Week 40 – Elder Jones

Fat, Ping Pong and Work

Hey y’all.

I loved the winning catch from Hadley. I love ultimate. When Elder Clarke and I would play in the same team we are unstoppable. This zone is going to be hard to get to play it.

Does Tessa not have access to photoshare? No wifi I’m guessing? I’m glad she almost only crashed once. Haha. And who was her first date with?

I think one of the coolest things from this week is something I heard. You know that Elder that I really liked in the MTC and he was supposed to come out a few months ago? He didn’t make it out because to his papers were not making it through very well.  He emailed us last pday and told us he is coming out tomorrow! I’m so happy for him! I hope he comes up here and is in my zone. Pres. Marston actually called me about him and asked about how he got along with people from out MTC district. I talked to him about him and stuff. He was trying to find out where to put him. So I’m excited for that. Funny thing, kinda unrelated, but the first thing he asked was how the work in my area is going and I told him good. Then he asked if I was cleaning up the area book.  I told him that I had pretty much already gone through and cleaned up most of it. He knows that I do well with that. I’ll send you a picture of what the area book was like before and and after I got here. The spots where it says “doing nothing” are where he drives us home and goes and does nothing. But it’s a major change.

So our ward feeds us way too well. We get the best of the best here when it comes to food. I think everyone try’s to outdo each other. Sometimes they even ask what someone else has made for us. On Sunday and Monday last week we had Tri Tip and mashed potatoes from different members. Then on Thursday we had Tri Tip and mashed potatoes again, but with chicken and Tilapia and bacon wrapped asparagus. Then we had BBQ ribs on Saturday, every night is just so good. Those are just some of the best ones. And there is always an amazing dessert. I’m so fat now. And no biking to work it off. Luckily we play soccer twice a week with members in the morning for work out. I’m getting pretty good at soccer.

So we set up everything the we did with my last ward mission leader, but in this ward.  We have some new things now so we are doing those as well. We are doing a ton of things that all pull together so perfectly and the work is going to take off. One of the key things is that we are putting our faith to the test and getting the whole ward to pray to have a baptism by May 27. We are going to work super hard and do all we can and lead the rest to the Lord. So could y’all please join in and pray for our ward to have a convert baptism by that date please? And anyone and everyone that is reading this, please, pray for that? I know that if we have enough faith and enough hard work and prayers that we can have that goal by that date, even though it’s super soon. 

They got rid of zone meetings completely. I think they’ll pretty much just do it at Zone Conference.

I loved that quote that Dad posted last week in his weekly email about how if we something isn’t working, ask God if we should do it differently. I have been trying to come up with different ways to do things. I liked that so much that I posted it on my quote wall.

There are a million super nice cars here. So many of these nice cars with a ton of work done on them all over the place.

Back in C-Hieghts I was able to get one of those ping pong sets that turn any table into a ping pong table. The net is retractable and hooks onto any table in a few seconds and it works so good. So I pushed our table up against the wall and put a mirror on the wall so it made it look like the table is twice as long. And I play ping pong……against myself. It actually works because I know where I need to hit the ball cause I can see where the table would extend. The only problem is that I also have to return it to myself. So I’m learning how to play at double speed. I’ve learned how to go so fast. So by the time I get back, I should be able to still be pretty good still.

So Saturday night was prom. We were driving and we saw someone in a truck next to us and I looked and realized they were going to prom. So I pointed it out to Elder Gardner. Then it hit me. We are in California. I realized they probably though Elder Gardner and I were going to prom with each other. So I stuck my name tag against the window. Not even kidding. Then we walked into a gas station and there were more people going to prom. So I made my tag as prominent as possible. 

Elder Gardner and I have worked harder this week than even we did last week. He’s coming along a lot easier and allowing us to work for longer now. It’s been two weeks and I still haven’t taught a lesson yet. All we do all day is contact. Pretty soon we will have contacted all the names in the areabook. The only thing is is that we have gotten nothing from it. So this sucks. I’m working harder than I have in my entire mission and nothing is happening at all. I’ve had dry seasons but nothing like this. Especially when I’m pushing through so much and working harder. I still haven’t taught a lesson the entire time I’ve been here. Could y’all please pray for us to start seeing just a few results please? We have found a few people that we may see some stuff happen with. But it’s hard getting things set up.

Besides that, I have been loving it here. A lot. So glad I came here. I love this place. Small city. Maybe the size of Camas. Just a lot flatter. And there’s a city across the river. Even smaller than this. You can look it up on google. But you probably already have.

It reached the 90’s this week. But I didn’t notice because I was in a car. So it was a hard week but I’m loving it here. The missionaries and members are all great.



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