Week 74 – Elder Jones

Getting Lost, Christmas and Spiritual Thoughts

Elder Kelson and Jones! So cute on Christmas! We’re extremely thankful for the phone calls and texts from the amazing members in Gridley. It truly makes the holidays so sweet and easier with our missionary gone.


Elder Kelson did such a good job today. I used him like I would any other companion, maybe even more. Because I’m the driver, I had him put everything into the area book while I was driving and had him do a lot of things and take a lot of responsibility.  He gets it really well. He even caught things that I didn’t and he remembers a lot of tips and tricks. We went tracting today and he was nervous, but excited. He did such a great job and we got a return appointment. I had him put all the information down for the people we found. He is awkward at the door of course, but why would he not be? He hasn’t ever done this before. He remembers what has to be done at the door and does it. He learns very fast.

Christmas was awesome!

The boy loves barbecue sauce and I love his one raised eyebrow, what talent!!!
The Nativity

Thank you for all that you got me. It’s all going to help me a lot and already has. I was very surprised by it all. Y’all are the best. We made the call to you then went home and did nothing, then went to dinner early to play some games. It was a good day.

We couldn’t get a good picture of Elder Jones smiling and all of us squeezed in, but here is the best one. 🙂 Loved our FaceTime! He truly amazes us. 🙂

We had district meeting. It was good to see the others after not getting to be with them on Christmas. Then we gave a member in our ward a blessing, helped him get in the car and they rushed off to the hospital. We went and tracted half of a super long street. Not much came of it. Good practice and experience for Elder Kelson though.
To save miles, we rode our bikes around Gridley while contacting. But I got super lost because all of Gridley looks the same everywhere.  It was founded by Mormons, so it’s like Salt Lake City, it’s a grid. I hate gridded streets. It’s easier for someone trying to find something if they’ve never been there, but it all looks the same, so you can never tell where you are.
Then after dinner, we were able to go to the Book of Mormon class. Finally **** was there.  He is so smart and learning so fast. He has the best comments in the room.
I’m excited for tomorrow. The part that makes me happiest is that Elder Kelson is so excited for it. But it’s because we have a ton set up for tomorrow. We have a lesson with a guy we tracted into, a lesson set up with an investigator that we tracted into a few weeks ago and lost contact with and went back and her husband answered and was on board for it and is expecting us, and a lesson with ****. It’s going to be full. And there’s lots of potential. Yay!
So our perfect day turned into a not perfect day, as those days seem to do a lot. We got all our studies done early in the day so we could have time for all our lessons, then went and tracted a long street and go to our first lesson with a lot of hope, and he didn’t answer. So we tracted for another hour and tried to come up with stuff to fill in the time. Then we went to our other lesson that also has a lot of potential and nobody was home. Of course. So now we had to try to fill in the time for the rest if the day. And we had to save miles. So it was super hard to do anything.  Our perfect day turned out to be a hard day with having nothing to do but having to fill the time. It sucked. 
**** didn’t cancel though. We had a great lesson with him. Except that I got sick at the beginning and it was super hard to make it throughout all the lesson. I feel horrible now. I need to sleep.
I don’t mind too much that it was a bad day, it’s hard trying to get through it yeah, but I don’t mind it. I just hate for Elder Kelson to have a bad day. At least, this early. I’m sure he needs it though if it’s happening. He is handling it like a champ. He is a much better missionary than I was at the beginning of my mission. Oh man.
Better today. We had Mary’s in the morning, then weekly planning.  It was the first time in over a month.  I actually was able to have weekly Planning because I finally have a companion assigned to the area. And last week we didn’t have time. So it took a while. We did have some time to contact though. I love the enthusiasm Elder Kelson has. He has a lot of faith and I love it. We prayed that we could contact somebody that would be willing to listen and we knocked on someone’s door that used to meet with the missionaries. He didn’t live there anymore but the lady there called him and got his address and the guy was super excited for missionaries to stop by! It isn’t in our ward but it’s great for the Liberty Sisters! So it really raised our spirits after yesterday.
Better day. We were able to go to some members for breakfast, then we went to fill out some reports and we contacted for a little and tried to go see Joanne. She isn’t doing well. But she didn’t answer the door and we heard her less active husband raking leaves and surprisingly he let us help. We knocked it out quickly and he was so grateful. Man what a blessing. We have been biking as much as possible for the last few days to stay under miles. It was because we had to park our bikes in the back that we heard him raking. What a cool miracle for doing everything we could to stay under miles.
******** cancelled our lesson because she was gone. Cmon! We were able to get Elder Kelson to meet a member though and it brightened his day.
We ended up inn early for New Year’s Eve, right after dinner.  Our dinner ended up super early. We got back at 6:00 pm. Haha. The only interesting thing that happened today was that I was giving an object lesson for a spiritual though and it involves pepper. As I was using the pepper grinder, the top broke off and my hand went flying into the water pitcher and water covered the whole table while whole peppercorns  covered the enitre table! So in an instance, there were peppercorns sitting in a pool of water.  It was very embarrassing.

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  1. Haha! The peppercorn story is a classic!!!!! Doesn’t every new Missionary Mom literally pray for a Trainer like Corbin? Such a blessing.

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