Elder Jones – Week 25


Hey y’all!

Loved the blog and hearing about your week.  Ahh man, I miss all that so much. I’ll be back one day and get to have fun with y’all someday like that again.  The shower looks so good by the way. Jealous.

This is what happens in tech mission. I was reading preach my gospel and wanted to see something in more detail. So I tried zooming in.  That’s when I remembered that I was reading the hard copy and not using my iPad. 😥

So if it’s raining hard, then we don’t usually go out and contact people because nobody answers and the wind is bad and blows you over and it’s bad to fall into the middle of a busy road. So, on really rainy days, we usually only go to set appointments if it’s bad. On Tuesday, it was one of those days. We had a few appointments set and on the way home from one of them to have lunch.  We were riding in the bike lane and there was a curb on one side and a super busy road on the other.  It was raining really bad and there was not much room at all in the bike lane. My backpack was pretty wet on the outside.  My two coats I had on were soaked (pants were dry thanks to the new liners) but since it was all wet I was really heavy. So while I was on a busy road I saw these palm leaves that had fallen in the bike lane. When palm leaves fall, not only leaves fall but the whole branch.  It’s awkward to ride over. So you either bunny hop it or ride around it. I couldn’t ride around it because there wasn’t enough room so I tried to bunny hop it. But I was so waterlogged that I basically ran right over it. This made it so I was swaying back and forth trying to get my balance in my bike back. That’s when a giant motor home decided to come flying by and almost take me out. I came so close to getting hit by it. Later that night we had another appointment. It wasn’t too long of a bike ride. Less than ten minutes. We got our gear on and as I was locking the door it suddenly started to pour. It was raining like Alabama. We went out and it got worse and worse and the entire roads were flooded and the wind decided to pick up at that moment too. Not only was the wind starting to blow us off of our bikes but it was pushing the rain onto us so the rain was hitting us sideways and pushing us off. It was so bad that we were 2/3 of the way there and we had to turn back and go home because we wanted to live. It felt kinda like D&C 122:7 “If fierce winds become thine enemy; if the heavens gather blackness, and all the elements combine to hedge up the way;  and above all, if the very jaws of Hell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good.”😞 

Future Mission President (I’m sure he’s a fabulous man)

We found out who our next mission president is.  Jack D. Ward. Everyone is freaking out because in his picture he isn’t smiling and President Marston is always smiling so everyone is scared.  

Current Mission President Martson
Current Mission President Martson

Got a text on like Friday asking if we could each give talks on Sunday. Just short 5 minute ones introducing ourselves formally and talking about why we decided to come on a mission. We had a lot of investigators and New less actives there that we didn’t know were coming till that morning so I was kind of feeling like I didn’t know how to say any of it right. But when I got up there I just stopped thinking and words just came flowing out of my mouth and I just said a ton of stuff that I hadn’t even though about 2 seconds before. Talk about the power of the Holy Ghost helping me, boy did I need it!

Also, on Thursday was got a text from brother ****. His daughter was being baptized that Saturday (She is **** ****. She is the one that randomly wanted the selfies and took pictures with the emoji pillows). He couldn’t find baptismal clothing that fit him. They almost did but it didn’t end up working. So **** requested that I baptize her. I was really sad that her Dad couldn’t do it but I was grateful for the opportunity at the same time. It was so cool to be able to use the priesthood like that. I’m so proud of her for deciding to be baptized and doing what she did. We both were able to be part of the circle for confirming her right after. I was so blessed to be able to do that.   img_0109 img_0110-1 img_0112

So that’s pretty much my week. Elder Sarki and I couldn’t sleep last night and so we stayed up till 1:30 or so just talking. It was good. Comp unity right? Got to know each other better. But that makes me exhausted.



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