Zombies and Taxes, Tin Wool, Frozen Pond, Kid Art Projects and Tiling the Shower!

So beautiful! Love the snow, the trees and the clouds on our land.
So beautiful! Love the snow, the trees and the clouds on our land. Sometimes the sun shines only in the valley, which is why that area is lighting up the fog.
Love red cheeks after playing in the snow! I've never done so much laundry!
Love red cheeks after playing in the snow! I’ve never done so much laundry!

img_0999 img_1001


Tess:  “I don’t believe in zombies, minus ‘once a month’.”  Royce:  “Wait, are you guys talking about taxes?”

Dixon getting sick.  But then again…. He fell asleep on me.  🙂  img_1047

Dixon making a bunny puppet.  “I failed many, many times, so I used A LOT of lunch bags.”  img_1070

Kevin spending all his spare time tiling our enormous shower. We bought cheap tile left-overs from all over the metro area.  He is doing such a great job learning how to tile.  img_1004We haven’t been able to use our shower for over a year!  Sharing with five kids isn’t the best….   I’ll post finished pictures when he’s done!

Tess:  “Where’s the’Tin Wool?”  Ha!  Instead of Steel Wool.  Make sense right?

Dixon trying to eat A LOT!  He trying to grow a 1/2 inch before we go to Great Wolf Lodge.  He wants to be able to go on Howling Tornado when he gets there.  He makes someone measure him every day.

Tessa accidentally eating the bun on a hamburger.  We were at a restaurant and she just went to town on the burger.  She is gluten free, so this is not good!  She hasn’t eaten that much gluten in years.  The look on her face when she realized what she was doing was the best! img_1032 img_1033


Royce’s U of O duck Christmas present for Addy and David.  He put so much time into it as he found things around the house to make it.  img_0069

Cleaning up Christmas on December 26th.  It’s sad to see it over, but feels so good to have it all cleaned up and to move on.

A friend making me try carrots and peanut butter.  I thought I might throw up, but I tried it and it was so good.  Now I’m eating them all the time.  img_1041

Moving a comfy chair by our wood stove.  VERY relaxing, HUGE motivation killer.

Dixon:  “We’re having homemade lasagna!!!  Awesome, I call left-overs for breakfast and lunch.”

The Washougal River was absolutely beautiful!

Our pond freezing over!  It has been so cold and the wind just keeps blowing!  The kids actually got to play hockey on it. So thankful for all-wheel drive.  img_0074-1

School starting again.  Not for the regular reasons because we homeschool them, so they are still here.  But it feels so good to have them go to bed early and get back on a schedule with structure.  I love working with them too.  Of course we had another storm come through and school was canceled, so we decided to play this last week.  It felt like we went right back to Christmas Break.

Dixon:  “Mommy, can I have this Christmas picture for my room?”  He wanted to have the Johansen (Greg’s) picture on his nightstand.  So cute!

Beautiful park day, but super cold!  img_0993 img_0994

Getting to clean the church on Saturday morning.  It was so cold outside that I couldn’t clean the outside windows, the cleaner just froze. I loved thinking about all the LDS church buildings around the world getting cleaned by members on Saturday morning.  Afterwards, the wonderful Stutt family took us to donuts and hot chocolate.  It was such a fun morning.  Thank you Stutts!

Getting to go to a movie and dinner with my parents.  Kevin was out of town and we had been cooped up in the house from snow.  It felt so good to get out of the house.  We love getting our time with Nana and Boppa!img_1025 img_1028

Getting hooked on “The Crown” on Netflix.  The girls and I love to snuggle up and learn our history.

Many snow days equals lots of projects and huge messes….

A mouse and an octopus. :)
An octopus. 🙂
A rabbit/mouse???  Can you tell the kids were using scratch paper?




2 thoughts on “Zombies and Taxes, Tin Wool, Frozen Pond, Kid Art Projects and Tiling the Shower!”

  1. Tessa’s face in the burger photo!!! SOooo cute! I swear I remember that face from when she was like 5!!! And the shower tile is looking AWESOME!!

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