Elder Jones – Week 23

Corbin is giving haircuts now! 🙂


“Dreaming in Missionary”, Gate Runs and Dynamite

Hey y’all! This week was pretty cool. Still kind of slow with people traveling but we have been working harder and things were a little different this week. I’ll talk about it later in the email.

New Year’s Eve we had to be in by 7:00 pm. We were going to go to the district leaders place again but Elder Sarki wanted to stay home and so I let him have his way this time because I dragged him along for Christmas. We were asleep by 10:30. Haha. Happy New Year. 😒

I loved seeing Dad tiling the shower on the photoshare. It makes it a lot easier to see and it seem like I’m more involved throughout my life.  Hey maybe the shower will be done by the time it get home. Maybe not though.

We found a new game last P-day. We had like 25 people playing and we played soccer……………with a yoga ball. It’s so Ramsey to get off the ground so you use your head more than your feet.  It’s also a great workout because your laughing the whole time. It’ll fly across the gym and two people will jump up to head butt it and it’ll work… it’ll just knock them over at the same time. So since they are in the air they land flat on their back. It’s just so insanely crazy.

I am going through the area book and checking to see who we should check out and looking at the map and riding to their place and seeing them.

Throughout the week I have been really happy. Just smiling a lot and feeling happy and feeling the Spirit a ton. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’ve been able to work harder or maybe something else but for some reason I have been really happy and the Spirit has been with me and had just been giving me more of a witness if the gospel. I love it! I did have a cool experience with it though. So it was the two week mark for being in Citrus Heights. For the first two weeks I had kinda let it go and be more casual and not work as hard. One reason was because the work is pretty dead right before Christmas.  So I just went completely off of what the area book said and we went out and worked all day. Our appointments cancelled and we went and found people. We stayed out until almost dinner time so we went and ate dinner early. Then after dinner I said “Let’s go find people” and he said “do you really want to go find people this late? It’s dark out and cold out” and I said “Heck yeah!”  While I was out I realized how much more happy I was because we went and worked hard. I had been happy and smiling and singing all day and I was just really happy even though I was way more tired and working more.  But what made me fully decide to just get to work was The Nashville Tribute Band. Of course. I was listening to the song The Work on the first missionary album and it was talking about missionaries push harder and harder even when you’re back is sore and keep knocking and knocking and that we are the only ones that can do this and we need to do it.  I realized that so many missionaries don’t do that. It’s ridiculous how many don’t actually do that, like half the missionaries, at least in this mission.  Then I thought “Which side of the line and I on?” and I realized that I needed to step it up and take charge because I wanted to be one of the missionaries in that song that goes and works and serves hard and does all that they can and puts all their effort into their mission. So I did that. I had what I call a “sister missionary moment” that lasted like the whole day. You know how sister missionaries are always like “Gospel! Yay! Missionary work is the best! Yay! Why would I even not want to be on a mission? Yay! Talk to everyone! Yay! Spirit! Yay! This is the best! Yay!” (Love this description of Sister Missionaries) And I think that they are crazy because it’s hard and a lot of it sucks out here but they are always like that. It was just a really spiritual day and even though I was having a spiritual day alone it was awesome. It was probably the first time on my mission that I actually, with my heart, thought “I love my mission” So that was awesome!  🙂

Is it good or bad that I dream in missionary? For at least the past two months whenever I have a dream I keep within the mission rules.  For example I had some dream this week that my companion and some extended family were all having dinner together but there were some TV’s around I was avoiding them and I kept looking at my watch to try to keep it under an hour because we had an appointment afterwards and I kept trying to find my companion and I was thinking about what I would share for the spiritual though afterwards. I guess that’s ok but when I get home if I still dream like this I’ll be really confused. But that’s how I dream now. So I can’t go skydiving or drive fancy cars in my dreams anymore because it’s against the mission rules. 😪  (I laughed right out loud at this)

So we got a referral for some guy that needed help moving so I called him and he said he needed help and I told him we could probably get six or so people to help. He just kept saying wow and couldn’t believe it. He was amazed. Then on p-day we counted up to 12 and I called him and told him and he was speechless.  He said he would feed us lunch.  So when we showed up he had 8 full size Costco pizzas. Wow!!!! Way too much. We ended up walking home with three of them.  Others took some home too. But we ate and ate and ate and then we helped him move forever.  Since he was moving he was giving a ton of stuff away.  We got some cool stuff. Then when we finished and it was almost dinner time.  He then said he was going to take us all out to dinner. We tried saying no but he wouldn’t let us. So we all went out to Panda Express. Then he wanted to take us to Baskin-Robbins for dessert and we put our foot down and said no. But he said he loves feeding missionaries because we have so little compared to him (because he does have a lot of money. But he lives in a humble condo and is just a kind person) so he wanted to help.  New Year’s Eve we went to his place and helped move boxes around and drive stuff around in the truck and lift stuff. So when we were about to leave to eat he said “So would you rather go to Olive Garden or Red Lobster?” Man this guy likes treating people. He did this for missionaries in the past. We ended up eating at Olive Garden on New Year’s Eve. We talked to him a lot about what missionaries do. We are going to see him again tomorrow night with some other missionaries. He made reservations at a really fancy steak restaurant because Elder Quist said that he liked steak. 😏😄

John Bytheway quote. The was talking about the Stripling Warriors and how they said that they never doubted that their mothers knew it. Then he said that he never doubted or even thought about doubting that his parents had a testimony. So I though about it and realized that y’all did the same. That never once did I wonder if y’all had a testimony or if you had doubts. Wow! Good job Mom and Dad. It helped me a lot when I was younger, come to think of it. I had a good foundation and something to go off of that was sure.

I love it when I’m riding my bike in the dark and a car slowly pulls up next to you. Then you realize it’s another set of missionaries and you grab onto their car and they tow you for a mile.

So the guy that we helped move and feeds us also let us have some stuff. He had to get rid of the stuff for his fireplace so he gave us some fire-starters and wood and kindling and these pine ones with stuff in them that turn the flames blue. But some of the fire started are really nice and are called dynamite fire starters. They look like sticks of dynamite and come in a dynamite box. img_0074I mostly took them because the box looks awesome, but the fire starters are great and since we have a fire place it worked out.

That’s about all I have for this week. If there’s anything you need let me know.



2 thoughts on “Elder Jones – Week 23”

  1. WHY do they always think they can cut hair when they become missionaries???!!! One of the mysteries of the Kingdom for sure!

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