Elder Jones – Week 19!

Mountains, Weddings and Christmas Trees


P-Day! 🙂

Hey y’all! Great week. Kinda crazy. Love this area!  

Ok, so on Friday for some reason it deleted everything that I had stacked up for the whole week writing wise.  So, I had to rewrite the whole week. Some of it won’t be in as much detail.

We decided to apply the principle found in Matthew 18:12. We went to find the one percent. We went up to Cohasset. It’s a little town-more like a semi settlement-up in the top of my area that the missionaries haven’t been to since the beginning of the year because it’s so far away. It’s like a 45 minute drive into the mountains.  The cluster of the hundreds of little dots is where we always work, but we went all the way up there. Our area is bigger than a lot of the car areas in the mission. This nice lady let us take a picture on her back porch of her view. We could literally see three zones from there. It was crazy and beautiful I couldn’t believe it. So that was a fun day.   image6 image3


Sister graves gave me a Christmas tree. I was riding around with it sticking out of my bag all day. People noticed a lot and kept commenting on it. image1

I am really tired of people in Winco asking where the potato chips are! They always think we are employees, because of our name tags. So they ask us where things are. I usually respond with: “I can’t tell you how to find the potato chips, but I can tell you how to find salvation”😏 

We had an awesome Christmas concert this weekend. It was with other churches.  It was a ton of musical groups doing things and it was so cool. There were two different nights. One of the nights there was a choir from our church that was created like 35 years ago and has 12 females and they were great. We had kids in a band doing stuff. It was kinda crazy to see half of them playing the drums……in the chapel. Huh? There was also this guy that had a masters degree in classical guitar. He was so good. I so sound so bad compared to him. 

Elder Leathers and I have started a diet. He needs to lose weight and I need to gain weight. So we pretty much decode to switch plates every night. I can’t allow him to take seconds and can tell him not to take too much. But I have to take seconds and he can make me take more. It was the worst because one meal I was full after the first helping and he said “Hey, those look really good. You should have more.” So, I had to take more. Them he passed the rolls. 😑 Then he suggested I take more of the meat. And made me have more dessert. I kept giving him angry looks. He was so satisfied. So that’s fun! 

I get to say goodbye to everyone this week. This won’t be fun. I love Chico and don’t want to leave. But there’s a 99% chance I will leave. So I am preparing. I love all the people that I have gotten to know and all the people that have helped me to learn things here that have increased my testimony or been an example to me. It’s going to be hard to leave. 

I love the Christmas initiative. image1I’ve seen that video way too many times. But it is such a cool one this year. So interactive and it really connects to people so well. We were with the Prieheims and they watched it and were really touched by it. Sister Prieheim then told about an awesome missionary experience she had and it was awesome. It’s so cool to see how they have progressed. Now they are sharing the gospel and having experiences that are rare, even for us. 

Saturday was crazy. One of our zone leaders had to take some medication to flush some bacteria or something out of his body and it went wrong and tried coming out of his pores. So meanwhile his body-and I mean his whole body-turned into a giant rash. So we had to go on exchanges and get him dandelion root pills and some crazy stuff….  It didn’t get any better.  We had to ride way out of our area to get to the zone leaders place and we had places we needed to be.  We could only wait for him to get better, so we took the car for the afternoon. It was great. We could get around so fast. We were able to contact three times faster. Then I went to dinner with the other zone leader and we ate at Chilis. That was good. So spending a day in a car was good. Then we got it again on Sunday! Yes! 

So ***** got married on Sunday. That was awesome! Her husband ***** has really bad anxiety but he handled it so well. So did she. It was short and sweet and it’s so awesome that they and doing what they need to to keep the commandments. After ten years of living together she finally was able to do it. Go *****!

The teaching pool is still dry. We’ve been doing a lot of finding but it’s not paying off for some reason. We can only keep trying. We couldn’t meet with ***** this week because the one time she could meet we had to be at the wedding. ☹️

Well, that about it for this week. Let me know if y’all need anything. 



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