Lying Super heros, Wood Stove Marshmallows, 5%, Great Wolf Lodge and Ok, “Life is Not Like That!”

Tessa and Kevin looked so much alike that I just had to take a picture. :)
Tess and Kevin looked so much alike that I just had to take a picture. 🙂


Dixon:  “It’s ok for super heros to lie because then they catch the bad guys.”  Uhhhh, I think he’s watching too many old Superman/Batman cartoons.

Hadley roasting marshmallows in the wood stove while we were gone.  Thankfully, the little boys were talking about it the next day, so I found out…..  Not that it is a bad idea, just not one we want happening when we are gone.

Bentley consuming tons of marshmallows off of Merritt’s delicate science fair board.  She made marshmallows for her science experiment, so she used store bought marshmallows as a boarder to decorate the board.  Bentley would sneak in and eat them.  Merritt keeps gluing new ones on, only to find more removed.  It’s been quite the humorous adventure.

Royce:  “Mom, Ben was telling me his favorite cookies are Girl Scout cookies and I’ve never had one.”  Me:  “Yes you have Royce, when you were little in Alabama.”  Royce:  “Moooom, I’ve never even seen a Girl Scout!”

Sick kids!  Of course a couple kids got sick this week after being at Great Wolf Lodge.  It’s so sad to have sick kids, but I’m thankful they can recover at home while they do school work.  It’s nice to not have to send them to school and let them sleep and get better.  Not that I’m getting enough sleep as I help them in the middle of the night.  But this too will pass.

So cute to see his cars mixed in with his beads while he does his school work.
So cute to see his cars mixed in with his beads while he does his school work.


Getting to FaceTime our college kids each Sunday evening.  It’s such a fun thing to do each week.  We get to catch up and see their cute faces.  I tend to pet them on the screen and see their sweet smiles.  I love these awesome human beings!  Love our communication during the week through our family and individual texts too.  Modern forms of communication are such a blessing for us.

Bryson making the rounds.  He tends to travel a lot because he plays Ultimate Frisbee for BYU.  Sometimes he stays with long time friends or family of ours in many different towns.  When we FaceTime, Kevin and I get to talk with them too.  So fun!  We are so very thankful for the everyone that has spontaneously taken Bryson and his teammates in.  This stage is truly amazing.  I have to admit, I’m a little jealous of the time he gets with all these amazing people!

Hadley grabbing my hand as we walk into different stores when we run errands together.  Love my girl!

Found this gem on my phone. :)
Found this gem on my phone. 🙂

Kevin traveling!  This works because when he comes home it feels like a party (we also get to watch a lot of girly shows).  😉

Two Saturdays in a row that we had mostly open schedules.  One was sunny and another was rainy.  We LOVED it!  We got so much done, fixed things, built things and played with the kids.  Kevin and I walked our land and dreamed of what we want to do (also tried to figure out how to get it under control, if that’s possible).

We saw a balk eagle as we were driving home one day. So amazing!
We saw a bald eagle as we were driving home one day. So amazing!

Feeling blessed by the wonderful people in our lives.  There is enough icky stuff out there with rude, selfish people.  I’m truly thankful for the rays of sunshine each person is in our lives.  Kevin and I have the 5% theory.  Sometimes the 5% of negative people around us sound like 50%, but really when we take the time to add it up, it’s only 5%.  I have to try really hard to not let that 5% creep in and influence/affect me.   There are so many wonderful people to be thankful for.

Swimsuit shopping with Merritt and Tess.  I did not see that coming.  The two of them squealing as they found cute suits.  Trying them on and complimenting each other or being brutally honest in a funny way.  It was so fun to go in and out of the dressing room as I needed to get other things at the store.   They just took care of it themselves.  Love these wonderful young women in my life.

Getting to hold Kian Potter.  I had to fight my kids off, but I got a couple turns.  He is the sweetest baby and filled me right up.  Love the Potters!img_1208 img_1205 img_1203 img_1197

I had to include this picture because it made us laugh. :)
I had to include this picture because it made us laugh. 🙂

Going to Great Wolf Lodge!  SO MUCH FUN!  Kevin got to go with us this year.  All the kids could swim (Dixon used a life jacket some of the time) and run around on their own.  This made it so I could relax a little more.  Kevin and I got to do the slides ourselves and had so much fun.  There were other Classical Conversation families there, which made for a great time!  It was really special to get time to observe other families with little kids.  It brought back so many memories from all the years we’ve raised our kids.  Our first three kids are gone and this kind of activity is over with them (as little kids).  We had so many great years with them and I cherish the memories and times we had together.  I realized I would love to do it all again with Kevin.  I just would like to have the wisdom we have now.  🙂  I’m also thankful we get to keep going with these younger kids.  They are so fun and keep us on our toes.img_1209 img_1211img_1214

Listening to K103 music from when Kevin and I were young as we drove home from Great Wolf Lodge on Valentines day.  Kevin and I were singing loudly and loving it.  The kids thought we were a bit crazy, but they are used to it.  🙂

Getting a text from my Dad Friday night:  “Any chance you are at the temple tonight?  We are stranded near by.”  Of course, I hadn’t checked my phone right as we came out, for the first time ever, so we were already heading home.  We promptly turned around and found them.  My Dad had hit a huge pot hole and blew two tires.  He ended up waiting for three hours for a tow truck.  Thankfully, I was able to take my Mom home and watch a Hallmark movie with her, while Kevin sat with my Dad in the car.  It was such a great coincidence that we were right over there.  After 45 years of my parents helping me/us, it was wonderful to finally help them a little. We told them they didn’t need to ruin their car just to spend time with us.  Also, the windows were mysteriously fogged up when we approached the car…. 😉

During Family Council discussing the topic of maybe getting chickens in the future.  Hadley jumped up as if she was gathering eggs with a basket and skipping around.  Tessa immediately declared “Ok, life is not like that!”  It was so funny to have Tessa be the realistic one.  She started talking about the poop, mud and work that would go into it.  So funny to see the look on Hadley’s face.

Royce getting a early birthday cake from the Dansie’s.  He was so happy!  He also got an awesome airplane calendar from my parents (this wasn’t a birthday present, but he felt like it was).  I keep catching him in his room reading about the airplanes.  So cute.img_1222 img_1224

We sent this picture to my parents in Hawaii. 🙂

Starting a little work with my sister merchandising cards in gift shops.



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