Week 37 – Elder Corbin Jones

Skate parks, Chased by Dogs and……..(Pause for dramatic effect)…………..Sunsplash!

Hey y’all!

We have been working our butts off and working with the Ward Mission Leader like crazy. I don’t think it’s possible for us to do anymore for this ward than we are already. This brings me hope. When missionaries are about to go home, most of them get really lazy and don’t care. Even though I am probably leaving, I am putting some of the hardest work into this area I ever have and putting in place plans like crazy. It’s almost as if I plan to be here forever. But I am working the hardest I possibly can and I can’t do anymore than I already am.

Yeah, so Kristen Mason’s brother is Elder Clarke. He is one of my zone leaders and I know him really well because we have served together my whole mission. He got to Chico when I did and came down to C Heights with me. Served together for the past 8 months.

Papa seriously gave y’all a drone for Dixon’s tooth? Wow. Hey, now you can get cool pics of the property. And send me some cool videos and stuff with it.

P-day last week was amazing! We had the whole zone go over to some members house in our zone and they have this huge back yard with a small basketball court and a ton of things. We lowered the hoops and played slam ball. It’s basically street basketball where everyone can dunk it. So we were dunking everywhere. It was a ton of fun. Then we played commando and tetherball and golf and a few other sports.  Then we ate pizza, all outside in the sun. It was the perfect temperature. Then we went to the stake center and played ping pong and zombies and a few other games. It was a blast. Today we are going to Sunsplash and I am really exited. It’s so much fun and I’m glad I get to go again for sure before I leave. 

We were driving by a car wash and someone started getting mad at his dog. We kept riding and eventually I heard Nielsen yell “Ahhhhhh! He’s chasing us!” And he said it in a joking way. Like to be funny. But when I looked back expecting the dog to be walking around casually and stuff this big black dog was in a full out sprint at us. He wasn’t joking. We were both riding as fast as we could and the dog didn’t give up. We had to turn off up a hill so we didn’t go through the middle of an intersection. He was nipping at Nielsen’s heels as we were booking it. Eventually, it gave up and we kept flying down the street. It was scary and really funny. I actually got chased by a dog like in all the missionary stories!

We went on exchanges this week. Because we have the Easter Initiative video and we are trying to share it 4 times a day which is almost impossible, Elder Steffensen (also from Chico) and I went to the actual Rusch Park and went through it three or four times. We saw a ton of people with dogs and we used that to talk to people. Unfortunately, even though we talked to a ton of people, nobody wanted to see the video. It was right on the edge of raining and in the park there is a skate park that is constantly fill of a ton of sketchy people. But since it was just barely sprinkling and it was in the morning, nobody was there. So Elder Steff and I started going crazy with our bikes in the skate park, almost crashed several times, but flew all over the walls and stuff. We took videos and it looks really lame, but it want because our bikes are not meant to go in skate parks so it’s hard to ride them there. It was a ton of fun there. It happened again on the way to our lesson with Pres so I was able to take Nielsen there for a few minutes as well. 

The work was a little slow a few days this week but for the most part it was pretty busy. So it was a much better week. I don’t like it when you knock on the door of grumpy people. They are not very nice. But we are trying to pick ourselves back up from losing all of our people to teach. Elder Nielsen is getting very discouraged from us working super hard and having no success.  If we do have some success, it is only temporary. So I’m trying to help him understand that that’s not what missionary work is about. It’s about doing what God asks. Not baptisms, more important is simply working. We will see miracles for that and it will build us as people. It’s hard for him to understand things like this and he beats himself up about it and is always very stressed.   It’s worth it because I have been able to help him.  It’s even rainy for the latter part of the week. Friday we actually had a storm with lightning and all. It wasn’t anything big especially compared to storms in the south, but it was nice.

Always having to work on my bike. My suspension locked up from dirt and crap Hemings into it so I had to work on that’s. I had lube all of my gears and all that. I need new brake pads which I will get this week so look for that on my card. I’ve actually gotten really good at fixing bikes while I’ve been out here.  I actually like it a lot. I’ve gotten to the point were I don’t need to go to the bike shop and get a $70 tune up because I can do almost all of it myself.  If something else has a problem, I have always been able to fix it. So I’m really good at fixing bikes now. When I get home I will fix all the kids bikes up for them.

We had district meeting in a park this week. We met up at the church, stole the other district’s cars and went to Wendy’s to get Frosties and went to the park. It was awesome. We to some cool and some crazy pictures after.

We had this awesome lesson with Sam last night. We are reading the Book of Mormon with him. He was making dinner for us so he said that he wouldn’t be able to sit down and do that.  That we should do a shorter lesson. We had just finished talking about how he needs to read the scriptures more and also the night before he had said he didn’t want a ride to church because he wanted to sleep in. He likes motivational speaking and Ted talks and stuff so I showed them Dad’s TEDx video and I had an idea. I remembered a Ted talk or a talk like that that Dad had showed me where it talked about priorities. The one where it had a big jar and had a ton of pebbles and some big rocks and you had to fit them all in the jar but the only way to do it was to put the big rocks or important things in first then fill in the time we rest if the small pebbles. So I asked Sam if he had some rice and a bowl and some balls of some type. I knew this wasn’t going to work because none of it was planned and there would be too much rice and not enough of this and that. But I found some oranges and got some rice and I tested it out and it fit absolutely perfectly. There’s no way that that should have worked. The chances are so tiny. But it was literally a miracle so we could teach the lesson. So I put the rice in and showed them how it only fit if you put the oranges in first and related it to how we need to make time for church and scripture study and stuff. Then he rest of it will fall into place.  Sam just sat there for a few minutes saying “Wow. You’re right. I do need to make time for church and stuff. I can do this” So it was such en effective lesson that was a miracle. Sam even said it was a miracle and I told him it was a sign that it was true. Thanks Dad for showing me that video and doing the same thing for me when I was younger.

Well that’s about it. We have to leave in like a half hour to help the Spanish Elders get a new car so I have to go. I’ll try to get picturesas soon as I can.



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