Week 52 – Elder Jones

Anthony, Year Mark and Fires


Hey y’all!

What the Heck Dad? Why were you when you visited my mission for business?  I loved those pictures from this week. They made me smile.

The work was good this week. We did get two new investigators. mostly still trying to visit all the members and also visiting less actives that we are told to. And taking advantage of the car we are borrowing. We give it back to the other elders on Wednesday. Not looking forward to that.

So the forest fires have started up again. It was in our ward this time. We woke up and there was smoke hanging over one of the valleys.  It was from a town outside of our mission. Then halfway through the day we noticed there were a lot of planes flying over head.  We saw a giant plume of smoke. We went after it and we also called a ton of people because we have no way of knowing if there was an evacuation order. We chased the fire and found where it was. We went to help any members we could reach. There were two or three members houses that almost got burned, their road was barricaded and shut off from the cops because they had a voluntary evacuation order on those streets. So we went to the members we could (we were less than a mile away from the fire at this point) and made sure that we’re ready to leave at a moments notice. Then we noticed a ton of people were out on the streets looking at the fire so we went and talked to a lot of them, about the fire and the gospel as well. They got it out before it spread way to far but we could see the flames. So that was a lot of fun.

I have been studying a lot about humility this week. It has been cool to see how much I can change. I have been able to find a new perspective on things and I am trying to see through that lens as much as possible. For me I have found that a lot of it comes down to not thinking about myself. In everything, not just being selfless, but focusing on how I can make others feel loved and wanted. There are some amazing missionaries that make you feel that way. There are two or three in this mission that just can do that every time you see them. I want to be like that. And I think humility is the key. It will also help me to make the right decisions. Humility is handing all to God and submitting to his will. That’s what he wants me to do, serve others. So that’s what I’m working on.

So I hit my year mark this week. 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊 I still feel like I’ve only been out six months. So when it came, I had all these feelings about how I’m not ready to be halfway done, I didn’t accomplish as much as I should have so far. I need to make the second half go even better. I still feel like one of the younger missionaries in the mission because I am still not good at so many things. I have so much room to improve. So my New Years resolution I guess for the mission is to allow the mission to change me more. I have been feeling like I’m good where I’m at in a way, but I need to improve more. So much more. I can’t believe I’m halfway yet, I don’t even think it’s hit me yet, but I’m going to make the best of the rest if the time I have left.

We went to Chick-fil-A and got milkshakes (Thank you Merritt for the year mark envelope you stuck in my suitcase last year) and had dinner there the next day. I don’t have anywhere to burn a white shirt so I cut a tiny piece of a white shirt off that was a few inches long and burn that because it didn’t damage anything. It’s in my journal.

If I send a letter home sometime will you put it in my Keeper’s Box. 

We had a really cool Pioneer Day stake activity on Saturday.  I know

today is Pioneers Day (the day LDS people celebration making it to the Salt Lake Valley) but they did it then. It was a big BBQ with lots of food, live music, lots of activities and desserts. I wanted to wear my cowboy hat so bad but it’s just barley outside of missionary dress code. Oh well. But it was a lot of fun.  Also, a cool fun fact, I come home on Pioneer Day. Which means they will literally celebrate with fireworks (at least in Utah).  🙂

So we met this awesome guy names A******. He is really cool. We met him yesterday and taught him a lesson. And we both wanted to put him on date and could have but we held off and decided to wait till next time so that we can make sure he keeps commitments. His last missionaries told him about Joseph Smith and he believes it all and believes the church is true. So with some work and with many prayers, he should progress pretty well. I’m excited for him.

Yeah speaking of the temple, I’m just far enough south that I am allowed to go to the temple again. So we should be going soon.

It’s definitely cooler in the mountains. It doesn’t usually get above 105 degrees, at least since I’ve been here. But each afternoon is usually around 100 degrees. So not bad. 🙂


One thought on “Week 52 – Elder Jones”

  1. “Usually doesn’t get above 105 degrees??!!!” Shoot me now. God bless him!!! His remarks on humility show how truly humble he is. My guy needs a dose….

    Love you!

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