Week #39 – Elder Corbin Jones

Yuba, Buttes and Gardner

This is from last week, because I (Kelly) never received pictures. 😦

Hey y’all! Good week. Transfers have been good.  So I’m writing this paragraph on Thursday night. I got here yesterday afternoon. Been here in Yuba City for a day and a half and it is amazing. I love it here. I feel free. Two reasons. One, I don’t have to worry about so many things because I haven’t been here for four and a half months. Two: it is a small city, really not big at all, hardly big enough to be a city. There is country all over the place and it is so much less crowded. The members I have met so far are amazing. I am so much less exhausted than on a bike. Elder Gardner seems like he will work with me. If I push him. We will have to see about it. Our apartment is massive. In fact, it has two levels. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, huge living room. It’s really great. My bed is even comfy. Because the box spring is broken, so I had to resort to sleeping on the box spring which is in he floor, and two mattresses on top of it. That makes it so comfy. So squishy. I just slid the bed frame around it all. So it looks normal. I have a dresser now. That’s nice. We can see the Sitter Bites from here. It’s the smallest mountain range in the world. Today we got real close to them.

The district is amazing.  Awesome guys. One of my Zone Leaders is Elder Nielsen’s trainer, so we laugh about him a lot. It’s just been so awesome since I’ve been here.

They called a new ward mission leader two days before I got there so I’m starting that over again. But that’s ok. In fact I’m glad because then we can crack down hard.

So you know how in C-Heights how there were turkeys and peacocks everywhere? Well, it’s chickens now. Chickens everywhere. In the parking lots, on the side of the road, yea, it’s weird.

Thursday we had absolutely nothing planned, just like most days here, so we went through the area book and cleaned it out, figured out the visiting pool, marked down investigators and dropping people that needed it.  We dropped at least 20 people that day. Were were hauling. Then after dinner I crashed into sickness. I had been feeling bad that day but when we got home to do come study, it hit like a brick wall and it was bad.  The next day I was super sick. I couldn’t get out of bed till 10:00. It was car fast day so we couldn’t go work because I couldn’t walk like that when I was that sick. It got a little better throughout the day, but not enough to go out and do stuff. So that was bad.

The work in this are is super slow. I don’t know if it has a lot of potential or not, but right now, there is nothing to do but start from scratch. There are only two people that are even considerable for trying to teach. One of them just likes us for service so we are probably going to drop him next time we see him. I’m not sure about the other one yet. But there is nothing to work off of at all. Elder Gardner is a cool guy. Pretty laid back but he’s cool. He’s from Virginia, right next to D.C. He will follow me in the work, so its not like I’m dragging him very much. So we should be able to get along pretty decently. But I’m feeling the more I want to push him to be a missionary the more he will not want to.

I got Nana and Boppa’s package for my birthday!!! But I won’t open it because it’s wrapped. Thank you!

Did Tessa get an iPhone? Can I add her to the family photoshare? I would love to see all the pictures she will post.

That’s most if my week. I’ll send the pictures later, because my connection here at the apartment is absolutely horrible.



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