Week 71 – Elder Jones

Hot Chocolate, Kay and Miracles!

Merry Christmas! 🎄
Today was pretty good. We did a lot of service. We went to **** house and he was outside sweeping some leaves and since he is 88 we made him sit down and raked his entire lawn by hand, and some of the neighbors started to help and some of his grandkids stopped by and were really touched and took pictures and made us hot chocolate. We go and teach ***** a lot and we put it all into a physical example. It was awesome. #lighttheworld
We listened to this song today that talks about how Christmas isn’t Christmas without Christ. Then we all got all mad and started to get fed up with people saying happy holidays and not Christmas that every time we saw so one we would roll down the window and yell merry Christmas. They loved it! Most people aren’t offended. They actually want it. It’s weird to think that the world has to cater to the few people that might get offended. And since I’m a missionary, I can share Christ with everyone.
We are on Exchanges right now. Elder Owen and I went to Gridley with Spanish Elder Stevens. We will kinda work a little bit in my area too. But we got into the Spanish elders apartment because they left it open for us. But they made it look like someone was in the bed and they even had a manikin head so it looked super real. So we hid and shut all the lights off and when the other elders got home we had the head on a pole and when they opened the door the head popped out at them and they got real scared. We got it on video. It was great. I’ll send it.
I have a lot of respect for missionaries speaking a foreign language. I’m glad I got called English because I am so far from perfect and make so many mistakes. But add another language to that?  Exchanges were good except I couldn’t understand anything anyone was saying half the day.
I got to have dinner with the Pratt’s. They are in our ward boundaries but are in the Spanish branch. But it’s Audrey Smith’s aunt and uncle. So that was cool!!!
We saw cats try to kill each other during a lesson. We were on the porch and they were chasing each other all around the street and mowing each other down and screaming and clawing. It was viscous. Kinda funny.
Elder Owen and I tried to practice teach in Spanish. Neither of us know Spanish and we fake tracted. It was bad. I’m sure none of it made sense to the Spanish sisters. Elder Stevens helped us, but man, I don’t know Spanish. Spanish at Clark Community College helped, but I don’t know how to teach the gospel in that language.
Also, Happy Birthday Dixon! I hope all was good today, which, by the time you will have read this, it’ll be way later. But happy birthday anyways!
Fun day with lots of lessons. We met with ****. He is having a hard time giving up coffee. Stopping cold turkey didn’t work. He talked to his doctor and his doctor said to wean off of it so he can get there more solidly. We talked about relying on the Lord and all the things with the gospel that will help him. He did a lot of research on coffee and thinks it’s the most horrible thing ever now and really wants to get off of it.  That’s a good change from not knowing why it’s bad.
We talked to some guy and his son outside their apartment. They were both smoking cigarettes. They kept talking to us and asking questions but were being stubborn. Then the son opened a wooden box. As soon as he touched the lid, I knew we needed to leave. Thank you Holy Ghost. He then proceeded to take out a ziplock with weed and started putting what he needed together. We left.
It was a great day! We weren’t going to be able to go Mary’s. But a lesson rescheduled and we were able to go! We moved a ton of stuff in her yard and raked massive piles.
We weekly planned and went to our two lessons and neither were home.
We then went to Oroville and taught a lesson to a less active lady.  She brought her kids and they want to be baptized.  Man, their ward is crazy. So that was an amazing lesson, then we went back to my area to Biggs for dinner. Then we went to see *******. We started teaching the Plan of Salvation and they sucked it up. We ended up talking about church again.  It went really well.
Ok, so super exciting thing! On Exchanges, I got a Facebook message from Brad Clinton from Citrus Heights. He is the son of Kay Clinton, the lady we taught with president Marston that was in a nursing home outside the mission boundaries. She is receiving her endowments on Wednesday and Brad got permission from President Ward to invite two missionaries.  They picked me and Elder Moon! I was able to get ahold of President today and  Elder Moon and it’s all set. I have permission and everything! I haven’t been to the temple since the MTC and I’m so excited for Kay! It’s been rough for her and so I’m stoked! All I need to do is get a member to take me and pick me up from Lincoln. So excited! What a great Christmas gift. The temple will even be decorated for Christmas! 😆
Spent part of the day in Oroville. But we spent the afternoon in Gridley with the #LightTheWorld event. You saw it on Facebook. We had trays and a tree and hot chocolate and a video stand and cards and chairs and Santa hats and gift wrapped copies of the Book of Mormon and everything. We went all out. It was awesome. We talked to a lot of people and gave away a ton of stuff. It was a blast and we were able to do so much! It was great. We are planning to do it again on Thursday.
Yesterday morning I was walking through the apartment and I stepped on a random goat head. It was huge.  So the thorn went up my foot and hurt for a second and it was ok. But randomly tonight it just started hurting and I have to walk on my tip toes on that foot. It sucks.
Sunday: Oh happy day! It was a good day. I’ll save the best for last.
The bad part was that yesterday there was this YSA investigator that we all knew was creepy, but yesterday he was getting kinda touchy and creepy and verbally inappropriate with one of the sisters and we all had to protect her be making it so he couldn’t talk to her or sit by her or even see her. She ended up crying after he finally left. It was bad. Today we had to sit by the other set of sisters, like really close, because he tried sitting next to them and we almost had to squish up to them so that he couldn’t sit by them. He tried squeezing in and in the process almost sat on one of the sisters lap. Through all of church we had to sit by the sisters and get people to sit in the other side of them as well. Thank goodness this was the ward where we could stay the whole time. So that was pretty bad. I’m sure it’ll get worse. The YSA Ward knows and is on high alert. A lot of them saw some of it today. So that was an adventure.
The great part was dinner with the Gibson’s. They are pretty much my favorite family in Gridley. Then again, I say that about a lot of families. But especially them.
Then there was the community Christmas concert. Our stake put together a concert and different churches put songs together and different stuff. It was at the stake center. It was really, really good. The whole time I was just thinking to myself how could you not be happy at all right now? It was so amazing. They did some good songs and there was a lot of talent.
Now the good stuff. On the way though the church parking lot we saw **** and talked to him and he said that his daughter saw such a change in him in such a short time that she is kinda interested and wants to come to the Book of Mormon class on Wednesday! Wow! How cool is that! What a good example Mike is. The Lord is blessing us a lot.
The other best part was that ********* made it to church! She and ***** made it and loved it! We could only be there for one hour but she messaged me saying how much she loved it and how many people she met and was amazed by church! ***** knows some of the kids in church too! Now that she knows more people and absolutely loved church, they will be able to progress. It was an absolute miracle.

One thought on “Week 71 – Elder Jones”

  1. Who couldn’t not stop for Hot Choc??? Though it is funny to see them in their short sleeves! I had to laugh about the “service” of squeezing up super close to the sister missionaries! 🙂 I understand the need… but … way to take one for the team!

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