Week 49 and 50 – Elder Jones

Week 49

New Misson President, Emus and Basketball

Hey y’all!

Good week this week. Felt kinda slow but it was still good.  So I have kinda been slacking this transfer when it comes to improving. Of course, I’m always making progress and the work has been getting better, but I’ve just been going along and doing what I was supposed to. My studies have not been as in depth as they should and I haven’t been critiquing myself and focusing on how I can improve each part of being a missionary. I realized that this week and I have flipped it around. The way I talk to people is different, my quote wall has doubled, my studies have so much more of a purpose and are more effective, I find myself studying articles throughout the day any spare minute I can and my desire to work has even increased. I have been going to missionary issues of the New Era because they have a lot of good advice for people preparing to serve and those already serving. Those articles lead to some really awesome talks. I started with the May 2013 New Era and took it really slowly. A cool article from that is called “Mission life”. It explains a lot of the aspects and the things we do Day to day. It’s been awesome. I kinda have lost some of my fire while being with Elder Gardner, but I don’t want to let that happen anymore. I won’t let it happen anymore.

I did something on my missionary bucket list. We were tracting and came around a street to start. There was this Dad and his two sons playing basketball. Before we even knocked on the first door I heard the Dad say to his kids “I bet they would want to play” so I turned around and said you know what, we will. Elder Gardner was covering his eyes and saying “oh no” at this point because we both suck at basketball even though he is tall. But we emptied our pockets and untucked our shirts and played.  We creamed them. It was like that video that went around a few years back. We wrecked them and had an awesome conversation and got all their info and they said we could come and play again and so we are going to bring some more missionaries and play, and if we win, they have to listen to one of the lessons.  It was awesome.

We were tracting this week, as we have to because that’s the best way to find right now, and we were in a neighborhood with a lot of Punjabis in it. Knocked on lots of doors and one of the doors, another Punjabi family answered.  They wanted to watch the video about Christ. We were so surprised because none of the Punjabis ever listen to missionaries. We showed it to them and they loved it and said we could come back. We came back on Saturday and taught them a lesson and a half.  They want us to come back. There are a lot of people in the house and only the younger two generations listen to us. But it is amazing that they want to listen to us. And they are progressing investigators. There are almost never Punjabi investigators that actually progress. So this is amazing. We will go back this week and teach them more. Its hard to teach complex subjects to them, but they are the most promising people yet.

The area is great. We found three new investigators this week with more to come.  It’s awesome.

Elder Gardner and I have gotten really good at silent communication.  In meetings, lessons, even just talking to members, we can just look at each other and know what the other one is thinking its cool.

I was in ward council yesterday when it hit me, its fast Sunday! I had already eaten breakfast when got up and it was too late. I was kind of mad at myself. I couldn’t believe I had completely forgotten and not remembered until then. Well, I found out why later. When I got your email about Addy and Baby Salsa, I realized I had actually forgotten for a reason, so that I could fast for Addy and Charlotte. Makes perfect sense right? Cool tender mercies. I know I’m not in the midst of it, but I feel really close to y’all, all the way out here. Its weird. A good weird. I feel like I am there in a way. I have the same feelings as I have as if I were there even though I’m not and haven’t seen her or Addy or David or anyone.

It’s been really tough out here this last few weeks because there has been some things gong on in the zone ad I’ve been super stressed out and there is so much that I’m trying to work with and I’m caught in the aftermath and I’m super stressed about it.  When I woke up this morning, the second I opened my eyes the wave of stress slapped me again and I was back to worrying and stressing and having that occupy my thoughts constantly. When I found out about Charlotte, one of the first thoughts I had was “You can quit your worrying and stressing. There are worse things that other people have to go through. You are stressed yes, but your sister and family are stressed too and they now have more than emotional stress, they also have physical problems to deal with. That’s something to stress about. Yes, take your job seriously but don’t get blinded by it. God will make sure you’re taken care of. If you do all that you can, that’s enough.  That won’t be enough for your sister. She will probably be dealing with  this throughout the rest of her life. Suck it up.” So I felt comfort that my problems aren’t a big deal. I also felt like everything will be ok With Addy and that I don’t need to let it distract me either. So how is Addy? What condition is she in?  Is David handling it well? How about the kids?

