Week 51 – Elder Jones

Auburn, Statues and A New Comp………Again

Yeah, so sorry I wasn’t able to email it off this morning. It’ll be this way while I’m in Auburn. We only have wifi if we go to Starbucks or somewhere like that or the church.

First things first, we are stuck at the Toyota dealership right now because the car needs to be fixed. It’s not even our car, we are on bikes but we are using other Elder’s car right now because they are being punished and got it taken away. But they didn’t tell the mission office it needed to be fixed so we are cleaning up their mess. There is wifi here so I can email for a little bit.

So, it’s been a very, very crazy, busy week. I got Hilcrest ready for the Sisters to take over and got them all the info they needed. We got to Auburn at 6:45 pm and had dinner, while we left our stuff in Auburn 3rd’s truck. Then they dropped us off at dinner. Not even a half hour into dinner we get a call from the APs. An Emergency Transfer was happening. Earlier that day Elder Nettleton had gotten in an accident and they took his driving privileges away. His new comp, Elder Kerby, is from Panama and doesn’t have an American license. So Elder Nettleton needed a comp that could drive. So they should have sent me over there to be his comp but they have been wanting to shotgun (put two brand new Elders in) this area for a while so they sent my companion over there and gave me Elder Kerby. So we don’t know anyone here and our info on our iPads didn’t update until last night. We don’t have connection up here except for at the church and at Starbucks. So we went in blind for an entire day. It was so hard. It’s almost exactly like being up in the hills of Washougal except replace some of the pine trees with redwoods and the hills are steeper and closer together. Actually, Auburn feels more like the Oregon coast except there is no Ocean and it’s hot.

The view from Corbin’s apartment. 🙂

So we couldn’t see where anything is in civilization or anything because of trees and hills.  We had to drive to the only member we could find and ask how to get to the store to get food. That was hard. Then we had to figure out where home was. It was an adventurous day. But I’m so glad that it happened because I’ve heard about Elder Kerby. He has a reputation for being the most obedient and hard working missionary in the mission. And I am so thankful!!!! We can work our butts off now. And wake up on time and be obedient. It’s been amazing. I can finally do all the work I want without someone holding me back. In fact, he pushes me up and if I were to shotgun an area, which I am, he’s the guy to do it with. He’s been our for three more months than me and is from Panama 🇵🇦 so he’s awesome.

It is really cold here in the mornings but by the time we leave the apartment it’s hot like everywhere else. We have a beautiful view of our part of the valley from our back porch. I do studies out there every morning. It’s so cool.

Elder Kirby is a lot like my trainer. His mannerisms the way he talks, the things he likes, it’s so weird. Its like being with my trainer again except without the stress of being green.

Right outside of our apartment complex is this dentist place. And for some reason this dentist had someone carve these 50 foot stone statues of female Amazon Warriors. And they are totally naked and not shy about it. It’s super weird.

I learned how to solve a Rubix cube this week.

We have a Chick-fil-A here! And even better, a member is giving us coupons today! I was so mad when they finished the one in Vancouver right after I left. But I get it now.

I only got to be with my original companion for 30 minutes, but I love Elder Kerby so much. We get along so great and have so much fun. It’s been a blast. We laugh and work so hard together.  It’s super crazy right now and it’s been even more so trying to meet the people we need to.

Well, I’ll send a few pictures if I have any.



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