  🙂  10628060_774724305903078_8575139704050205464_n 10418428_774724209236421_1576560643673846439_n

Kevin making me laugh!  I was expressing to him my 20% motherhood feelings and he pointed out that the kids were 100% in no cavities at the dentist.  HA!  Nice goal huh?  I pointed out that Tessa needs braces and my mouth is a mess.  Then he said that the Halloween decorations were up already and the kids had done it themselves.  We had some great laughter about the things that we can do well as parents.

Dixon saying he ate “Cheetah-os”, meaning Cheetos.  There is a Cheetah on the front of the bag, thus becoming Cheetah and Cheerios.  🙂




Getting to go to the General Women’s Conference with the girls.  Sad that Addisen wasn’t with us, but she went at BYU-I.  Loved the talks and being with my girls.  The dessert was yummy too!  10397025_10153214819174418_352487082167552539_o 10682167_10153214819054418_5570477472444389951_o 10619915_10153214819149418_3605455104343840638_o




Going to the temple with our Sealing Team!  We love our time with the other couples and doing the sealings.  Afterwards we went to Sonic and randomly ran into a past missionary from our area.  It was so great to see her and feel her wonderful spirit.  10485890_777166418992200_695399476402146452_n 10686768_777166378992204_7349015390843892679_n (1)









Johnny Appleseed party!  The kids had so much making applesauce, taste testing apples, eating apple cupcakes, making apple pencils and making pot heads (like Johnny Appleseed).  Thank you everyone for the great time!  10672379_777166615658847_1500317236116555931_n 10711034_777166582325517_6998107580184346954_n











Texting with Addisen during our date.  We were happily eating then it all started and we became one of “those” people.  We kept reading the text and laughing without even looking at eachother.  It was like Addy was on our date with us from across the country.  I love technology, my Addy and my Kevin.  🙂  1970772_777166332325542_4013772784170276689_n






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