Week 35 and 36 – Elder Corbin Jones

Stupid Videos, Tuck Tucks and Bunk Beds

Hey y’all!

I loved the blog this time! Hadley cracks me up. Of course she would do Ghost Girl. And Dixon’s innocence is so funny. I miss y’all. I am actually missing our house and property a lot. I am stuck here I’m the middle of the city and it’s been a lot different. There is almost not nature around here besides Citrus and palm trees. But those are everywhere. But I want the country. I’m going to ask Pres. Marston if I can be put into the country next transfer.

So last p-day I crushed my hand. Long story short, me and two other elders were looking over a piano and we all got scared and jumped back, pushing back on the piano. But my hand was on the corner of the piano and when we all very quickly pushed on the piano, the corner of the piano smashed against the pressure point in the middle of my palm. It hurt a ton. I didn’t have use if my left hand for the rest of the day and if I moved my fingers it hurt so bad.  I think I crushed a tendon….. It took a few days to heal but it’s better now.

This week it finally calmed down a little bit. As in we had some open pockets to go contacting and stuff.  We got some good results form contacting. It’s still definitely not my favorite thing but it’s worth it.

The beds in the mission have little holes in the end of every post so that if you put pegs in them, you can stack them to make bunk beds. That’s what we did. We made pegs out of duct tape and pass along cards and stacked them. It was really, really hard but we did it eventually. I’m on the bottom and for some reason my bed seems so much comfier. It is kinda like a cave in there. I never want to leave. Which kinda sucks because I have to leave it a lot. There are always pros and cons to making your bed comfy.

Our ward mission leader is awesome. We went over to their house to drop off a stack of Book of Mormons and it turned into a two hour meeting in which we got a ton of things done and have a lot of plans now. Then we went out with him on Friday morning and contacted the past two months of new move-in’s.  One of the people didn’t live there but our ward mission leader just launched into it did exactly what any good missionary would do. We talked about the Book of Mormon and love and service and by the end of it, we had a new investigator.  He’s so awesome.  

Interviews:  I introduced Nielsen to Frank the Magic Worm and Tuck Tucks. He loves them.  Hey Dad, weird request but could you record yourself telling Frank the Magic Worm and then tucking some of the kids in and post it on the photoshare? I want to show him and I also want to see you do that because I love it. Pleeeeaaaassseee? Thanks. Haha.

So Elder Nielsen and I really get a long well. We have way too much fun together. Throughout the week we made several videos and we think we are really funny even though we probably aren’t. But I’ll send you the videos anyways and explain.

Fun week, a little slower but productive.  Luva!

Sitting, Conference and Holding Hands

Hey Y’all!  Good week this week. Very different though.

So we only spent two days this week proselyting. Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday we had to weekly plan and have piano practice for Zone Conference. Then Zone Conference was on Friday. Then General Conference on Saturday and Sunday and then p-day. So we had lots of sitting down this week.

So really funny story from this week. This is something kinda like a Mom embarrassing holding hands in the temple story. But it was in the chapel. We were watching General Conference and I had my arm stretched across the pew. I had found this little CTR ring on the ground and was messing around with it and wearing it on different fingers. I had it sized for my ring finger but it hurt because of my stupid webs and so I had it on my pinkie finger…..which means it was very loose. My pinkie was hanging over the back of the pew and one of the sister missionaries, Sister De Leon, was sitting right behind where my hand was. She had an idea. She thought that she could take the ring off too fast for me to do anything about it. So she grabbed my hand very quickly, trying to take the ring off. But, as fast as my reflexes are, I automatically pulled my hand into a fist when I felt someone grabbing my ring. Then I suddenly realized that it was a female’s hand……and I was holding it. The second I realized that I was holding a girls hand, my mind froze and so did my body. I was frozen there in place and had no idea what to do because my mind was blank. Then suddenly a thought popped into my head. “You’re holding a girls hand! That’s bad!” And my mind suddenly started working again. Oh man, I’m going to be awkward when I get back home. Hopefully it’s just that I’m on a mission because my mind just stopped working. I didn’t know what to do. I just didn’t work. So that was fun. My hand felt defiled after that and it was just a bad situation and it was not of our faults. But it was very funny.

Y’all should go watch the new Easter initiative. Such a powerful video. It’s amazing. #princeofpeace  https://www.mormon.org/?cid=HP_SU_9-4-2017_dMIS_fMORG_xLIDyL1-A_

Nobody did anything for April fools day for us. Because it was General Conference.  We were all too exhausted to do anything anyways.  

General conference was awesome! Of course. I loved so many quotes. And especially Elder Bednar’s talk about missionaries. It’s so cool to be a missionary and hear mission talks. One of my favorite quotes, I don’t remember who said it, was “If I get tired of walking, I can always run”. I liked it because when I’m exhausted and tired of rejection, I should go work harder. I also love when Elder Eyring said “If you walk with Christ long enough, you start to see people for their Divine potential, not for the mistakes they’ve made.” So powerful. Another one “The Church is more important, isn’t it?” Yea, I mostly like just quotes.  Full talks yes, but a lot of quotes.  After the talk about James and John, Elder Nielsen and I took on the nickname for our companionship, “Sons of Thunder”. Haha.  https://www.lds.org/general-conference?cid=HP_SU_2-4-2017_dPFD_fGC_xLIDyL1-B_&lang=eng

On Sunday, President Marston watched with us and just as it started, a family came in as the first girl came and sat down I saw her face from the side and kinda got freaked out. She turned and I saw part of her face again as she smiled and I think waved to President Marston. It looked just enough like Sister Christiansen who finished her mission in December, but her hair was different. I spent three months with her in my district. But her hair was wayyyyy different. I spent the entire session wondering if my mind was making things up or not. At the end of the session, she stood up and yup, it was Sister Christiansen. It was really cool to see her again. We didn’t have time to take pictures with her because she had to leave and stuff but it was cool to see her.

Zone Conference on Friday was a blast. We had it at the Antelope Temple. It’s not actually a temple but that’s what everyone calls it. It’s called a megachurch. It’s twice the size of a normal stake center. It has two chapels and two levels and two of everything except the gym. But the gym is really big. I got some pictures of it. It looks more like a college university building. It’s crazy. But Zone Conference was a blast. I gave my first 5 minute talk. Every Zone Conference Pres. spontaneously calls people up to give 5 minute talks. I have made it 8 months without having to do it, but I finally did it. It was good though. I was ready for it. We learned a lot all together at the meeting and I got to play the piano for our musical number again. I played a cool arrangement of “I’m trying to be like Jesus” while the zone sang to it. I wasn’t sick this time so I was happy.  

So it was a good week with lots of sitting down. Lots of it. I’m very jealous that y’all went to Conference. I looked for y’all but they didn’t zoom in on y’all which was weird because they should have just for me.

Love y’all!


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