Week 41 and 42- Elder Jones

Sick, Workout and Road Tripping – Week 41

Hey y’all!  Yeah the Elder from the MTC came out. He’s in the auburn zone.  So once again(Third Ward and still the same) I have 9:00 church. So we get done around twelve. We don’t have ward council afterwards, it’s before, so we will probably eat lunch then go to a McBeers house with wifi because ours is terrible.  Anywhere probably between 12:30 and 1:30? That’s my best guess for a good time we can talk. But I’ll just text Dad and let him know where I’m at time-wise.  

Such an amazing blog. It’s kinda sad for me to see everyone grow up without me. I knew my life was fun back home. But now I realize how fun it was. I can’t wait to get back and have that again with y’all. But I’m having a blast out here and love it. I’m enjoying it a lot and two years will be the perfect amount before I’m ready to be done.

I liked the Studio C reference in that letter to Royce. Oh Mormons.  Loved Gerald the duck. We have the same thing here except it’s a cat. We call it Ninja because it’s black. I don’t like cats and it tried to run in the house to I try to be kinda mean to it so it won’t like me and won’t come in the house. But no matter how many times I push it around it still likes me. It’s horrible.

I know how ya feel about running mom. I had only worked out once since I got here so this week I started working out.  Our ward feeds us so well, and we get so much free food and so many things, I am starting to find little fat rolls. It’s actually kinda scaring me. I’m not anorexic or anything, in fact, I can’t control my appetite and what I eat. But I started a new work out and started getting healthier food because I’ve always been super skinny and now I’m starting not to be.  I need to not have stomach fat. So I am doing all I can. My new work out is 100 pull ups (two different kinds, 50 of each) and 100 push ups (50 of each kind) it’s killer. I want to die by the end of it.  But my arms will finally get big and I’ll lose some stomach fat along with eating better. Sometimes I do it twice a day if I have time.

I like how Tessa got to drive to Chick-fil-a. Is that now a tradition?  I also see she has taken over my perch. Well, it looks like I’m finally going to have to let my perch go😢. At least until I get home😈.  What job did she get again?

I loved that picture of Dad and Royce on that tree at conference.  Did y’all officially really get Pursuing Happiness running? Could y’all send me some of the stuff that y’all have on there?

Elder Goodman last p-day made me do this cross fit workout because he’s into that stuff. I did it because p-days here are lame so most of the day we do nothing. But I did the 100 reps and I hurt for days. I could hardly walk across the street. This lasted three days. The worst part is that I went in exchanges the next day. Into a biking area. That was horrible because I could hardly use my legs and we biked a lot. But that exchange was fun. We rode all over the place and it was fun to be on a bike again. I had to use Elder Young’s bike and it was the weirdest feeling bike ever. I could hardly tun on it because the balance was so off. But the exchanges were fun. It was nice outside. High 90’s. It felt good though. Too much sitting in a freezing apartment and it’s always so cold outside on a bike lately. So it was great. It was in the 90’s all week. Still is around that. It’s so great to drive with the windows down again. Haven’t done that in 9 months. 

This one is called the “Lewis and Clarke” because it looks like the
highway signs in Washougal (on purpose of course) 🙂

Ya know, that’s really all I have to say about this week. Because on Wednesday Elder Gardner got super sick. So we stayed at home for four days straight and I went insane. I spent one day listening to Christmas music and drawing random things. On Thursday I literally spent the entire day trying to find out if there was a way to improve the wifi(We use Xfinity from a member and the connection here sucks)  This included turning the wifi on and off a hundred times, watching some random videos to see how well they would play (I got kinda distracted in that one, you’ll see the pictures), while walking around the house and sitting in corners and random places like that to see what spot has the best connection. Things like that. That’s literally what I did all day. I got so bored. I don’t even remember Friday. I think I did a workout at some point and looked at some names on area book and stuff. I don’t really remember. I think my mind just kinda shut down by that point. On Saturday Gardner was better.   We got out and did some service and then we tried contacting this part member family atthe bottom of our area. Almost out of the mission. They weren’t home (we had tried calling and stuff so this was a last resort) so our hour or so drive was in vain. So we took the long way home along the Sac river and got up real close with the Sutter Buttes. It was a really fun road trip.

So that was my whole week. I’ll send the  pictures in a different email when I get connection later when I get to the mansion.


Success, tracting and getting chased by a dog- Week 42

Hey y’all!

So I had to wipe my iPad and put it all back on itself again and when I restored it, it got rid of my drafts. I actually had a lot down. At least twice as much this week as I normally do. Looks like I’ll have to sum up.

Yeah, I realized I hadn’t sent you a picture of my comp. I’ll try to get ahold of one. In the panda picture that’s Elder Young next to me. Elder Gardner is across from me.  

I won’t have much time to do touch ups on this email either because we are biking around the Sutter Buttes today. It’s about 40 miles. This will be a lot of fun but I’m going to be dead after it. So I hope I am able to get you pictures.

Our work finally took off again. We taught two lessons (first two in this area) on Wednesday on exchanges and picked up a new investigator.  It’s a family that loves family in another mission. There’s a lot of potential there. Exchanges were great. So fun. I was with the trainer of my last comp so we swapped stories of Elder Nielsen and had a blast. I got to drive all day so that was great.

On Thursday I found something interesting. I like tracting. This is weird because when I was trained I hated it because my trainer made it so every door I had to do something different and there’s not much more to do after the fifth door. But now that I know how to talk really well, it’s not a problem. But I like it and we got another new investigators and taught a lesson from the tracting. He should be at the church for p-day.

My grammar should be really bad in this email because I wiped my iPad a few days ago so auto correct isn’t used to me or mission slang. Could I get the Darby’s email please? They sent me a birthday card and I’d like to write them back. So you said to open the Amazon package on Thursday or the other package that came from you?

Of course, I got chased by another dog while tracting. There’s this cool little miniseries on LDS.org that is called two brothers two and in several of the episodes it goes through some of their missions and gives a really good perspective on what missions are actually like. It shows how you come to love the people and stuff like that. It’s cool.

K, I have to get ready. We are leaving as soon as we can for the bike ride.



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