Week 72 – Elder Jones

Transfers, Marstons and Temple!

Wow. I’m a little behind. It’s been probably the craziest week of my mission. I headed toward the temple on Tuesday night to go stay with Elder Moon who also taught ***.   I stayed the night and President Kenny took us to the temple. He also gave us the news that President Marston (my first mission Pres.) was going to be there. I got out of getting changed and there he was! Since the temple is out of the boundaries President Marston was able to come. He went through the temple with *** and so did Sister Marston. It was awesome. I was afraid *** wouldn’t understand anything and be super overwhelmed and confused, but in the Celestial Room she was just so happy and it seemed like she comprehended a lot. She just said she was so happy. I got to see one of the temple videos I haven’t ever seen. It was so good to be able to go to the temple after so long. It’s a bigger temple than I thought it would be, so beautiful. I’m so happy for ***.  Then she got sealed to her parents. I’ve never seen a sealing, so that was amazing. The Marstons acted as her parents.  We saw a ton of members from Rush Park Ward. One of the temple workers was from my Yuba City Ward. It was great to see those people. So grateful! I needed that a lot. I would type more but I am so tired so I will move on.
We went to Mary’s today. Since it’s the last week of the transfer she had the sewing stuff ready. She made ties for all the elders and aprons for the sisters. My tie is so cool. She always finds out what missionaries like and and makes tons off of it.
We did weekly planning too. After that we had a lesson in Biggs and it was great! It was a less active and he nonmember daughter and they are super positive and she’s been reading the Book of Mormon occasionally and want to become active in church and we will be doing family home evening with them. It looks like there’s a lot of potential there. They are awesome. Great personalities and a lot of fun. Our personalities really click well together.
Saturday: We had the Oroville Ward Christmas breakfast in the morning and that was a blast. Sat on Santa’s lap. I told him I want the Gospel to be spread to the whole earth for Christmas.
Then we did some work in Oroville. Then we made it to Gridley for the tail end of the light the world booth down there. It’s in the Zone leaders area and got someone for us to teach. So that’s great!
Then we had the Ward Christmas party for my Ward. It was a blast. We were able to show the light the world video on the projector. We had tri-tip for the dinner and it was great. I’m fat.
When we got home I was filling out the progress record and the phone started ringing in my pocket. Because my wonderful trainer had sent me an email a week and a half earlier, I knew what it was. President Ward told me I’m training and it means I’m almost sure to stay in Gridley. We will get the official transfer board tomorrow. I’m excited.
Today was good though. Lots of church.
Mom, a goat head is just a really thick thorn that punctures bike tires really easily because it doesn’t snap because of how it is built. It’s really sturdy. My foot got better after I got ahold of some hydrogen peroxide.
Merry Christmas, Luva!

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