Week 54- Elder Jones

Tires, Migraines and Collars

I made a goal to try to write a little bit every day. So I’m going to
try a different approach.

Tuesday: We biked a lot. We were both feeling sick the night before
and there were some leftover effects in the morning. That was a hard
morning. We rode out to a far street and T***** didn’t answer the door
for his appointment. That was the appointment that was going to get us
through the upcoming months. That’s bad. We contacted a little more
and ate lunch. Our bodies weren’t handling it too well. We went tracting on this cool street on a steep hill. We met a guy named D**** and he works on bikes. He said the JW’s come to his house a lot. We told him we weren’t the JW’s and he said he had a few LDS friends. We asked him if he knew about the Book of Mormon. We ended up on one of the coolest and most sincere discussions about the Book of Mormon I’ve had yet.  We gave it to him to read and set up a return appointment. I’m excited for him.

We also ran into a Catholic tracting. He wasn’t interested but we were
very dehydrated so we asked for water and he invited us in and gave us
some awesome lemon water, cut up a watermelon and had us eat it.  Then he gave us the rest in a bag. What a cool guy.

It was so hot that these little parts of my shoe that are supposed to be permanently glued on, came off because the it melted. It was a little bit inconvenient but I still don’t mind the heat.
Wednesday:  It was Elder Kerby’s birthday. He is 20. Happy Birthday!
I actually pretended it was Christmas and got the whole district to do
the same. Haha. But Sister Baldridge is my favorite person in the
ward. She came to give me some butter and I told them that it was his birthday and she asked what his favorite dessert was and made it. I love her. She reminds of you Mom.

Thursday: We had a lesson with this guy that really knows his bible.
He is really happy where he is but loves missionaries and will read
what we ask him to and do what we ask him to like pray about the church.
It was a really busy day today though. We hardly had any time to do
anything but go to lessons. So that was awesome.
Hey, I found out why missionaries are required to wear collars. It’s a
safety thing. They want us to stay cool. When it’s 105 out and you’re
in hill city and you’re covered in sweat, the collar acts as a cooling
towel. It captures the sweat and keeps it there and it pretty cooling.
Elder Kerby takes two showers a day. We are always covered in sweat. I
don’t mind it. I really don’t mind the heat here even if it’s 105 all


Sorry I skipped yesterday. I started to have a headache when
we were contacting people. Then my body felt off. I kept going though,
trying to push it off. But I still ended up with a migraine. It was
mostly downhill to get back home and so I thought I would make it even
though we were really far away. As we were going down the highway
that we have to ride we were going really fast and something put an
inch long gash in my tire and it blew up. So we were stranded and
none of the missionaries with cars could pick us up for a while. And I
was dying of a migraine. All cars sounded so loud. We eventually made
it back and I felt like I was going to die. So I didn’t have time to
Saturday:  The day went well. We met with D**** again and were able to
teach most of the Restoration to him, but very out of order. I hope he
comes to church tomorrow. We usually have to make a lot of long bike
rides on Saturday to invite people all over the place to church. We
accidentally broke the Word of Wisdom today. There’s this sparkling
juice drink that I’ve had every once in awhile on my mission, so
has Elder Kerby and so have a ton of members. A less active gave us
some and we were drinking it and Kerby noticed that it has green tea
extract in it. Whoops. He signaled for me to stop drinking it. We both
had had like half of it though. It’s weird because my whole mission I
had no idea and neither did he.

Sunday: That was probably the hardest fast Sunday in my life. After
fasting at church, we rode all around the mountains here. We moved so
slowly. But we have been working on expecting miracles. Our miracle
wasn’t the one we expected. We had enough names lined up for almost
two hours, which is how much time we had. We normally would never
finish those names. We finished them in a half hour. And we were
moving really, slowly. That was a cool miracle. At dinner with the
second counselor, he asked if we could practice teach his ten year old
son who has been reading Preach my Gospel. Instead, we practiced taught
his family and had him teach with us like a missionary. He did such an
amazing job. He has one if the best testimonies I’ve heard in the
mission, and he’s ten! When he serves, he is going to be absolutely
Later, as we were at Starbucks getting wifi by the curb, there was
this car right next to us and the people looked kinda shady.
Eventually one if the guys in the car asked about our bikes and we
started talking to him about bikes. One of the girls there joined us.
Eventually we talked to her about our mission and found out she is
from Chattanooga. So we clicked well and talked about Chattanooga for
a bit.  It was probably the easiest conversation I’ve had with a random
stranger on my whole mission. Somehow Elder Kerby lead it perfectly
into talking about the gospel. We offered to leave our number with her
so if she or anyone she know is interested, she could call us. I have
two kinds of pass along cards. I reached for one to write our number
down on one but I felt like I should grab the other one, with the temple on it.  So I did and when she looked at it, her eyes lit up and she said she
had been there and seen the Salt Lake Temple and loved it. Thanks
Spirit! So it was a really cool conversation. Hopefully something will
come of it. I don’t know. Something felt good about it.

Monday: We are about to go disc golfing I haven’t read your emails yet
but I’ll do that when I can. We just stopped to grab wifi.



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