Forest Rump, Lampshades, Mommy Fails, Mother’s Day, Kevin Has Hair and Tess’ Party, Josiah is Here!!!

The main reason I write this not so perfect blog is for our family, we share it because people have asked us to.  Kevin decided to do a video version and I love to see his talents and the kids:


Tess saying “We should watch ‘What About Bob’ or ‘Forrest Rump’ or whatever it’s called….”

Worrying about if people would be offended by Dixon’s glove picture when he accidentally was giving the bird.  Tess reassured me by saying “People will understand, it’s you Mom.”  I didn’t take that as a compliment….

Bryson reenacting how I used to and still do freak out about the kids hitting my lampshades with their hands or moving objects.  Whenever the boys would stretch out their long arms and hit the lampshades it would break the shade off the metal part.  I was so thankful to get decent lamps from my Mom that I was VERY protective of them.  Watching him explain that he can’t even stretch in a chair in any house without hearing my voice in his head, made me realize that I went to far with it.  I’m sure there is a long list of things they will report that they are scarred from.  😦

Tessa’s first week of work (it actually worked, but there were a few experiences that were hilarious).  One was a take-out bag labeled “White Mitsubishi”.  Tess has never cared about cars and doesn’t really know what all the different types are.  She now has to figure out what the bag says (it’s scribbled and abbreviated and has a line through it), plus get it out there quickly.  She misread the bag and thought they were playing a racist joke on her about Asians.  When she tells the story she is traumatized by it, but we can’t stop laughing.  This week has gone a lot better for her.  Her ice cream cones are even getting straighter.  😉 

Mommy Fail on Mother’s Day!  Dixon walked out of Sacrament Meeting and went up to another mom and told her about her son’s behavior in class.  He thought he was helping, but he definitely wasn’t.  We had a big talk after church about what he did.  He’s six and still trying figure out how to socially handle classroom situations.  I don’t think telling another parent, from a six years old point of view, was the best way (the other Mom surely didn’t think it was).

Dixon explaining how amazing and cool he thought it was that my fat roll goes all the way around my back.  He was sitting on my lap at church and noticed it.  Oh, the honesty of a young child.  He made me laugh pretty hard and Kevin couldn’t hold it in either.  Must be why he thinks he can bluntly tell other adults what he thinks.  I’m sure he’ll be out of this stage soon enough.

Cleaning up the huge piles of Legos because the sun finally came out and I wanted them to play outside.  Dixon was so sad he cried and moaned on the ground.  It probably was the part were I was breaking apart all his creations and he kept saying how he has to build them again.

Hadley contracting Poison Oak.  

Going to an “Escape Room” with some friends.  I didn’t want to go, but I knew Kevin did.  I kinda feel like my life is already full of trying to “escape” situations all the time.  So why would I pay to go have this feeling?  I was wrong!  It was a blast.  So worth the money (if you get the Groupon price).  Just the right balance of everything.  



Ordering Hadley caterpillars for her birthday.  They went through metamorphosis.  We got to watch them hatch and let the butterflies go today.  The kids loved it.  We did this when the older kids were little but had to have a second round.  *Check out some of Kevin’s footage for the Chrysalis birth.  So cool!

Isn’t he so cute?! 🙂


Kevin growing his hair back out.  This is working for us but freaking other people out.  The comments have been hilarious.  “Did you color your hair or something?”, “What’s going on up there?”, “Weird, just too weird.”, “You look so much younger.”, “I thought you were bald because you had no choice.” “Wow, I just can’t stop staring at you.”, “What, Kevin has hair?”.  Tessa’s was super funny:  “It’s like the cool Dad I always wanted.”  I think it’s more shocking to people here, because Kevin started shaving his head right before we moved here.  They have never seen or considered him with hair.  

Kevin, Bryson, Hadley and Royce getting to play Ultimate Frisbee on Saturday mornings with a great group of people.  They had so much fun!

Taking advantage of my beautiful swing at the top of the yard.  After my run, I jog up there and get to look out over our land and the valley.  It’s so peaceful and the birds are happy as can be.

Well attended Young Single Adult World Wide Devotional at the Richardson’s home.  We provided dinner and dessert.  We were so happy that a large group showed up.  Kevin and I love the YSA!  

Fun End of the Year CC Challenge B party.  The family that hosted lives on an grass airstrip as their backyard. Their plane sits right out there and they just fly out when they need to.  The party was great and the weather was perfect.  The kids had fun playing Ultimate too.

River days.  🙂  

Kevin and I squeezing in the temple Saturday morning, then getting to go to a great YSA meeting.  In between those to wonderful things we heard about David’s brother dying.  We cried and hurt so much for Addy and David.  As a Mom, I really want to protect them from hard things, but alas, that is not what always happens.  With Kevin having lost two of his brothers, it really hit home for us.  We then headed out to a Mother’s Day lunch with the extended family at Skamania Lodge.  The food was fabulous and we had a lot of laughs.  Love my family!  

Tess’ 16th birthday party.  We did “The Great Cooking Race”.  We had five different appetizers to be made by five teams.  The kids were so creative and the food was really good!  They were rated on a lot of things, like teamwork, presentation of the food, taste etc.  It was super fun with all those awesome youth.  

GETTING TO TALK TO ELDER CORBIN JONES ON MOTHER’S DAY!  For all the fails of the day, there were so many amazing moments.  I guess that sums up motherhood for me.  Corbin was so beautiful to me.  He’s grown up tremendously and I just kept touching his face.  When we hung up I really didn’t like saying goodbye again, so I had a little ugly cry.  Then promptly moved on the making sure dinner was working as the missionaries were about to show up.  The kids and Kevin did so many cute things for me all day.  Bryson and Hadley even sang one of my favorite songs.  It felt good to get to talk to Addisen and David for awhile too.  Love Kevin and my kiddies sooooo much!  

Josiah arriving for the summer!  He’s one of Bryson’s friends from Alabama, but we claim him too.  He’s here to work with Bryson and enjoy the wonderful summer weather.  Love having him here.  🙂  

Getting to go to the temple alone this week.  The temple is the best reset for me.  Friday was so beautiful!  There were a couple families taking pictures after their Sealings in the temple.  I ran in to a friend there that I run into often at the temple, she always brightens my day.  We happen to be on the same schedule a lot. 

Going to “Dozer Days”.  It was fun to see everything and thankfully it wasn’t hot.  The sad part was the hour and a half wait to get to use the Dozers (Just Royce and Dixon, they had a different area for 12 year olds and up).  We didn’t have that much time.  😦 

Our wonderful Mica coming to teach our girls some make-up tips (since I am not talented in this arena).  It was so wonderful to have her over and she was fabulous with the girls (and the two boys for their charcoal masks).

I can’t get over the view of the valley on a beautiful day.

Hammock fun with a wonderful breeze.  What better way to rest on the Sabbath?  🙂 

Spontaneously climbing Beacon Rock after dinner one night.  It was perfect and beautiful.  I love the Columbia River Gorge!  




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