Old Ornaments, Wind, Dixon Turns 7, Kindling and Nana’s Birthday!


Royce:  “Some people have trees that have three kinds of ornaments that all match, that’s boring.  Our tree has meaning with all the ooooold ornaments that don’t match.”;)

Huge wind storms for the last week.  I love the wind on the same level that I love rivers.  None the less, I found our recycling and trash in the bushes, thankfully in time to be dumped still.  Then our new trampoline scooted across the grass toward the house.  We laughed when we woke up with it in a different spot.  We have successfully tied it down to the lawnmower.  😉

Post Office leaving packages on our deck in the yard.  The wind blew them all over and an animal even got into one.  I think the front porch (I’ll give them that it’s on the back of the house) or by the garage would probably be a better choice.

Dixon moping around because he couldn’t open one of his presents early.  He tried really hard to convince me, but I held my ground (for once).


Merritt getting swimming awards and a varsity letter!  We weren’t expecting that, so it was fun.  🙂

Hadley’s fun basketball games!  It’s so enchanting to watch her quick feet and hands this season.  It’s her first year and she did really well figuring out all the rules.  During Thanksgiving Break, our entire family (little kids), Nana, Boppa, Dihana, Bryson, Addisen and David went to her game.  We were obnoxiously loud while we cheered her on.  Anytime she did something good, we cheered so loudly that the entire gym would turn and look at us (I think they were scared).  It wasn’t planned, we just couldn’t help ourselves. I’m sad to see the season end.

Merritt and Dihana braiding their hair together! 🙂

An empty house while the kids were randomly all at friends houses or working.  Wow, I love silence (not permanently) and I got so much done.

Ainsworth Christmas Home Tours.  Hadley and I met up with my Mom for it.  It was so beautiful in each home and we had a great time.  Hadley now knows what kind of house she plans on having, the one with a huge swing set in the attic!

Dixon turning 7!!!  He and Royce got to go on a special outing and get their first haircuts at a real barber (Kevin usually cuts their hair but he was going to be gone for two weeks, only home on Sunday).  They were so cute sitting up high on the barber’s chair.  We did all our traditions and had dinner at Red Robin with my parents.  Dixon fell into bed and let out a big sigh saying “That was a really good day!”.  Mission accomplished!  🙂 We are all having a hard time watching our baby turn seven (and we are probably messing him up a lot by babying him), but we love his fun personality and love.  He can almost always work a room and get what he wants.  We also did birthday animal masks (facila cream masks).

Getting to go to the temple alone.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and the drive was simple and fast.  My time at the temple brought so much clarity, peace and joy.  I’m truly thankful for the House of the Lord.  

My Mom’s birthday!  I love celebrating my Mom.  She is such a blessing in my life and I’m thankful for all her love and support.   The years I get to live this life with her fill my heart.  Happy Birthday Mom!

Hadley chopping kindling for me.  When Momma needs to start the wood stove to heat the freezing house up, Hadley is the girl to call.

My not so little boy’s crossed feet while eating their breakfast.

Christmas Hallmark movies.  Merritt and I have a real weakness… We don’t seem to be able to overcome watching multiple movies, despite the waste of time.  It does fill us up and make us smile though….. 🙂

Kevin getting the great Dad award!  The kids woke up to this vinyl saying on their mirror.  So funny!

Dixon making his own arrows.  He randomly got the hairdryer to dry the glue faster.  Later that day, he was so sad because the arrow disappeared before he could use it on the bow.





2 thoughts on “Old Ornaments, Wind, Dixon Turns 7, Kindling and Nana’s Birthday!”

  1. We so enjoy your newsletters as well as the notes from your missionary! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and safe holidays with your family members. Miss your wonderful family, The Blakely’s (John and Irene)

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