Week 28- Elder Jones

Pinewood Derby, Lost Tag and Bird Poop

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Hey y’all!  Good week. I think the work is picking up a little bit.

Loved the blog. I swear we can’t keep a vacuum for more than three months. Is this a Jones curse or is it universal?

So our Elders Quorum President loves all the motivational speaking and stuff like that, in fact his lesson yesterday was basically him talking about that and tying the gospel in at the end.  I showed him your stuff and he liked it. He taught this principle, I’m sure you know the guy that teaches this, but another motivation speaker teaches about how in every situation, especially bad one, you should ask: “How can this be great? I know it’s not, but how could it?”  And it changes how we think about situations. If you don’t know about it, look it up.

When you get an e-mail from a friend and they say “You’ve beed out for about a year now right?” That’s so crazy.  😑😩

I’ve gotten really good at answering the phone while I’m still asleep.  That’s not good. When another set of missionaries call to give a blessing in the middle of the night or because some lady needs us but shouldn’t be calling us.  I wake up halfway through a phone call with someone saying that we will be over in a few minutes or that we can’t come over or something.  

I was riding along and started to slow down to press the crosswalk button to make the light turn faster and suddenly green bird poop lands on my arm. Not even kidding. Whatever bird it was flew away but it pooped on the sleeve of my jacket. Luckily, I was by some bark chips and I washed it off.  We finished what we were doing, then went home and washed my jacket. It was crazy and stupid.

I finally got to reading that book y’all sent me, Putting on the Armor of God. It’s really good. Really good. I’m not too far yet because I just read it at night.  I go to sleep early and take a few minutes here and there. But it’s really good.

P-day last week was really crazy. We got kicked out of the stake center because some guy had to do work on the accordion doors and wouldn’t let us be in there so we went to another church and the whole day was just all over the place. It was still good though.

On Saturday we helped with the Pinewood Derby.  We were asked with another companionship to be judges. So we got to decide which ones looked the coolest and stuff. It was really fun. After the actual Pinewood Derby had a no rules after part. Nobody did anything fun for it. They were all just normal cars. No ropes or anything like that to take advantage of the no rules. Maybe people put extra weight on it but they were all normal except one of them.  But then some guy had a car that he had 3-D printed a contraption on it to make it basically a CO2 powered rocket with wheels. As soon as the peg drops, it triggers something that makes these springs pull nails into two CO2 cartridges and it flies down the track. It was insane. So cool.img_0192

That awkward moment when you’re at a corner, just starting to speed up and a girl in a Chewbacca mask that makes noise drives by with the window down gurgling at you.

I have decided I don’t like Indian food. We had curry and Indian food last night because members made it for Elder Sarki. He was in heaven. I was not. I don’t like curry. I can eat it because I have to. But it was the worst way to break my fast.

Lost my tag a few days ago. My MagTag. So sad because it had part of my clip on it. So that sucks. You can only get those at the MTC. I can get another tag, just no clip.

We had a less active family randomly show up to church and they bore their testimonies. He has never done it before so it was huge for him. So powerful. So we showed up there last night and we have dinner with them on Thursday. Little miracle. Another less active randomly showed who also bore her testimony and we have dinner with her and he Bishop’s family tonight. So that’s good. She wants to go on a mission. We will be working with her and the Bishop and try to get her on a mission.

I have gotten a lot of answers to prayers this week. I won’t go into detail but if there’s one thing that I’ve been learning in the past month, maybe even my whole mission, it’s how to get answers to prayers. I wasn’t the best at it before, partly because I didn’t ask very much, but out here I ask a lot. It’s so cool how many different ways he answers prayers. And the more that I get answers, the more easily I can receive answers. It’s so cool. A lot of the time it has come through feelings triggered by something I see or something like that. But one I got this week was just a flat out answer. I was reading the book y’all gave me and I read something and then turned the page and started to read again then something told me to go back. I hadn’t really payed attention to the last sentence I read so I went back and read it. It had just told a story and then summed the principle up in one sentence: “Never doubt the decisions you make after praying and receiving inspiration.”  The spirit, right then, said to me “Hey look, here is your answer.” So that was awesome. I’m getting way better at it.

So that’s my week. Not as long as usual but still a good week.



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