Weeks 32 and 33 – Elder Jones

WML, Transfers and Studies – Week 32

Good week. Really busy. We turned two more perfect investigators over to the other missionaries because both of them were within two streets of being in our area. So mad. Oh well, they needed investigators. But we were able to teach an awesome lesson to one if them. It took two hours because he had a lot of questions.

I’ve been focusing on using the scriptures a lot more and knowing them as much as I can. Because we ran into some JW problems (I’ll explain in a sec) I called my trainer because he knows the scriptures so well and he showed me some stuff.  I really wanted to improve my scriptural knowledge for lessons so I kept asking him questions and have a ton of notes that have made for good studies.  I have several documents on my iPad that have tons of scriptures that prove our doctrine and stuff like that. Originally, I wanted to study this stuff so if it came down to having to defend the church I could do it. But after a little bit of study, I found myself studying this stuff for a different reason. I realized that going through and finding scriptural support, especially from the Bible, was really increasing my testimony.  I found myself sitting in bed at night sometimes at bedtime studying all his and my testimony had been getting bigger and bigger. So I keep going. I have a ton of documents that I do this with. I have the J-dub shuffle, the King James reference (magic stuff right there. Look it up and study it. Some cool stuff).  I have a few papers that I got in the MTC from Elder West that through the Adobe Acrobat app we have I was able to turn into a PDF file with app magic and now I have that to study for too. So that’s been my studies this week along with studying from the district videos.

We ate at that Indian buffet again. Except this time we went with a Tongan, Hawaiin and a Fijian. They can really put that stuff down. 

We were once again really busy this week. Which was awesome. Especially for P week. We caught up on a few things we had to do last week and our week was full. Taught an awesome lesson to a catholic guy and he shows a lot of promise. Can’t wait to go over there with the new Elder. It’ll be great. We will see where this goes. If this follows the pattern of the rest of my mission, it’s a dead end. But with faith, maybe it won’t be.

We got a new ward mission leader yesterday. I am going to miss Bro H-Dog as the missionaries call him (Brother Harston) but it makes sense why the released him. Our new ward mission leader was a ward missionary that did so much and deserved to take it up a notch to fulfill his potential. He also has more time than Bro H-Dog. So we will go over very soon and have a good long training meeting with him. He walked into ward council and came out overwhelmed.

So transfers……. My new companion is Elder Nielsen. I don’t know much about him at all. All I do know is that he is at least two transfers younger than me so he came out after I was over with training at least. I may even be greenie breaking him. Who knows. But I don’t think so. I got in contact with someone that has heard some about him and he said that he’s heard a lot of good stuff. I can see his picture. But he looks like he will be awesome. I have a really good feeling about him. So I’m really exited. It also makes me senior companion. Not that I think that really matters. All that matters is experience.

Sorry I don’t have as much as usual this week. But at least I have some.  Luva!

Elder Nielsen, Auctions and Miss Hawaii – Week 33

Hey y’all!

So I didn’t start writing this email until Saturday so it might not be as long as usual.

We had a really good week. We went a saw a lot of people and it was a lot of fun. My studies this week have been amazing. I’m studying all the doctrine that supports our church in the Bible and be able to use it in lessons to help show investigators where in the Bible it says it.  I am picking two topics a day and during personal studies I’m going through all my study guides and everything I have and studying it. I write the best ones down on a sticky note and each sticky note is a different topic. Each of the sticky notes go in the front of my Bible on the black leatheryish part before the first pages. Once I fill the front and back of my Bible I should be pretty well off. Then I’ll do the same to my Book of Mormon except have the topics be a little different because the Book of Mormon is a little different. It’s been an awesome study week though.

One of the people on our ward council is a carpet cleaner. And very Mormon. Hence the CTR (Choose The Right). This is his truck.

So, Elder Nielsen………..  So he’s amazing. He is a ton of fun and really quirky. But very funny. He has Asperger’s (I have no idea how to spell that) but it’s not bad. He has a hard time reading the scriptures and uses simplified versions of he scriptures so he can understand it. He gets distracted easily. But I don’t really mind any of that. It’s not a problem to me. He’s awesome. He is a quieter teacher because teaching doesn’t come naturally to him, but it’s been kinda cool to see him growing already. Since I use a lot of videos in lessons and stuff, he has been taking those and using them because he doesn’t know many videos but he has been soaking in all he can. It’s kinda like having a greenie because I am able to teach him a lot and coach him.

So I do see how being senior companion can matter. Not that it has ever before for me. But he’s a ton of fun, has a strong desire to be out here and loves it and he’s the best. We have so much fun together. I still feel like I’m on exchanges. Because on exchanges you are constantly having fun but you get a lot done and you usually like the person you are with. So I’m loving it. It’s so much easier to wake up since he wakes up with me, he does personal studies, he is doing his best in lessons, even is he doesn’t say much, he is trying and I’m completely fine with that. We have awesome conversations, we have great comp studies, he is just as obedient as I am and he isn’t distracted by the world. So I am really happy right now.

We had just finished our lesson with President Marston and as we got up and all started to leave the room.  President grabbed my elbow and yanked it toward him. My heart jumped into my throat and I though that I had really messed up or something and I didn’t know why. All it was is that he saw my inch wide scab on my elbow and wanted to make sure I didn’t get it from crashing my bike. I told him it was a rug burn. He raised his eyebrows and said “P-day?” Of course it was from P-day! But then Pres. said “We’re going to have to get rid of P-day.” I love him! He’s so funny. He’s always willing to joke around.

We had a ward auction fundraiser/dinner thing and I bid like 25 cents on some things that nobody bid on. I got a few cool things. Like a clay rose and stuff. I guess I’ll send some of it home. I should send y’all a package so I guess this is a good excuse.

We also have a really awesome family that we really like that is in our ward and their daughter is home for the summer from BYU Hawaii. Yeah she is the runner up to Miss Hawaii. Or maybe second runner up. Oh well. no big deal. But we did want to take a picture with her. It was cool to see her because I’ve seen pictures of her in all her Miss Hawaii stuff with the crown (her grandparents brag about her a lot) so it was cool to see her in a normal setting without a dress and without any makeup on at all. So that was fun. The coolest part I think was that she wasn’t the stereotypical dumb blonde Miss Carolina girl that cries at everything. She was just a cool person. There is this local ice cream parlor that everyone loves.  I guess after each season she finishes, she goes there with her family in all her crown and makeup stuff and gorges down ice cream. There an awesome family.  

We had an inactive member at the house that Sam lives at suddenly say he wants to start coming back to church and needed slacks. I was so surprised and did not see it coming. But we helped him and he came to church and he’s going to “beat his brother” if he doesn’t start coming too. Wow. Something must have happened.

So it was a great week this week. Love he new comp and we do a lot of good together.



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