Dumb, Stupid, Shut Up, KJ’s Turn 45, Mean Girls, Shower Done, Treasured Friends and Boy Laundry!!!

We both turned 45 and love it! 🙂


RJ:  “Mom, you said the D word!  Can I say it too?” (dumb)  🙂  Mom: “Yes.”  Dixon:  “Can I say it too, but I’m going to save it for later.”  The kids have been on a kick about asking if they can say stupid, dumb, shut up etc. as long as they say it nicely.  I can’t believe they actually think these words are swear words.  We keep trying to explain the difference between real swear words and words that just sound sassy.  It’s so funny!  Royce was so excited to say “What’s up, chicken butt?”  Ha!

Tess was reading the blog when she came upon her very own quote.  She promptly turned around and said “Wait, I don’t get it.”  Haaaa, she didn’t get her own quote….  We laughed really hard.

Flooding in the garage when Kevin was out of town.  We were having a huge snow and ice storm.  The last round of snow still wasn’t melted.  So the driveway built up so high that the water couldn’t drain out the center and it just poured into the garage.  Thankfully, we noticed.  The girls and I worked and worked at trying to make it drain and get everything off the ground.  We left the mattresses where they were because they were already wet, so we let them just keep soaking up the water.  Our blockades worked a bit.  Public school was canceled the next day, but our home school group was still meeting on Wednesday.  So I dropped all the kids off and worked on the driveway for hours.  Our electricity went out during the night and set all the fire alarms off over and over.  I finally just ripped them out of the ceiling so we could sleep.  I spent hours getting those all back up without noise.  It was pretty humorous by the end of it all.  The girls and I have always wanted a “Little House on the Prairie” life.  It think we’re getting it.  😉

Erin Johansen’s Suburban sliding back down our driveway in the ice.  It’s a VERY long story, but I went to help her and slid backwards myself.  It was super scary for each of us as we looked like we were going to roll over the edge down our hill.  The kids were screaming, we might have been letting a few swear words out and then laughing so hard we couldn’t walk.  We did get her car out after chains flying off and many other things.  The best part was chuckling about it for days.  Erin is seriously fabulous!!!

Tess and I driving all the way to the church early in the morning for seminary, THEN checking if school was canceled or delayed.  This happened twice.  I was just so sleepy I couldn’t think until I arrived and there were no cars in the parking lot.

Tess:  “Mom, you’re going to be 45 tomorrow!  That’s old sounding, but it’s not like you’re 45, because you don’t act like you are 45.  You’re not boring, I guess I mean you’re not mature, wait, I mean it in a good way.  You’re awesome and fun and not boring!”  😉

Tess:  “Wrestling outfits are like wearing leggings all over your body.”  🙂

Having some crazy moments and feeling like ME again.  It’s been a long two years and I’m just starting to feel normal.  I’m not sure it’s a good thing that I’m crazy again.  I have been laughing way too much during times that would be better that I didn’t.

Forgetting or never even thinking about going to Hadley’s last Primary talk!  I knew she had it, but really, it didn’t even cross my mind.  A week later Hadley was talking about some other parents that went to watch their kid give their Primary talk.  BIG MOM FAIL!   Ugggghhh!  Thankfully, she told me and I could apologize.

Dixon seeing someone kiss and saying:  “You’re married now!”  They were not married!

Punishing Hadley because she was sassy to her sisters while I was gone.  The next time I left, she had to go to her room for the evening.  SHE DID NOT LIKE THIS!  When I came home, she had erased Royce’s loving messages on our mirrors (made with soap). She rewrote Kevin a love message but left mine blank.  I got a good laugh out of this and mentioned it to her the next day.  She gave me that Hadley look and smiled.  She’s a lot like me, so I get it.   A couple days later she put a smiley face on my mirror and a small message on the bottom saying “#Notmadanymore”.  Ha!  She is awesome!  At least we are communicating, right?  She also explained that she will never talk like that again because it was so horrible in her room all night.  Mission accomplished by “Mean Mom”.

Royce explaining what he thought the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” was.  He had done it when he was around five years old.  He thought the ice cold water being dumped on each person washed off the ALS bugs.  Uhhhh,no.

