Week 48 – Elder Jones

Heat, Goals and Luaus

Hey y’all!

I love y’alls emails, they make me happy.  It was hot this week.  110 degrees most of the day all week. Hard to tract in that and it kills your motivation. But I’m glad I like the heat.

It was a slowerish week I guess. We had Zone conference this week in

Gridley. It was President’s “funeral” or his last zone conference. He and the rest of the mission presidency bore their testimonies and it was really cool to see the powerful truths they shared. They had their families make a cool video in which they shared how having the Marston’s service on a mission blessed their lives. The Marston’s also made another video that was just a ton of pictures to music. It was pictures of missionaries throughout their three years of service. The video was almost a half hour but it covered every single missionary in the mission at least once. Usually more. So that was super cool. After that we sang the mission song and we all got to hug him and say goodbye because we won’t see him again. It was really sad. I’m going to miss him so much. I’m so grateful for the service he has done. He has taken this mission and turned it into a mission that is way better than it used to be. He really has changed it. He loves every single missionary and he is the best.

On Friday I was slightly frustrated with Elder Gardner on the inside, which is almost the norm but I’m working on that, for being lazy. He woke up at about 11:00 am that day and I wanted to work and it was weekly planning day.  So I tried to incorporate him in weekly planning and he would just say “whatever you think”. I had been trying to ask him what we can do to find people to teach and he would help so we skipped weekly planning and went tracting.  We found three new investigators. It was awesome.

On Saturday we ended up in Robbins and one of our new investigators that has been really hard to get ahold of had just ended up with the custody of his nephews and was looking for more of a support system and we told them about primary and stuff and they were all going to come to church but they didn’t end up showing up it was sad. But hopefully we can get ahold of them again his week and get them started again.

I got bit by Fancy again. She has been really weird around me lately. She latched into my arm this time. I’m going to have to stop holding her for a few visits.

We had a luau on Saturday too. It was the family reunion of a member of our ward for her birthday and they invited some members and the

Elder Goodman is a crossfire freak and tries to make us all eat healthy. He has been on this rant lately about how bread is poison for your body, or at least it’s just horrible. So I showed up to the church with a straight loaf of bread for lunch. This was his face when I opened the container.
We went and ate dinner at lumberjacks an they had a one pound pattie burger that elder Gardner got. The waitress got a box for him because she didnt think he would eat much of it. That hurt elder Gardners pride. He finished it all ad the fries.

missionaries to it. We helped set up and take down and took food home.

There are a lot of non members in the family and so we were talking all day with people about the church and what we do and it was really cool. Not necessarily work for our area but work for the whole country. But it was awesome. We had a thing of cookies and a small baggie of pork we were taking home, and we said goodbye to her and turned around and it had multiplied into a giant bag full of all kinds of food and at least a gallon of pulled pork and two trays of cake and more stuff like that. Wow.

This one is shorter because I didn’t start writing until yesterday. So I can’t remember much if the little things.  Oh, we got to do archery tag again. That was a blast. I’ll send the video. We won’t do it again because a lot of the zone doesn’t play and they want the gym. Even though they don’t even use the gym for anything. 

Our zone goals went well. Our goal for new investigators was 80 which think is he highest in the mission. In Citrus Heights our goal was 34 which we were proud if we could make that. So 80 is crazy. We busted that goal five days ago and made 90 instead.  We all just worked super hard. I’m so proud. So our zone leader is buying us all ice cream. He told us if we could make that goal he would buy it.

My MTC companion is coming down to Yuba because his comp needs to renew his military ID at the air force base here. So I will be able to see him while his comp is doing that.

Always it was an awesome week and I’m excited for another.



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