Week 4: Baby’s Gender Reveal, Dixon’s New Talent, Hadley at the Temple

Another week goes by… Time for another video of the fam!

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or here on YouTube.


One thought on “Week 4: Baby’s Gender Reveal, Dixon’s New Talent, Hadley at the Temple”

  1. PRECIOUS!!! I just soak ya’ll up in these videos. So happy for your happiness as you look forward to that first grandchild/niece!! So cute that she was moving and hiccupping! I’ll be looking for updates on Tessa’s taller and straighter ice cream cones, tooJ

    BTW, Ben starts a new job TOMORROW!! He will be working with Jacobs, they provide engineering support for NASA. Praying this will be a great fit for him.

    Julianna is in and out this summer. She’s babysitting for a couple of local families, taking some 3 day trips to work at Camp Marannook (helping the original camp director get organized which is completely funny since organization is not one of her strengths) participating in a 5 week music festival in NC later and then wrapping up the summer as part of a mission team to Turkey. Lots of variety in her summer.

    Noah is working at Camp Marannook as well. He’s not being paid but we’re hopeful it will be fun and grow him in other ways. He will also come back home to volunteer with Vacation Bible School, join the youth group on a mission trip to Philadelphia and then participate in a conference at Samford University where he’ll learn more about leading worship as part of the youth praise team, then back to Camp Marannook and returning home in time for 2 weeks of hot band camp. It’s so sad that their summer is so shortL Be every so thankful that homeschooling affords you the control of your schedule! We did get Noah a car. He’s been so sweet waiting. Funny timing because he got it Thursday and had to leave for camp Saturday. So, it’s sitting in the garage waiting for him.

    I’m in that mode of soaking everything up as Noah approaches his senior year of high school. I have a lump in my throat just typing about it. I’ve been subbing in our church day care and just trying to be around if I’m needed.

    We miss you all so much. Thankful for your weekly reports. I know it takes time and effort. Love the videos, tooJ Hug everyone for me.


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