Week 38 – Elder Corbin Jones

Sunsplash, Transfers and Nerf Wars

Hey y’all!

It doesn’t surprise that the Volvo is being stupid again. It’s scary that Tessa can drive.

P-day last week was awesome! Sunsplash was great. There were a ton of people there because of Spring Break, but it was still fun. We got to do the go carts this time. I’ve only ever been on a go cart once and I was like 8 and didn’t actually drive it. So, this was a blast. I ended up with the smoothest fastest one of all that drove the best so I passed Nielsen twice. It was so great. Laser tag was a blast. We actually watched the instruction video this time to it made sense. It was a great day.  Of course, we ended the day with zombies. So fun.  

Loved the Easter package. Thank you! Love the apron especially. Thanks for the pictures!  

We have been busy. We started doing the Book of Mormon game that your missionaries did.   We are blowing through Book of Mormons. We gave it to some non-member’s girlfriend who isn’t interested in the church and she gave hers away in 3 minutes. That was an adventure. We also had Sam and each of his boys give one away each, so that’s four. Just in one run. So we are doing this with everyone.

We were waiting for a ride this week and because we don’t have enough cars in the zone, we have to split one companionship up. So there were six of us in our apartment. Then someone picked up one of the nerf guns and started shooting. Then three other people picked up guns. Then someone picked up the blow gun. We went a little crazy. I’ll send you the videos. We came out with welts because everyone ended up aiming for the face because some people had sweaters on and you can’t feel it through that. It was brutal. That was Thursday morning. I’m still finding darts in the most random places.

I’m fat. I’ve never had to watch my weight or what I eat but I am getting a lot of stomach fat. That’s not good. I had to start eating less junk food for once in my life. Working out wasn’t doing enough so looks like I need to eat less dessert at members homes and less at home.  

Yeah, so I am leaving Citrus Heights tomorrow. Getting transferred. I do but at the same time don’t want to go.  I love being with Nielsen and we are doing to much in the ward and it’s awesome. But it’s time to go. I’m kinda burnt out from this place. But even though I have worked my butt off in this area and nothing has happened, in the transfer devotional I just got a good feeling of the Spirit saying to me: you did exactly what I wanted you to do and you will be and have been rewarded for it, you’ve accomplished what you were supposed to, good job. But I’m going up to Yuba City. I’ll have a car which is going to be so great. I haven’t heard much about my companion bedsides that he is very, very laid back. So it looks like another adventure for me. Oh well. It might now be that bad. He’s supposed to be really funny too. I have no idea how this is going to go. Funny thing though, Elder Nielsen is getting a new comp whose name is Elder Kirby. His last companion before me was Elder Kerby. So this is his second come whose name is Kerby. One letter difference but it’s still funny. Oh, my trainer is going to be in my zone. So that’s going to be awesome. Very, very weird but awesome.  

So we handed out ten book of Mormons this week. Through the thing you showed me and other means.

Easter was great. We went to the Rivera’s house for Easter dinner and an Easter egg hunt and an awesome Easter lesson. I love them. Amazing ward mission leader. It was hard to say goodbye. But when **** gets baptized I’ll be able to come back for it. But it was cool. Then I packed. Fun.  

There’s a lot to do today and all my stuff is all over the place in boxes and it’s a mess because I’m packing. This’ll be fun. I’m excited!



2 thoughts on “Week 38 – Elder Corbin Jones”

  1. Here’s what I wrote in his e-mail a couple of weeks ago. 🙂 (They = our missionaries)
    “The reason they came over was that they asked if they could come over to play a really fun game. They called ahead to make sure we were still available. Then when they got here, they talked to us a few short minutes, then got right to it. The game is: They gave us a BofM to place within one week. Once we place it, we have to text them and tell them we did. They then have one hour to place one themselves. If they don’t do it in one hour, they have to make us home made ice cream. They will also follow up with whomever we placed it with, if it’s appropriate. Also, once we have placed it, we have to give them two families in the ward that we pass this challenge onto. Then the missionaries will go do the same thing with them.”

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