Why I Love Royce and Hadley

I was attacking Royce tonight. Laughing, he grabbed my face and accidentally shoved one of his little fingers way up my nose, grabbed and let go. We really need to cut his fingernails. The old schnoz started bleeding from way up inside. I hate intranose scabs. Who taught him how to fight dirty?

You remember that stray cat? Hadley (only 4 years old) today grabbed the cat by the tail and lifted her up off the ground. The cat started making all sorts of noises and swinging around, trying to get loose. Hadley just laughed and started swinging her, eventually tossing her. That’s my girl!

I think my nose is swelling from the inside.


Kelly Actually Can Write On A Blog!!!!

OK, here it goes…..  I actually caught myself saying “We should put that on the blog!”  I think I am finally converted, now that we have moved.  🙂

It has been quite the whirlwind for the last 3 months.   I am vaguely feeling like we might be having a few “normal” moments here and there.  We LOVE the house, although it really does look bigger than it feels inside.  Or maybe, it’s that we just fill it up, so it doesn’t feel too big….  The yard definately feels bigger, but yard care goes along with that….  I do laugh each time I use our bathroom and feel like I am at a day spa.  The kids keep begging to be in there (I guess we can’t send them to that bathroom for a punishment!).

Corbin made me put up all our Halloween decorations last week,  so that it would feel like home.  It is really cute and fun.  Royce runs around the house with the meowing cat and says “neow”.  It sounds like a really whiney no.  It was cute but after 50 times of it, ten times a day,  we are banging our head on the walls.   On the way home from Seminary each morning, Bryson teaches Royce his animal sounds as we pass the different farm animals.  Its so cute, but I don’t think language is Royce’s strong point.  He says “Boo” for moo.  At least he is trying….  🙂

Kevin and I got to go to the temple a week and a half ago and it was so wonderful.  It is about the size of a Stake center!  I didn’t get lost at all….  It is truly inspired to have these small temples all over so that you don’t have to drive as far and have as many workers.  We loved getting to go and talk for the hour and half drive.  We are truly thankful that we can still go and that we have babysitters at home!  Addy even had some babysitting jobs last week.  One was so they could goto the temple too.  She was smiling big the next morning, full of stories about the cute kids.  She really misses all the families that she babysat for.  She loved those kids (she says “Hi”).

The Stake Relief Society had a “Grains Galore” activity before the broadcast on Saturday.  It was so amazing!  They had taster tables with samples of “Tried and True Recipes” made with different grains.  The food was so good, I am an avid believer now.  I am getting a grinder and making home made bread and I cooked with millet, lentils and curry tonight (a huge first for me).  The kids all said it smelled like Nana and Papa’s house at Christmas (the loved the smell).  They weren’t as pleased with the taste of the food though.  😦  They’ll get used to it….

We’ve been doing our school since we first got here in the apartment and it’s been going well.  We are really feeling the loss of our Commonwealth and Home school groups though!  We were mourning for a week but realized that wouldn’t do us any good, so now we are searching and developing new ways to implement some of it on our own.  Thank you everyone that put in so much time last year and this year!  I’m here to say that it’s all worth it!  Life is hard without it!  There are a lot of Home Schooled children here, but there are a lot more regulations too.

Oddly enough, the weather feels just like Oregon at this time of year.  There are clear, crisp beautiful days and then rainy, cloudy days.  People say it usually doesn’t rain like this, but it works for us.

We took Bryson to the doctor the other day, for his cast, laying  in the waiting room were lots of  “Outdoor Life”  type magazines.  They had some major guns and hunting paraphernalia.  I love the firearm attitude down here.  My assessment, thus far, is that the freedom here is closer to what I grew up with in Oregon (back in the good old days).  Meaning that, there are not crazy regulations for every step you take.  I can actually make a decision for myself.  It’s fantastic!  We can even burn in our backyard.  On the way home from Seminary on the radio, we get to hear a classroom of kids say the “Pledge of Allegiance” and they play the “Star Spangled Banner”  everyday!  It’s amazing!  The people on the radio are really conservative too.  I feel like I stepped into a foreign country.  🙂

Wednesday, there was a Court of Honor for the boys, so we had the entire family there.  Addy wasn’t finished yet, so we played in the gym with some young men (our little ones were running all around with balls).  We played “Knock-out” and I jumped right in, of course!  The boys kept saying ” Your Mom is going to play?”.  I turned to them and let them have it.  Then we proceeded to have a blast!  The YM were great!  The next morning at Seminary the guys were all saying “Your Mom is ba’llin”, translated means, I passed the test and they all think Bryson’s parents are so cool and fun!  Ha!  It did feel great to be out there again.  We really need a basketball hoop so I can take them all on again, with shoes this time!

I also get to be part of a group that meets every two weeks to talk about the scriptures we are studying.  It is like the having the best book club ever.  The women are so fun and we get really deep.  I have a lot to learn, but hopefully I will!