Watching other teenagers be unkind.  It really pushes my buttons.  My kids handle it well enough, but I want to go give these kids a piece of my mind.  It reminds me of the “Mean Girls” movie being played out right before my eyes.   I am thankful for these hard experiences for my kids so they can learn to deal with them, but seriously – be nice people!  Thankfully, the kids have other great friends to be with that don’t act like that.


Getting a new vacuum!  We had been tube vacuuming the house for a long time.  It’s amazing how clean it all feels!img_1081

Snow day forts and sleepovers.  🙂img_1082 img_1085

2nd Christmas Break because of all the snow days.  Kevin was traveling, so we watched lots of movies together all snuggled up on the couch.  Minus the no-electricity parts.  🙂

Merritt reading to the boys.  Warms my heart!img_1126

Corbin celebrating his SIX MONTH MARK on his mission!!!  It has gone by so quickly, yet so slowly.  I miss him a ton and would love to see him, but I love the service he is giving and what he is learning.image5

Finding boy things in the laundry.  It makes me smile to make a pile of nerf darts, wood chips, pocket knives and tree chunks on the counter.  Love my boys!

Kevin and I both turning 45.  We’re 15 days apart.  We don’t feel that old, but we had great birthdays and are super happy.  The kids were amazing.  Kevin was out of town for my birthday (but made sure the kids did things for me) the kids really pampered me along with my parents.  I got a yummy chocolate cake from Melanie Kessinger.  So incredible!  We did a Disney themed dinner for Kevin.  “Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest….”  There was candlelight and dancing with each of us to our favorite Disney song.  It was so fun!img_1102 img_1104img_0176img_0177img_0178img_0181

Royce earning his Wolf Badge in Cub Scouts.  He was so excited all day to go to the Pack Meeting.  So cute!img_1113

Kevin finishing the shower!!!!  It’s been a week and half of Heaven!  It is really the best way to start your day.  It feels like a warm Hawaiian waterfall.

8:00 am church!  We had 3:00-6:00 pm last year.  We thought it was going to be horrible to have the new time, but we have adjusted and love it now.  It’s amazing to have all day to do things together and have an awesome Sabbath Day.

Youth temple trip!  Kevin and I got to go with the youth.  It was great to have some of them in our car and get to know them.  I love the Spirit at the temple and the youth make it even better!

Lunch with treasured friends!  I had the best week meeting up with long time friends.  Katie Durrant and I kept trying to leave our luncheon, but talked for 4 1/2 hours.  It was so perfectly amazing (I accidentally left my phone at home, so the kids were freaking out)! img_1132 Tracy Swartley warms my heart forever.  I just didn’t want to let it end. 16402822_10154353636252218_8405365641942928400_o Then Kevin and I took the kids to the King’s house in Salem.  We barely escaped the the ice to get there, but it was worth it.  All the kids were amazing and it was so fun.  We had incredible food, thank you Michelle, and we were all filled up.

I’ve thought a lot about friends lately.  New and old.  It’s a truly amazing feeling to share some time with someone and leave better for it.  My cherished friends new and old do that.  What a blessing in this life to have that.  It feels so safe, even though they know my weaknesses, they still think the best of me.  True sisterhood.  Thank you to all the wonderful people that have filled my life for good.  I feel so happy and thankful for these experiences when our hearts touch, friend to friend. I just wish I could be with everyone at one time.

This was two very embarrassed kids after something came out of their mouths wrong. So funny!
This was two very embarrassed kids after something came out of their mouths wrong. So funny!

img_1137 img_1144 img_1180

Kevin building a wood stand.img_1184

Doing “Preach My Gospel” with our teenagers.  On Sunday nights we have a more adult level study.  Usually, we go through four pages of Preach My Gospel and discuss something we learned on each page.   Presently we are going through For the Strength of Youth Pamphlet.   It has brought up the best discussions with the girls.  When the older kids are home, we have them join in too.  We tend to laugh a lot during these lively talks. 🙂  https://www.lds.org/youth/for-the-strength-of-youth?lang=eng


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