Elder Jones – Week 27

Indian Food, SunSplash and Alcohol

Hey y’all!  Another good week. Dryer week thank goodness.

img_0157 img_0166

We got to go to SunSplash last p-day. That was so much fun. It is a water park and fun place.  We got to go as a zone for free. We got to do the other stuff besides the water park because that’s closed. But they have a big arcade there.  We got cards that let us do an hour on it. Then we did mini golf. It was a ton of fun because the courses were crazy. We had the entire zone stretched across the entire course at the same time. Lots of fun. Then we did laser tag. It was a huge laser tag course.  16 people at once. It was a blast. Then they gave us a huge deal on food. One of the ladies that manages there is Mormon, so she let us use her discount. We each got a drink and two huge slices of pizza, enough to fill us up, for $2.50. Just a few bucks each for plenty. Then they let us have another hour of game time. So it was a blast. It was cool to do that with all of the whole zone. Like going out with friends. So much fun.

Got an awesome package from the Scouts of the Washougal River Ward.  Had a great note on it with all their names. Loved being reminded of all the guys back home. The chocolates were amazing. Elder Clarke kept stealing them. Haha. But they tasted so good.

So something big happened this week. Something huge. Worldwide for all missionaries. You got the email about it from President Marston, but I’ll talk about it because not many people know about it and because it was an answer to my prayers. So over the past few weeks I have been so unsure of what to do. I have been explaining to you about how hard it is with Elder ***** and when the transfer came it really hit me that I’m going to be with him for another transfer.  I started thinking about how much of a toll it has taken on me and how much worse it will get. We get along. Pretty much. Basically by not being companions and by having me be a missionary and him being a guy that lives with me and follows me around. I didn’t know what to do because he is absolutely killings my drive to be a missionary and making it hard to be a missionary and I need him for so many things but he isn’t there for me.  So on Monday night I went into my closet and prayed. I prayed for a long time and I prayed hard. I wanted to pray and ask for something to fix he situation, but I didn’t know what there was that could possibly improve the situation. I couldn’t think of anything. I just prayed that something would happen that would at least get me through another transfer basically. Two days later the miracle happened. More than just a miracle, but something huge for all missionaries. At the worldwide missionary broadcast, they changed the daily schedule for missionary work. It has been a certain set way for years and years. But they changed it. Now, instead of having what you are supposed to do (work out, lunch, personal study, dinner, get ready, etc) laid out at certain times, you have three time slots in which you have to do a certain amount of things in, but you can do all these things in whatever order you want. Like in the morning, you work out, plan, do personal study, get ready for the day and pray, all between 6:30 and 10:00 am. From then till 9:00 pm, you have lunch, dinner, do comp study and proselyte. At 9:00 you write in your journal, get ready for bed and go to sleep between 9:30 and 10:30. So it’s a much more flexible schedule with more sleep and better time to do what you need. I’ll send you a picture of it so you are less confused. But either way it was he miracle I needed.  Now, everything in the morning besides planning(which I already do by myself) I don’t need him for. Which means he has no excuse for getting out of companionship study. I think companionship study every day is the key to making this work between us. We don’t really talk about things because we don’t study together. If I try to bring something up he makes the conversation as short as possible. But now we will have time to talk, which means we will be able to do what we need and fix what we need as a companionship. We have never had a companionship study before but now we can have one. So it was a huge miracle.  So the other part of this is that it is more than just an answer to a prayer. When they pulled the new schedule up onto the screen, there was a gasp across the whole world. This is a huge change. Massive. It’s been a certain way for years and years. But they changed it. We can go to bed an hour early if we want, no nightly planning, comp study whenever we want, and a ton of other small changes (the one that I didn’t like is lunch time is cut in half). So that was big. But then they said that there would also be a change to our P-day schedule. They pulled it up and the whole world went silent. They gave us two more hours of P-day! Nobody saw that coming. It’s wonderful. I’m so happy. Also, they got rid of 5/9 of our key indicators. Key indicators are basically all the numbers for the things that we did (lessons taught, people baptized, people that came to church, etc) that we report each week. They took a ton of them out. So that was insane also. So that was the huge change in missionary life this week.  img_0169 img_0168

We have a member in our ward that’s from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 and since bothNepal 🇳🇵 and Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 are basically India 🇮🇳 when it comesto food, he took us out to an Indian buffet and Elder Sarki was in heaven.He was eating all these weird foods like rice pudding and crazycauliflower curry and all this crazy stuff. I tried the stuff that looked edible. I even went for the goat meat curry. Yup, I ate a goat.  It was so weird. When you leave they give you this stuff that looked like doughnut sprinkles and you eat it to clean up your bad breath and help with digestion. The member told me it was spices. It was but it had a candy layer on the outside. I guess he assumed I knew that because it was normal for him and Elder Sarki. I assumed it would taste like seeds with weird colors. I tossed it in my mouth and almost spit it out/threw up in the parking lot all over the cars. The best way to describe it was rainbow bunny poop. The crash taste, which was very strong, caught me way off guard. It was legit spices with basically a layer of sprinkles around it. It was the weirdest thing I’ve tasted in my life. So that was all a fun experience.

I had another fun food experience this week. On Monday night a few companionships ended up at the old Zone Leaders apartment to say goodbye to them.  Their investigator that loves them wanted to give them something. She is Russian so she stopped by and dropped off some Russian things and that included to gigantic bags of candy. Russian candy. One of the Elders was going home the next morning so he didn’t have room for it and so I got one of the bags of the Russian candy.  The next day we had Elder Haddock with us because his companion got transferred.  We were trying out all the candy. They tasted like quality candy but weirder because they were Russian. We were using Google translate to try to translate the wrappers.  On the app, you can pull up the camera and it will translate all the words to whatever language. So we were doing that to see what kind of candy each was and this one candy had a shiny red wrapper and the camera couldn’t read it. It said cherry in English and I realized it was one of those cherry cordial candies. I love those things so much and so I ate one and sure enough it was. But it had a weird taste to it, probably because it was a Russian version of it. But I described it as tasting slightly like soap. But it was still good. So I had a few other candies and wanted to try the cherry one again to decide if I liked it. So I ate another one but the weird Russian flavor was a lot stronger this time. A lot stronger. The other one just happened to not be as strong. But I said out loud that this one tasted like bleach. Then it dawned on me. I sprinted to the kitchen sink and spit it out as much as I could. Elder Haddock and I inspected the wrapper even more closely and confirmed what we thought it was. The wrapper in tiny print said “Cherry in alcohol”!  Yep, I broke the word of wisdom. Haha.  Well, not on purpose. But it was bad. Had to call up the Zone Leaders and tell them to not have the cherry candies.  img_0155

There’s s decent chance I could be training next transfer. A few things have to fall into place, but it’s likely that I could be training someone that I know. We will have to see over the next transfer.

One of our investigators has some dogs and one of them likes me and when I was sitting on the couch it curled up next to me. I was messing around with the boys and we started fake fighting. The dog started growling at him and was protecting me.  It did that the rest if the night. Haha. I have a guardian dog. And it’s not even mine.

It’s supposed to start raining again this week. I’m not that mad though because I got my rain coat back from my trainer. So now all that will get wet is my ankles but there’s not much I can do about that. I have to tie up my ankles so my pants don’t get ruined by the bike. But bedsides that, all that will get wet is my hands and head, which I don’t mind at all.

So it was generally a good week.   Hope y’all had a great week!  Luva!


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