Week 30 – Elder Jones

Sickie, Comics and Alarm Clocks


Hey y’all! 

I loved your Valentine’s Day package/letter. Made me feel at home!

I had to stay home sick for an entire day because I was getting better but it was raining and that would have been a bad combination and I wasn’t sure I would be able to last long anyways. But on my sickest day, we had Zone Conference. It was cool because we had an extra zone and a half which we called the refugees because they were the evacuated people from the Ridley and Yuba City zones after that dam almost broke. So that was cool. It was cool to see everyone. But it was terrible because my whole body ached and my nose ran and I coughed the whole time and I was so sick and it was terrible to be there all day.  On top of that I had to play the piano for our special musical number. It sounded great though. I did a cool arrangement to If You Could Hie to Kolob/Come Thou Fount. We sang a verse of each then we switched tunes and did a verse of each and it sounded so good. Doing the tune of one song and the words of the other. It was awesome. Bedsides that I could hardly stay upright on the piano bench. I went up there shivering and hugging myself. It sucked. But I’m doing a lot better now. I got over it quickly and I’m close to normal now. It’s just like I have a cold now. img_0226 img_0228

Of course y’all do all the fun stuff after I leave. Is this how Bryson felt? Great Wolf Lodge. General Conference. Y’all better wait for Disneyland till I get back. 

I didn’t crash again this week. At least, I didn’t crash where I fell off my bike. The rain is hard to ride in. But I didn’t think about if I got a concussion. I don’t think I did. I think it was more of my mind just kinda shut down from shock or something like that. Or maybe it was a concussion and that’s my way of explaining it. 

About Dad’s spiritual thought, I think that the best way to explain what we believe is that we believe in what the Bible teaches. Of course, we have modern revelation to help us interpret that (which falls under what the Bible teaches) but the more I’ve been out here, the more I realize that this church is closest to following the teachings of the Bible than any other church. There’s no question there. It just is. I see it more and more every single day. So that is what I think about that. Maybe you could see how that applies to your study. 

I found a really cool talk on LDS.org that changed my perspective a bit. https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2016-10-0006-seeing-green-jill-thomas?category=hope-works&lang=eng

I have been on exchanges several times with the Van Muren Ward (the ward that has Elder Haddock in it).  When I went there the first time, Elder Haddock’s alarm went off wayyy to early and I couldn’t find it. Then when he came here, Haddock said that he had left his alarm on for Elder Sarki so he would wake up on time in his bed.  Then when he was here, before he left, he set Sarki’s alarm clock to go off in he morning to wake him up. I laughed at that. So all that happened on past exchanges and I love how funny Elder Haddock is. Setting alarm traps. Well, Haddock came over here again for exchanges and Sarki set an alarm trap for him and I didn’t even know about it. I couldn’t believe Sarki did that because I wouldn’t expect him to. But the best part is that Haddock automatically went to the fridge and started looking for breakfast. Then he checked his watch. Haha. It worked. 

So awesome missionary thing happened. I proposed for someone. Accidentally kinda. We have our investigator that is ready to be baptized but can’t because his girlfriend won’t marry him, and they are a family. They have two 9 year old boys and they are both baptized. They are a family, just not married. He is always more than hinting to get married, he just flat out asks when they are getting married and she just doesn’t respond and we do the same. I got tired of it and I flat out asked them what was stopping them and he just kinda looked at her and she avoided it again, but I persisted and she said it was that the would get less disability money (we knew this but I asked because I needed to see what else it was). I asked if there would be anything else that would stop them and there wasn’t anything. So I asked her that if we could get his job worked out, and if that wasn’t enough we would get with the church, if she would marry him and eventually she said yes. I did all this like a commitment that we challenge investigators to, even though she isn’t interested in the church personally. But my ward mission leader pointed out that I pretty much proposed for him. But I talked with Sam (the investigator) and he said that it was all good and that he was glad. So we should be able to get them married soon and then get Sam baptized. I’m excited. His goal is to be able to make it to the temple at the same time that his boys do. This should be perfect for doing that. 

Thank you Dad for doing my taxes, even if it was a struggle. img_0229

Our investigator homeschooled his boys and for creative writing and stuff like that they are doing a superhero story/comic thing where they make up superheroes and backgrounds and stuff. They were all excited about it and dragged us into it so we are going to be a part of their comic this week. Haha. I love them. 

I am so tired of agency. I am trying to do all I can to get more investigators, get the ones I have to come closer to baptism and help people come closer to Christ in every way possible. But even with all I do, they have the choice not to. I have really just gone and changed everything this week to really focus and work hard and change to be a better missionary, but results don’t come because people choose not to. It’s really frustrating. 

That was my week. Sorry there isn’t much. 



2 thoughts on “Week 30 – Elder Jones”

  1. Haha! I’m tired of agency too!!!

    Have Kevin check Linked In. Scott sent him some job leads if he is interested…

    Missing you !

  2. Glad your dad did your taxes and if you find an herb store, and they have codonopsis, elecompane, and hyssop, make a tea with 1/3 tsp. elecompane, 1 large teaspoon hyssop and 1 tablespoon codonopsis in one quart very hot water. Steep 45 minutes! Strain and drink it down and do the same next day. It will help you kick it! hugs, Aunt Peggy

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