Week 29 – Elder Jones

Peacocks, Crashes and #thegreatcrash2017

Hey y’all!

So I am really sick right now. It hurts a lot. Hopefully this comes through well enough.  😉

I finally went to In-N-Out for the fist time in my life. I’ve been in Cali for six months and I hadn’t gone yet. So that was one of my Cali bucket list items crossed off.

Elder Sarki was saved by angels again. There is this one place that we go downhill through a parking lot and come out on to the other sidewalk and on the sidewalk right where we get on there is a tall curb on one side that cuts in and about halfway through the sidewalk there is a lamppost. We can fit in it fine but we have to hit it just right and turn a little bit then turn again to stay on the curb. It’s hard to make it while coming so fast off of the hill but it’s a game we play to try to make it without using brakes. We were coming through it especially fast this one time and I chickened out (thankfully) and used the brakes a little but Elder Sarki was in front of me and he didn’t use his brakes at all and his tires hit the curb. At the speed we were going he should have crashed really hard but somehow his bike stayed upright and he kept going. Elder Sarki has major guardian angels.

The other missionaries have started to call me Dr. Jones (with a German accent) referring to Indiana Jones. I just need a hat and a whip now.

When you get a Hindi pamphlet for some potential investigators and you comp is in the law of chastity pamphlet.......
When you get a Hindi pamphlet for some potential investigators and you comp is in the law of chastity pamphlet…….

So our main investigator, who is black was telling us about when a (white) relative asked him if he wanted to go camping with them. He told us that his response was “No.  I won’t go because I’ve seen the horror movies. If something were to happen you know who the first one to go is? The black guy. So, no thank you.” It was so funny to hear him say this about himself.

We were cutting through a parking lot and some guy outside of a tattoo parlor stopped us and started talking to us. We could see that his arms and legs were covered in tattoos and it was poking over his collar onto his neck. We started talking with him and he started saying that Jesus just did stuff for the people. I agreed with him and started to say something more about Jesus and he cut me off by explaining more what he meant. He didn’t think that Jesus did the same things for the people that we know he did. I won’t put on here what he did say because it’s bad and ridiculous and I was not expecting it.  Needless to say, this guys opinion of Jesus seems very different and contradictory. Then he started talking about his tattoos and how he is getting his whole body tattooed and is almost done. That’s when, right by the busy street, he took his shirt off and showed us his full body tattoo………of naked ladies. All over his bodies were naked girls and the tattoos were very detailed and not hiding anything. We were already trying to get out of there but that’s when we basically just left. It was a crazy mission experience.

So we had a very……eventful day on Saturday. Three things happened.  1. We were riding along a busy road when Elder Sarki slammed on his brakes and he pointed out a peacock feather. We put it in my backpack because it was cool.  I started looking out to see if I could find one also.  I did! How cool. Then we started seeing more and more.  We finally found the entire peacock…….dead. On the sidewalk. We wanted to take it home and I was going to keep its head but then we decided not to because we didn’t want everyone on the busy road to see two Mormon missionaries riding their bikes with a dead peacock. Bad idea. But we took some feathers home and got some of the blood off of it and took the flesh out of the feathers. So cool.  img_0217 img_0218 img_0220

2. We were taking a different bike to a less actives house to get it fixed and give us a reason to be there but the bike was rideable.  The bike has amazing brakes for some reason. I was following Elder Sarki and we looked off to the side and saw a guy with a turban which means we will go talk to him because Elder Sarki probably can. The thing is that he started braking before I did so when I turned my head back forward and Sarki was a lot closer. So I tried stopping quickly. But the brakes work well. So, I literally flew completely over my handlebars and almost broke my wrists and busted my back pack (I had to sow all the straps back on) and if I hadn’t been wearing a helmet I would probably have brain damage right now.  This was a really bad crash. I opened my eyes and couldn’t tell where I was for a second.  Something had jabbed into my back and I wasn’t sure if the back of my shirt was covered in blood or not. It wasn’t thankfully. Several cars stopped to see if I needed an ambulance. Just scraped up and hurting. No blood though. Just a white shirt that is black now. But it was such a bad crash that I somehow also broke the seat. 🤷🏼‍♂️. No idea how that happened. Yeah, I blacked out somehow for about ten seconds before I saw where I was.

3. The great area book crash of 2017. I have no idea what happened, but the app that we base all of our missionary work off of, the electronic version of area book which has all our people in it, all their info, our calendar, planner, goals, stats, key indicators, everything, crashed. Not just here, but the entire world. The app crashed worldwide. It was a riot. At first you would think that it would just be that we couldn’t do anything but tract, but that wasn’t the problem. We were fine because it crashed for all apple users except a few, Elder Sarki being one of them. So he had his working. Any missionaries from now on don’t get iPads. They get Samsung tablets. But since it’s still at the very beginning, there are only a few on the mission. Not many all over the world compared to iPads. By the time I go home, most of the mission and world will have Samsung tablets. But it only crashed for iPads. So anyone with a greenie had area book. So that was bad. But the reason why it was so bad is that people started to go the App Store and rate it and say that it sucked because it crashed so bad. Then people started realizing that it wasn’t just them, it was the whole world. So they started getting funny with it. They started joking about how area book crashes really bad and then they started getting clever and funny and doing things like quoting scripture or talks or popular social media stuff but doing it with area book. Then it turned into twitter. Literally the review section of area book turned into a worldwide twitter for missionaries. People were throwing their companions emails on there and telling all the missionaries around the whole world to email them because they are single and going home soon. Then the sisters from temple square and salt lake missions started ripping on people for what had happened and it turned into a battle between them and the people who wanted to keep it going. It was full on battle with some people quoting preach my gospel to get them to stop, but then the other people would retaliate with the white handbook to dodge their blows. It was missionary twitter. People were even using hashtags. They would hashtag their mission’s initials and my MTC companion did a hashtag #thegreatcrashof2017 when he did a review and then everyone used that hashtag in most of their comments. It went on all day. It was so bad. There were literally hundreds  of comments. At least 300. After they fixed the problem they deleted all the reviews. There is not a single review left. Some of the people were really funny. Some people were just being idiots. But it was really bad.

So Saturday was very eventful. Oh, and I also got sick that day. Can’t forget that. I’m still sick now. It’s bad. My throats is terrible. I have chills. Aches. Runny nose. Headaches. Horrible coughing. Just about everything you could get with a cold. It’s bad. I just really hurt in every way you possibly could.  Some of the other missionaries have it and he has had it for three weeks. This is not good.

So some of the zones were evacuated yesterday because of flooding and potential flooding. The dam in Oroville is probably not going to be able to control everything coming in from the mountains so they evacuated two or three cities. Two of the biggest zones were evacuated and are staying in the zones near them. You got the email and so you know about it. But this is for everyone else. But we are far enough away that we are fine. It rained a lot this week. Hard rain. I am staying dry because I have all the rain gear I need now.img_0215 img_0214

We have been trying to increase our teaching pool because we need more people to teach and because that’s what they want with cutting back on key indicators so we did that a lot this week.  Not much came of it. So a lot of finding this week, not much teaching. We set a few things up for next week though.

That’s pretty much it. I hurt all over from being sick so I’ll be done now.



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