We have a new mission president. President Ward. He was in Yuba city yesterday for Stake MCM.

The picture y’all got this week was from the Bests. They took us to dinner at a Mexico place and we were talking about how their son on a mission hardly writes them and they wanted our parents to have a picture of us. I’m glad y’all hopefully liked it.


Week 50

4th, Frisbee and Transfers

Hey y’all!

I’ve been having these dreams again that I’ve finished my mission. Sometimes I tell people in my dream that I must be in a dream but they prove me otherwise. Then I wake up and restart my mission at the halfway point.  🙂

It’s so cool because somehow I have felt who Charlotte is.  Like her personality and stuff. I don’t know how because I haven’t even met her but I can tell who she is. I prayed for her and Addy and David.  It was even hard for me when I heard the news. It was actually really hard. I am so sad for all three of them. But I’ve received a lot of comfort. I’ve even had some people email me about it, trying to help. But in the end, it is actually bringing me closer to Christ.

I was thinking a last week last week about how I don’t really miss movies. Yea, if a tv is on it’s distracting but I don’t just sit there and think, man I really want to watch a movie right now. I just have not cared that much right now. Then I walked into the living room of a members house and her nonmember husband was starting to watch Star Wars. The music started playing and the words started going across the screen. Then I rethought about it. I have decided, I don’t really miss watching movies…..except Star Wars. I really miss that.

I randomly remembered this week how we used to have our “I love you more”  battles and I would always have to say: “I love you more no matter what you’re busted and not me no matter what haha.”

I Got the video of Charlotte you sent last week btw. It downloaded eventually.

We met president Ward this week. He is amazing. He is very energetic and he and his wife are so funny together. He is really straightforward and knows what needs to be done and makes sure it gets done. He is a really loving guy and he cares a lot about us personally.

I have learned a very good lesson this week. I learned that it better to choose the harder right than the easier wrong. I learned that it’s better to stand up against the wrong, even if it’s against your companion. The results are almost immediate. I was able to avoid so much trouble that I could have been in for not standing up for what is right. The spirit directed me and told me that I needed to say something and it was hard but I did. And I am in a much better place because of it. I’ve been working hard on listening to the spirit because it’s hard for me to know the promptings he gives me. But I have been able to feel subtle thoughts and whether or not it’s me I follow them because I can tell the slight difference. Usually a tiny little thought pops into my head to ask if it’s the spirit. As soon as I do, I get another feeling that just barely tells me it is and I go with it. It’s so worth listening to it.

Our car had some trouble this week and so we were on bikes for a few days that was fun. We will be getting a new car in the next two weeks.  Brand new.

Karen, the person that we had the baptism for in Citrus Heights when I just got there passed away. It was a few months ago but nobody every told me. That made me really sad.

Ok, I’m mad now. Transfer boards came in on Saturday night and we all knew Elder Gardner was leaving but when the transfer boards came out, it showed us that I’m leaving as well. And I don’t want to leave. This ward has been the best. I wanted to stay here for six months. Now I’m leaving at three months.  We are having sisters put in our ward and so I’m scrambling to write down everything that they need to know when they get here. The area book probably won’t be updated for a day or two so the will probably be going in blind. But at least I got the area I wanted. I’m going to the Auburn Zone.  Auburn, CA that is. Not Alabama thankfully. Regardless, it’s still Auburn and I will have to go in with my battle armor which consisted of my Alabama hat and shirts and keychain and everything else I have. But it’s the zone I want to go to because it’s a lot of country. Right now there are no sisters in the zone. All elders. I will live in the same complex as Elder Nettleton, the Elder that was in the MTC with me and got held back for six months. He’s out now and I’m so excited to be with him. My companion will be Elder Porter. Elder Gardner was his companion before I got to Yuba.  So another mutual companion thing going on. I’ve heard he is an awesome person. But I feel better about this one because from what I’ve heard, ElderPorter and I have the same interests and stuff. He’s a total redneck and loves Country stuff. So that makes me feel like we will get along.  I’m really excited to go there and even our apartment is supposed to be super nice.  If I’m leaving my dream ward, I’m going to an even better ward. I’m super sad and saying goodbye to people was hard, but I’m really excited to get a cool new place.




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