Week 20- Elder Jones

Transfers, Hank Smith and Christmas Party

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Hey y’all!  Everything is so crazy right now with transfers so if it’s a little jumbled I’m sorry.

You’ll have to fill me in on the story of why you left sacrament meeting. I want to know…..

Also I thought it was really funny seeing Merritt wearing my sandals at that tree property. But I don’t have to be mad about that anymore.  Although I didn’t appreciate Royce’s sweatshirt in that picture.😡

Who texted you that picture of us at the wedding? I didn’t know someone texted that to you.

The work has started picking back up finally. We were finally able to get ahold of some people that we couldn’t get ahold of and now we can teach more. People started responding and we are able to help more people now. Yay! Happy now.  image4image1

Story time! So we had a cool miracle happen this week. We were with the ****** on Tuesday and they don’t have much money at all and they struggle a lot. So they always stress about that.   She got a call from some lady from a health insurance place her ex-husband had used for them and they said there was something going on with the husband. So the lady said that here were some expenses that Sister ****** had paid out of her pocket and it hadn’t been reimbursed and it should have been, so she would send the check.  Sister ****** was like, sweet I might get like $20 bucks or something out of this, maybe enough to get a ham for Christmas dinner. Well, the checks came and the two checks added up to be more than two thousand dollars! Wow! Talk about a miracle. She is so relieved because she will be able to pay all her bills and actually give the kids a Christmas because the last Christmas for them they didn’t really get anything.  They have money left over to cover for other things and for next month. They are much butter off than they have been in years. So she wants to do the ward giving tree. Basically, giving presents to people in old folks home who won’t get anything for Christmas.  She wanted to do this on her own. So it’s amazing that the second she got this amazing blessing, she wanted to give back and she wanted to do that on her own and sought it out. So that’s a miracle for the week.

It’s a little late but happy birthday Dixon! 🎉 🎊 🎁   This is weird not being home for it. Love you and I’m the famous words of Mom: Stop growing up!

I was able to get some Hank Smith talks into my flash drive this week and man is he funny. But he also makes some amazing points and helps me to understand stuff really well. I want to do that some day.  But I was listening to one of them and it was talking about all the rules or “restrictions” in the For the Strength for Youth.   I thought back and was so thankful for all the things y’all “made” me do or “didn’t let me do”. All those “restrictions” in it that are a standard in our house like dating rules, phone rules, Sunday rules or anything else in there or other rules that we follow very strictly are awesome! I’ve known for a long time that when I got on a mission I would probably write something like this but it’s true. I knew that all those rules would help me and that it was helping me and that y’all were smart and that I should trust you and all that.  I saw the effects and the blessings from obeying those things. But now I see how awesome they were. I may have known that those “restrictions” would help and stuff but it didn’t mean I had to like it. And no, I didn’t like a lot of those rules but I obeyed them anyways. But now I can see the full effect of them. In one of the talks, Hank Smith said so many amazing things that helped me realize this. I am so well off now because of them. I have that standard and nothing is ruined. I know how I should be on Sundays, I know how to control my media and electronics and not let them control me, I know how to respect girls, I know how to treat other people in general, I know how to be an example, I know how to work hard, I know how to set my priorities straight, I know how to have my own testimony, and all of these are because of all those rules that I didn’t really want to follow but I knew would help me. But now looking back I don’t even have the attitude of “I don’t really want to do it”. It is what I would want to do because I see what’s it has made me. So thank you for that! All of it! 🙂  Even though I retaliated a lot over the years I am glad that I did it all because now I can do what I need to and do it the right way.

I got an awesome Christmas card from Anna Albee this week. Thank you Anna! Loved it. I’m glad that I have people from the ward thinking of me.

This an investigator we found and have been working with. Saying goodbye!

The Ward Christmas party here was awesome. I spent an hour putting up a tree, but it was worth it because it looked amazing. So although I didn’t set ours up at home, I did it here.  We had a ton of less active families come. I think we had five full families that are less active come. We didn’t get to talk to them all there were so many.  

So transfers……….  I’m headed down to Citrus Heights. That zone is one of the best zones in the mission. It’s supposed to be awesome. It’s Rusch Park Ward. I’m with an Elder Sarki. He is from Nepal.  

I’ll get my new address sometime today and get it to you.

Y’all are the best. Luva!


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