Elder Jones – Week 31

Bounce Houses, Titanic and The Prosthetist

Matching ties! 🙂

Hey y’all!  img_0267

This week has been a blast. We have just been really, really busy and it flew by. So grateful for that. I hope this coming week will be great too.  It’s not looking like it though. The week before transfers is nicknamed P-week in this mission because everyone kinda relaxes because everything is so crazy with people leaving and trying to say goodbye to people. People just kinda slack off. Last P-week we did just as much as usual because neither of us were leaving.  Hey, maybe it will be like the rest of the weeks. But maybe not. Either way I’m sure it will be great. If not, I’ll make it great.

P-day was a blast last week. So much fun. Some of the Elders, including me took some pvc pipe and a pool noodle wrapped in duct tape and used them as swords to fight with and it was awesome because it didn’t hurt at all. Then soccer was a blast. We were playing and I think all the stress had built up inside me for the past transfer and a half all came crashing down and I snapped and I got really aggressive and stole the ball from everyone I could and was throwing my self in the air to head the ball before anyone else could and moves really fast and it surprised people and I was doing really well. I got hit in the face with the ball, knocked over three times and hurt in many other ways. But I was fine because I had adrenaline. Then I was sprinting towards Elder Clarke, who is huge, to steal the ball. So at full speed I struck out to get the ball and he was running fast too and his knee hit my calf and it had to be carried off the court. But I had enough adrenaline in me that I was back in within a minute limping and attacking again. Then it just kinda wore off after a few minutes. We finished soccer and it was a blast. Then I lost the adrenaline and I was limping really bad. It looked so bad. But we did other sports and stuff and I was limping. Then after I got back home after dinner I had absolutely no adrenaline left and I was calm and exhausted so I was literally hopping around and my foot was dragging on the ground. I could not stand on it at all. I had to hold myself up in the shower with my arms and one foot. It was so bad. By the next day, it wasn’t as bad and had worn off after a while. But that night I had no use of my leg at all.

We had interviews this week. On Tuesday. I had been looking forward to it for at least a week because I would probably be able to find out if I was staying with Elder Sarki another transfer or not.  So I should get a good companion next transfer.  I am so grateful for such an awesome mission president.  img_0232

I was on the phone with some other missionaries working out dinner plans and I was in a rush to get out of the door so I wouldn’t be late and at he same time someone else was calling me.  So I had to deal with someone dropping something off and two phone calls and my iPad lit up and I saw a notification from photos from Addy.  I hung up on one call and picked the other one back up while trying to remember an address and chasing Elder Sarki out the door where I had just sent him to pick something up a member was dropping off.

We were about to go over to Mama Crans’ house for dinner who is the best family in the mission. They are who we had Christmas with. We call her the missionary momma. So Tuesday was amazing.  On top of that, the reason we had dinner at Mama Crans house (She isn’t even in our ward but all the missionaries know her) is because the missionaries in her ward that live in our complex had some members buy them food but couldn’t stay. And they bought them food from a Nepalese place and wanted to see if we wanted some. Now I don’t like any of the Indian food that I’ve had as you have heard. But I rearranged some stuff because I wanted Elder Sarki to have it. So the other missionaries took the food over to Mama Crans img_0235house to eat because she loves missionaries.  We met them there and it wasn’t far because we are in the most condensed stake in the mission.  I didn’t expect to like the food but this stuff was amazing. I couldn’t get enough. It was the same type of food that Indian food was but apparently it’s better Nepalese style. But it was great. So good. Best day I’ve had in a long time. I’m still smiling and floating on air as I’m righting this (it’s Tuesday night). I feel like life is all wonderful right now. Which it is. Everything is just right. Just how God wants it to be. I feel like I can finally breathe deeply and correctly after not having been able to in a long time. I feel a large burden of stress has been lifted off my shoulders (with the transfer news).

A dog like Bentley! 🙂

I got a few videos of us at Sam’s place. We love him and his boys and his girlfriend. We were messing around with them and King (One of the boys) tipped me over in the chair and then got up against the chair and Elder Sarki pushed him over and he ended up on me. So I started recording. The worst part was when their Mom had tipped me over she tried tipping me back up but she doesn’t have much of her teeth left, only the roots of her teeth. She leaned over and tried picking me up and laughed and slobbered all over me because she can’t keep it in without teeth. It got all over my face and arms and tie and I am still so grossed out by it. Also, I brought them some cookies in a tin with plastic wrap around the edge to keep it new and King started to tear into it with his teeth. So i recorded that. But that’s when Bear(The other boy) attacked me. Haha. Love them. img_0249

I’ve been working really hard on being a good missionary lately. It’s really hard. Of course it’s always hard. But I haven’t had someone that will tell me where I can improve. So when I start slipping, forgetting to do something, becoming to casual or anything like that that would make it so I’m not as productive and effective as a missionary. So I’ve been having to constantly self check and it’s hard to realize what I need to work on most and motivate myself to work on it and the million other things that I have to improve. So that’s stressful to always be critiquing myself and it kinda brings my self confidence as a missionary down. When I have a companion that helps me to recognize it and work on it himself too, it’s a team effort. So that would be less stressful and more efficient but I’m making it.  I’ve been watching and rewatching the district trying to have really good lessons and be prepared. Although it’s only me preparing. I’m trying though.

Ok, so I will explain a little bit about the picture from the zone meeting email. I will also send you the picture so that you have a real version of it. But we all got a little goofy when taking this picture. My trainer and his companion, Elder Moon whom I know, where making the illuminati sign together. Elder Carter who was in the MTC and in Chico with me was standing behind me in the picture and we decided to try to pull a titanic so he put his hands on my hips and we looked off into the distance. I tried to stick my arms out as it to say “I’m flying Jack!” But I would have hit someone in the head. And I would have been asked to put my hands down cause President Marston loves his pictures. Elder Hendricks was trying to do a smolder and Elder made looks like he tried to be an opera singer. It got a little crazy. But that’s my explanation.  img_0252

We went over to a part member family and they were apparently finishing up a birthday party. And they had a bounce house with a a slide. And they told us to go play with the kids so they could clean stuff up. So we did. I got a video. That’s my explanation for it. 

We went over to a less active lady’s house and she is a prosthetist. She makes prosthetic limbs. Mostly legs. We went to go do hard work and help build something but before we left she let us see her first leg she made. It was an old model, so they would have used in the 50’s. But she let us mess around with it. She only used it to put plants in. Nobody had ever worn it. So we messed around with the fake leg. img_0262 img_0257

Our new incoming Mission President’s wife is Elder Oaks daughter. That’s cool.

Reading you last email, I can’t remember if I told you but the marriage thing isn’t going to work out. She isn’t really all for it. So that won’t happen. It’s been so crazy I lost track of weeks and I’m not sure if I told you.

So this week was awesome. We have a lot of people that have potential and I’m exited to see where they go. I’m excited for transfers too. I have a ton of pictures and videos from this week so you’ll like those.



One thought on “Elder Jones – Week 31”

  1. He does a good job of describing the highs and the lows… and the fake legs (which it sounds like he might need for real with too many more Pdays…) So fun to see their personalities.

    His explanation of the “Week Off” before transfers makes me realize the wisdom of Ryan’s mission president in not telling them until Tuesday and then transfers are on Thursday. He doesn’t want them wasting time with a bunch of good bye stuff. So wise!

    Love you forever. Like you for always.

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