Week 34 – Elder Jones

Stupid Phone, Corned Beef and Cabbage

Love the name of this street!

Hey y’all!

It was an awesome, busy week. We had 25 hours of service this week. I think the max we are supposed to do is 10. So we had a ton of that.

But we were once again really busy. There was only one hour out if the whole week where we had some free time so go contacting. It was great. But it is supposed to rain this week. I’m sure Elder Nielsen will have fun because he has always had a car. He’s never been stuck in a bike in the rain before.

Absolute miracle. On Monday, just before we got picked up for shopping, we got a call from our ward mission leaders wife whom is also a ward missionary. She is the best example of a missionary that I’ve ever seen in my life. She talks to all her neighbors about the gospel and everyone she can about it.  She prays about which one of them will accept the gospel and when and what materials to bring them.  She is amazing. Along with her husband. They are so full of the Spirit and have the strongest testimonies. So she calls me and asked if we can come over that night for FHE. She explained that her cousin has hit rock bottom in his life and is staying at their house for now until he gets a place of his own and he is so desperate for correction in his life and is just so humble. He agreed to let us come over for FHE and let us teach the first lesson. We were like “cool” and rearranged some stuff. When we got there we watched a ton of videos that Sister ***** wanted to show to bring the spirit in. We did that for like 15 minutes. During this time the Spirit came over me super, super strong. It was weird. Because the spirit normal gives me little promptings in my mind by just putting a thought in my head and it’s basically like me thinking it to myself. But I can usually tell if it’s a prompting, but hardly. While we were watching the videos I had the thought to do the third lesson, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, instead of the restoration like we planned. I thought to myself that this was better suited for his situation. So I started swiping over mentally when suddenly the sprit just confirmed that this was the right lessons to teach, but it was a very very strong confirmation. My first thought was: “Wow this is crazy.” My second thought was: “I don’t need such a strong confirmation.”  I was going to do it anyways. Something is up. So I let Elder Nielsen know we would be switching topics. After I let him know, I suddenly had a super, super strong impression that we needed to invite him to be baptized. It was super strong. It wasn’t like words or anything but it’s was the strongest, clearest prompting I have ever gotten in my life. I just knew it was right and didn’t really have a question that I needed to do it. I wasn’t even sure if he would say yes, but I knew I was going to do it  Y’all, it was so strong. It was so clear. It was just a feel good Spirit, it was just like I had a thought to myself: “Behold, he needs to be challenged to baptism.”  But without words. I just knew that that’s what I needed to do. The coolest part is that we hadn’t even started the lesson and all this happened. So we started teaching the third lesson and after talking about the Holy Ghost and baptism, he started talking about how his mom and brothers kept saying he needed to get baptized and after reading a scripture showing the importance and necessity of baptism I invited him to baptism. He said that he would do it. But I knew I needed to challenge him to a date. But before I could say anything he said the dreaded words that he didn’t want to pick a date. I suggested that we should and he said he could do it in a year. The spirit was like:  “No, no, no. Make it sooner.” He finally committed to the 6th of May.   So we have him on date now. I think this is amazing but I got so much out of that experience. I just have a super strong testimony now.  But I knew the Holy Ghost.  Had I not, I wouldn’t have known what to do.

Tuesday was so beautiful outside. It was in the height 70’s and I think it may have hit 80 degrees. I should have checked. I took my coat off for the first time and it was amazing. Clear blue skies and a good little breeze.

Elder Nielsen is still awesome. He still has a lot to work on but he is improving. He struggles with a lot of temporal things like self confidence and worry about little things like that. It’s kinda like he is still in greenie mode and those things are still important. He hasn’t quite broken out of those things. But he is doing amazing and his teaching is getting better.

Our cell phones suck and the software likes to trip up a lot. Our shower quit working again, for the third time, and so I texted the Tempo Park Elders saying “Hey, our shower died. Can we come use yours?” We have used theirs before because of ours dying, so it was fine. But one thing our phone likes to do is when you click on who you want to send it to, sometimes it will switch, as it’s sending, to the last person you texted and send it to them instead. So I get a text from President Marston which said “You’re kidding, right?” I felt like an idiot. It wasn’t even my fault but when your mission president gets a text from missionaries two zones away asking to come shower at his place, I still feel like an idiot. Thank you, you stupid phone.

So I hit my 1/3 mark today. 8 months. It’s not far into my mission, I realize that, I still have a lot left. But I was walking to my bike and realized this and stopped and stood by my bike for a few seconds. I have a lot of time, left and I’m new to the mission still, but I have used one third of my mission time up already. I have grown a ton already and done a lot, but I only get to do this two more times. It was a moment that I looked back and realized that I want to be better and commit as much as I can for the rest of my mission because really, I can do better. A lot better. So I want to make sure I have no regrets in my mission. Not at all. I want to serve it with everything. Realizing my 1/3 made me want to recommit because I don’t get another chance at this. Only now. So I want to make it count.

Apparently on Saint Patrick’s Day you are supposed to eat corned beef and cabbage. I love corned beef but when you eat it 4 nights out of 7 in a week, it gets a little tiring. But I loved it any ways. It’s good. I’m glad we have food at night.

Did y’all see that video of those missionaries in Brazil who got a gun pulled on them and the missionaries beat the heck out of him? We had been hearing about it all week and someone’s parents or friend sent the video so I saw it. Luckily, I haven’t had a situation yet where it’s come to a fist fight. There has been one or two where I thought I might have to fight, but I have been able to avoid it pretty well. Don’t worry, is ain’t Brazil. Everyone was saying that that guy is the Elder Leathers of Brazil.

So that’s been my week. It’s been a good week, but I’m looking forward to sports today.



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