Week 44 and 45, Elder Jones

Week 44

Hey y’all!

The temp here was awesome this week. A little hot to be tracting in but we did it anyways. It was in the hundreds all week. At night it would be pitch black out and 85 degrees. It felt so good to be out there during that. Man am I glad I like the heat. It’s going to be tough to come back home to the cold.

Is Haley Dewey serving a mission? I was looking up names for Camas and Washougal on Mormon.org and she popped up and her bio said she is going to Bismark North Dakota. I had no idea. Good for her.

So we were having lunch after district meeting like we do every week and two missionaries had gone out to the parking lot to get something and they came back in saying there was a guy in the parking lot that was asking for me. It was really weird of them because they were saying something about Steve Jones and Kevin Jones and so I didn’t believe that there was anyone out there and though it was a joke. Finally they got me to go out there and I saw a Silverado and there was a lot of glare from the sun on the windshield but it looked like Steve Jones but I knew it couldn’t have been. Turns out it’s Dad’s Uncle Harry Jones. So my great uncle. Or uncle once removed. Whoever you want to call it. Apparently he caught wind that I was coming to the mission and heard that I ended up in Chico and has been kinda trying to track me down for a while. He knew I was in Citrus Heights last but he finally actually found me in Yuba City because he lives up in Loma Rica, which is not far from here. It’s in our zone or stake. So it was really cool to see him and I couldn’t believe it.  Especially since he took the time to find me. So he knows people in our ward and stuff. I gave him my number and hopefully we will do something soon. Then I found out yesterday that his son is Dad’s cousin and is married the daughter of the high priest group leader in my ward. On the 16th I am going over to their house and Harry will be there. After sacrament, I met your cousin, Ryan. I’m sure you saw the pictures in Facebook. They aren’t in my ward but were visiting.  But still, I’m related to some people in my ward.  

I loved the video y’all sent me for my birthday that I got this week of the girls and boys singing happy birthday. Thank you!

Cherries are blooming and we have raided so many cherry trees we have red fingers. I’ve had so many cherries I’m going to bulge.

So we had a ton of stuff scheduled for this week. Our week was pretty much full with things to do, a lot of them teaching appointments. We had a ton of lessons planned but, only two of them didn’t cancel. They are recent converts. Dang it. Yea, lots of potential investigators that we had planned to meet with.  Well, they aren’t going to get rid of me that easily.

Yesterday was cool. Last Sunday I told all the Priesthood that I would bring pass along cards the next day so they needed to start praying who to give it to. I brought them yesterday and half of the people asked for two cards. Yes! Then I gave a spontaneous lesson in Priest’s Quorum in missionary work and how the boys can be missionaries. I loved it. I’m glad teaching has become really easy for me now that I will randomly volunteer without people asking.

At someone else’s baptism this week, Elder Dean, my last zone leader, was there for his comp. I talked with him and he told me who to visit and gave me enough info in them that we might be able to get somewhere. So that’s good.

Transfers are tomorrow. Elder Gardner is staying as expected. We are able to get along pretty well.

I wish I could have been there for Hadley’s first temple trip. But, I give up some things like that to be out here. Congrats Hadley. Sounds like y’all had a good time and that it was very spiritual.

Anyways, that’s my week. We will keep working hard whether or not people listen.


Week 45 -Stake Conference, Transfers and That’s About It

Hey y’all!

An friend of Kevin’s saw Corbin singing in the choir at Stake Conference. So cool!

Dad, I loved that little email about Royce and fasting. Thanks Royce!

I need it!

Wow, so I really don’t have much to talk about this week. Transfers were good. It’s awesome to have Elder Haddock in my district again.  Now p-days might not be so boring for me. But the zone is a whole lot different because half the people in the zone left. We have a new zone leader. The one that left was so awesome. But the knew that came in………not so much.  But I’ll support them because I should. 

We had a lot of appointments set up again this week.  Same thing happened, the people wouldn’t answer or said to come back another time etc. So lots and lots of that.  We did have a little success. I guess. The little success we had is short term. We knocked on a less actives door and got in and at first he was very hostile towards us but when Gardner and him started talking about video games he became very comfortable and opened up and it went great from then on out. Everything before that was not going very well because if a lot of reasons but that changed things and his son is not a member and so we picked up a new investigator from it. But, they are moving soon. Of course. The other thing that happened is that this guy that we have been knocking on his door for he entire time I’ve been here, finally opened his door last week and said that his Spanish was better than English. He had been avoiding us for a while but we got that info and sent his investigator records over to the Spanish sisters. They stopped by a few nights ago and of course (because why would anything good happen to us) they had a great lesson with him and it went really well and they are teaching him. I’m glad that he is investigating but man, can’t we get a little bit of success?

Saturday was crazy. We went to an appointment that cancelled on us then went to a baptism. The sisters and another set of elders were hungry and wanted to eat some food somewhere so we drove them to Costa Vida because they are on bikes and elders and sisters can’t eat together just them(double dates). So we were their chaperones. We weren’t going to get anything encaustic we spent too much money on food last month. So they get their food. Then a worker came up and said that we needed to get in line because someone was going to pay for our lunch. That was an awesome blessing. So we got a nice big Costa Vida lunch. Then our dinner appointment changed our dinner to a lunch so about a half hour later we went to In-N-Out, and I stuffed myself even more. I was about to pop. Then we went to the Chilson’s and he wanted to get us drinks and my body wouldn’t handle that, but I had to, so I did. I skipped three meals straight because I didn’t want dinner and fast Sunday was the next day. I was going to just start my fast before dinner but the elders at the Yuba mansion had ice cream. Great. I felt so fat that day.

So a member that we love is starting up a business for archery tag. I remember seeing a cool Devin Supertramp video or something similar on it. It’s basso ally mixing paintball and dodgeball together but using bows and arrows.  He is bringing it to the stake center for us to play today. I’m so excited. It’ll be great.

Stake conference was this week. Sister Marston gave the most amazing talk in the adult session. My favorite quote: “If 18-21 year old boys and girls can talk to complete strangers about the gospel, how much easier should it be for members with much more experience to talk to their friends about the gospel.” That was awesome and I have used it since then. I got to sing in the stake choir so that was cool as well.

Well, thats about it for my week. Luva!


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