Week 53 – Elder Jones

Mud, Teslas and Biking

Wow, so I’m sorry but there probably won’t be much on this email. I
am probably the most exhausted this week than any other in my
mission. I didn’t start writing this till last night. It’s because we
are officially back on bikes.
So it’s pretty horrible. Imagine the hills in Nana and Papa’s
neighborhood. They are that close together. Except just make them as
steep as the hills in Washougal, and even longer than that. They are
so close together too. It took us about ten minutes to get up this one
road because it was so steep and long. It took us less than a minute to
go back down. It’s kinda like the hills over by the Rose Gardens.
That’s the best comparison I can get to it. In other words, THIS AREA
WAS NOT MEANT FOR MISSIONARIES TO BIKE! It’s a lot of fun going down the hills though. That’s a blast. But our apartment is on the top of a huge hill. I am pretty out of shape, not too bad, but still, it’s quite an
adjustment. My bike is doing ok.  We can’t do nearly as much work as before wish sucks. So I’m exhausted and my body is aching nonstop. But it started to get better yesterday. My endurance is building up again. There is a reason Auburn is the endurance capital of the world. As in they have races like every month that people come from around the world to do these races. And I’m biking in that town.

I saw Hannah and Andy Hoggard and I think Allie and Madi Cowan and
Gavin Ricks in the New Era Magazine. There was an article called “A Flood of Mud and Hope” and it interviewed a ton of youth and all their names were in it.

We had dinner with our Bishop this week. He came to pick us up……in
his Tesla. That was a lot of fun. On the way back he showed us the
autopilot and the acceleration. It was so nice.

I got covered in mud yesterday. We were going down this huge hill and
it had a little hiking trail on he side of the road. It looked like it
would be fun to take my bike on (it ended up putting about 5 punctures
in my tires, but all I had to do was pull the thorns out and spin my
wheels and the green slime on the inside sealed the tube right up with
no problem. I love that stuff). But I took that trail.  So
I wanted to get back on the road. There was this little ditch that I
could tell had a little water in it between the road and the trail.
But it was easy to clear the water. What I couldn’t see is that it was
mud all he way up to the road. So I jumped with my bike in my hands and landed in mud.  Needless to say I had to get changed. I got pics.

We have this investigator that I think I talked about last week. He loves the Priesthood Authority and how that works. Totally believes in Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He’s hard to meet with since he never remembers when the appointments are. We are going to try putting him on date this week. His name is A****.
We also have an investigator named Thomas. He is 14 but looks 25. He really is trying to find what is right when it comes to the Gospel. We had an amazing lesson this past week and the spirit was really there and he is progressing. For some reason he always says he will come to church and always is in track for it the night before. But he hasn’t come yet. So that’s hard. But we will keep trying.



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