We all miss you so much (I can’t really think about it, or I start crying…).  Thank you all for your love, support, encouragement and help in the move.  We could never have done it without you!

Love to you all from Alabama!

Royce & Water, Bryson & Stinkiness, Merritt & a Knife

Here is Royce, mastering the water fountain…

Bryson (affectionately known as “Cripple”) had his cast taken off today and his arm was X-ray’d.  Not only did it smell, but it wasn’t healed yet.  3 more weeks.  This time it is green. But now the joke is that he doesn’t have any friends to sign it.  HA!

No, they all have friends – at church and in the neighborhood.

And then there is THE cat.  The previous owners had 3 cats and ‘accidently’ left one.  It keeps getting in the garage and other places.  The other day it got in the garage as I was cleaning it and went up stairs and hid.  Merritt was in there with me.  I said, “That’s it.  I am going to KILL that cat!” and I pulled out a pocket knife and went up stairs.  Merritt yelled, “Dad, wait!  I want to watch you kill the cat!”  Where did the innocence go?

Heard in Alabama

These people crack me up here. The following are things that have been said to us…

“Bless his heart. By the way, that is a southern term ya’ll aren’t familiar with yet. All you need to do is say that and then whatever you say about a person after that is OK.” It’s true.

“Are ya’ll having a good time shooting each other?” Said to Corbin and a neighborhood friend by the friend’s mother as they were shooting air soft guns at each other. A few days later, Bryson was taunting Corbin by shooting all around him and so Corbin went into a rage and started shooting Bryson. He shot his eye. Needless to say, their guns are gone. It was actually quite funny and Kelly and I laughed, but we put on our parents-are-not-happy face while in their presence.

“Do ya’ll have a church to go to? You can come to ours!” What great missionaries they all are! So many people so freely talk about their church and God here. It is a welcomed change.

“Have ya’ll got chiggers yet?” Actually, yes. Addisen is the first.

“My wife’s at the Auburn game,” said a husband while in the presence of his son. Role reversal and bad example.

“Have you heard anyone with an accent yet?” Said to me by someone who had quite an accent. I didn’t know what to say. My first thought was, “Are you in denial?” I finally said, “Uh, you have one.” She giggled and said, again in a southern accent, “Oh, I have one, but mine is pretty tame. There are others that have’m real thick.” Tell me about it…

“chevk vle sveils eliivs slevilse aselv eisev selkms v” There are some people here we just can’t understand. We try, bless their hearts, but they just can’t talk so others can understand them.

The New Home – We are IN!

Yep, we are in.  We were pretty much moving in as they were moving out.  They pushed out their move out day but our trucks were a-come’n.  We spent Friday night and Saturday unloading and unboxing.  About 12 guys from the ward came out.  Everyone here is so friendly.  We went to a neighborhood association type meeting last night and met the neighbors.  Afterward, it was a bunch of southern women – just like the movies – standing around talking.  Made me laugh.

We have had a ton of neighbors come and welcome us with food.  One with allergy free pumpkin cake made from soy.  Oddly enough, it was really good.  But, seriously, they need to slow their speaking down.  Can’t understand some of them.  But I love listening to them!

Here is part 1 of a tour of our home.

And, part 2

We feel VERY blessed to be here.  What a great place Alabama is.  Everything is slower & cheaper.

Bryson has started early morning seminary (6:10) and loves it.  They are all making friends – especially Bryson with the women folk (No, Mica, he has not kissed any… I think).  Kelly is trying to unpack while I am at work.  I have internet access, but the wireless for her computer just didn’t work tonight.  So when she gets on I will have her update this with her thoughts.  I am SURE they will be MUCH more interesting than mine.

But really, after being exhausted from running around, work and unpacking – a Xanadu jump sounds really nice.

Here in Alabama – At Least Half of Us

We made it safe and sound.  Sunday = 835 miles.  Monday = 779 miles.  Tuesday = 965 miles.  We saw the absolute most astounding lightning storm in Kansas.  We had just eaten dinner and it was dark by the time we came out.  About 100 miles in, we started driving east and saw this storm.  It took us an hour and a half to get to it.  And it was amazing. Lightning in 180 degrees  in front of us.  Then, when we were just under it, flashes were about 1 a second and all types.  And at some points it poured rain – hard.  So we decided to call it quits that night (Monday) at the end of the storm.  We will never forget that.

Kelly and the rest of the kids are coming tomorrow.  We move into our house one week from today.

Pictures to follow.

En route to Alabama

We left portland at 7:00 A.M. It was pouring rain! No traffic! We got to the columbia, and right around were the trees change, the clouds ended all of a sudden, and it was warm(er). Until then, there were cool pockets of clouds in the gorge. Then we left the columbia and went southish… Then a ton of big dry hills, or mountains, as you would say in alabama. We saw some rams and trains and more hill. To me ,they look like starfish. Then we crossed the border. We stopped in boise. We have watched some of my big fat Greek wedding,listened to John bytheway, and we are listening to my cd. The police,chicago, and more. -Bryson