Merritt turns 14, Failed Cookie Pizzas, Tosiah, Biting, Fabulous Friends and Beautiful Weather in the River!!!!


Making two huge “Pizza Cookies” for dinner at someone’s home.  I had accidentally bought “Cook and Serve Pudding” without knowing it.  So we used it anyway (can’t let all those ingredients go to waste), made a huge mess and it didn’t taste very good.  I’ve been making this for 19 years and this has never happened!  Dixon got to play fun games at their house too.  His expressions were priceless.

Kids fighting in the car on a long ride home.  We started singing and they all joined in, thus helping the fighting end.

Josiah using his toes like a Jones (there is a long standing family joke about how the Jones can use their toes like hands, it’s pretty creepy/cool).  So the kids started calling him Tosiah.  😉

Dixon burning the palm of his hands on the monkey bars at the park.  He had full on blisters.  It was so sad and took over a week to heal.  It was on one of those 90 degree humid days.  

Trying to get a new “Contact Picture” on my phone of Kevin with hair.  The guy wouldn’t take a normal picture!  He did make me laugh though.  🙂

Getting off sweets again!  It worked (after four days of headaches) and I felt so good for three weeks, then it didn’t work.  So hard!

Tessa accidentally pushing my purse into the mirror pool at the temple.  NOT COOL!!!  I remained calm considering it was an accident and we were about to head in the temple.  I ended up walking into the temple with wet names.  Leave it to the Jones family to be the first people to come in with drenched names.

Dixon getting frustrated with Royce and biting him!!!!  Royce didn’t tell on him, but Hadley did later on.  I was shocked that Dixon would do that because he was mad.  I started to talk with him while he gave me puppy eyes and I couldn’t punish him.  It was the worst parenting moment!  I kept asking for Kevin to come help but then Dixon would get scared of him and cry.  You would think I could parent by now, but I was so weak!  I did finally punish him and hopefully he’ll behave better now.

Parenting or I guess you could call it “not parenting” adult kids that live in your house.  This is the hardest parenting we’ve done yet.  I wish I could document situations, but……

Tess and Bryson passing out on the church pew after a long weekend with late nights.  🙂

Accidentally running over the curb of a median with our car.  I normally turn right on that street, not left.  I was talking with the kids, which didn’t help.  It scared us all a bit and we thought the tire would be blown for sure (it was loud!).  Thankfully, we only lost the inside of our bumper and kept doing our errands.  😉

Our deck falling apart around us.  Kevin is doing such a great job fixing it as it falls apart.  It would be better to just replace all of it, but it’s huge!

Hayfever!!!  All of us have horrible allergies.  Thankfully, we are at the end of them.  It’s worth it for all the beauty around us.  🙂

Dixon made a doghouse fort for Bentley. 🙂

Bentley slicing her paw open.  There was lots of blood, but it’s healing.


Bryson teaching Royce to play guitar.  There is nothing better than listening to your kids teach each other an instrument.  Especially when the age gap is 13 years.  So cute!

Jumping in the very cold Washougal River after my hot morning runs.  I’ve learned to bring my flip flops down to the bridge, so I can walk back in them.  It is so exhilarating!   It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen on earth, for me.  🙂

Merritt setting up Badminton outside.  My Fabulous Aunt Pat gave it to us for Christmas and we have been waiting to use it.  The kids played so much that the grass was turning brown.  We took it down to let it recover, but I’m sure we’ll have more fun soon.

Royce’s Pack meeting.  🙂 

Getting to see Addy and David’s Baby Salsa move in a video.  It’s so amazing to get to see all this growth take place.  Addisen is just adorable all pregnant like.  🙂

Meeting our fabulous Johansen’s at different parks.  Moms get to visit while our littles get to play.  We’ve had beautiful weather each visit, I love Spring in the Pacific NW.

Getting to visit Tess at work.  So cute and the ice cream was delicious!

Finally getting my running up to four miles.  It’s been a hard struggle to get back in shape after my injury.  I’m still dying as I run, but I’m glad I made it.

Royce asking me what the stone on the “Bob’s Red Mill” bag was.  I pulled up a company video to show him how the millstone worked.  It was so cool at the end when they were interviewing the Vice-Presidents and it was one of my parent’s friend, that I grew up with.

Hadley’s first time at the temple!  We actually all got to go to the temple grounds because Josiah came and took the little boys for us.  It was so special inside with our sweet Hadley. 

Love the storm clouds with the little break of blue sky over the temple. 🙂

We got to go to the temple a number of other times too.  One of them was with some of the YSA in our stake.  It was fabulous! 

Getting to go to the Gold’s house for an amazing dinner with the Hansen’s.  The kids had so much fun playing in the water and we loved getting to be in Hillsboro again.

Spontaneous dinner’s with friends.  I love Spring and Summer because we get to have time with other fabulous families.

Hamilton Mountain hike (we didn’t go all the way to the top, but we plan on doing it soon).  The Columbia River Gorge is incredibly gorgeous!  Loved our time with family and friends. 

Fort Vancouver with my parents.  There was a great park nearby that the kids played at for hours.  It was a perfect day. 

Getting to have Greg and Ben Johansen spend the night because their parents were doing Youth Conference food.  My boys were sooooo excited and they played so well. Loved it!

CamTown!  Camas has a great day of games and fun at the park.  We had so much fun doing all the activities, riding bulls and winning prizes.

Merritt helping Hadley with her Young Women’s Personal Progress.  Love it!

Sleepy Dixon on our way to Nana and Boppa’s house. 🙂

Merritt turning 14!!!!  I can’t believe it!  It feels like she has been 14 for awhile, but now it’s official.  She went to her first dance last night and had a great time!

Getting to go to Newport to celebrate Mo’s 70th Anniversary.  We had so much fun with our great friends the McEntee’s and their family.  Bryson and Josiah rode the 75 mile bike ride while Kevin videoed it with the girls helping him.  Then the next weekend the McEntee’s ended up visiting us here.  We loved our time with them.  Bryson and Carter played basketball until super late in the hot, humid weather and were dripping wet.

We ran into Kevin’s cousin’s at church in Newport!  It was so fun to see them and have the kids in Primary together.  🙂

A fabulous Father’s Day!  

Getting to attend Classical Conversations Practicum.  The three younger kids got to attend the kids camps while the two older girls helped run them.  I got to go to the adult classes.  It was great to get time to learn, but exhausting to go each day.  The kids loved it!

Good thing he has his cape and truck with him to help him pull weeds…..  Dixon “trying” to do yard work.  He gets very distracted at six years old.  😉

Our land full of incredible, beautiful sunrises and wild Foxglove flowers.





One thought on “Merritt turns 14, Failed Cookie Pizzas, Tosiah, Biting, Fabulous Friends and Beautiful Weather in the River!!!!”

  1. Kelly- You are simply the best. You NEED sugar to keep up with all you do!!! Most adorable family EVER. Can’t wait until we can catch up and I can get the unedited version!!!!!!!

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