Dixon Turns Six, Septic Tank Explosion, Alabama Water Leak, Jinkkle Bells and Menace the Dennis!!!

Ready for church!
Ready for church!


They look so alike, I just had to take a picture. :)
They look so alike, I just had to take a picture. 🙂
Kevin spent a lot of time on airplanes these past two months. This was one of the beautiful sunsets he got to see. :)
Kevin spent a lot of time on airplanes these past two months. This was one of the beautiful sunsets he got to see. 🙂


Dixon:  “Do you know who plays Santa in that movie?”  “Menace the Dennis!”  🙂

Bryson:  “Dixon, sneak away with me to college.”  Dixon:  “No, I would miss my toys!”  Not your Mom and Dad???? 😉

Tessa singing Jingle Bells (the one where you spell it out).  She spelled it J-i-n-k-k-l-e.  I looked at her and asked what she just said.  She responded “Yeah, it’s Jinkle Bells!”  🙂

Our septic tank connector exploding.  Kevin opened it up and the pump was spraying sewage everywhere.  Thankfully, the alarm went off an hour and a half before Kevin had to leave for the airport.  He ran around town looking for the part, but ran out of time.  So he arranged someone to come fix it in the morning.  THANK YOU KEVIN, YOU SAVED US!  All is well on the sewage front.  So thankful for the great guys at PR Septic Service!

Alabama house pipe leak (the day after the septic explosion).  If things come in threes, then I will count Kevin getting rear-ended as number three (even though there wasn’t any damage and it was all ok).

Leaving Sacrament Meeting because I was laughing too hard.   I actually had to excuse myself!  I can’t say the entire story but I said something the wrong way to one of the missionaries and couldn’t believe I said it, then I had to be quiet and it just didn’t work.  I am really hoping to grow up some day!


No Sweets/Treats is over for this girl!  56 Days!  I won, but didn’t.  We started with four of us.  Two dropped off.  The last friend was doing so well that she plans on continuing no sugar for years.  She feels great and is losing tons of weight!  Yippee for her.  She felt so badly for my agony, as my favorite desserts passed before me, that she ended it.  She is still going, but declared “I’m out!”.  So legitimately,  I won, but really she is amazing and the winner.  I am in heaven eating my sweets again, in moderation of course….. 😉  Hopefully, I can keep feeling good without the sugar, but just have it every once in awhile.

Addy and David taking Frey family pictures during their trip to Maryland over Thanksgiving.  So beautiful!

img_9484 img_9485 img_9549Dinner out with Celeste, Dylan and Kennedy McEntee!  It was such a fun night over Thanksgiving weekend.  I love last minute, spontaneous, meet-ups as people are flying out.  15170984_1280022045373299_5217240973017319338_n 15203172_1280022148706622_3684783591982213656_n

Rolls Royce!  When we named Royce, I always thought Rolls Royce would come up, but it really hasn’t that much.  Ha!  At dinner the other night Royce was eating tons of rolls.  I didn’t want him to only eat rolls for dinner, so I randomly said “Stop eating the rolls, Royce!”  I cracked myself up after I realize what I said.  Finally!  🙂

Getting to attend the temple while Kevin was out of town (he got to go another day).  I loved getting to drive alone and stop at Deseret Book.  It was so festive and calm (meaning there weren’t any kids there talking to me).  🙂

Finishing the Book of Mormon Challenge!  62 days!  Corbin finished his the week before me (he started ahead of me).  It was wonderful to be reading it at the same time as him.  I loved underlining all the names of Christ and anything to do with the Atonement.  I thought I’d take a break and read it some other slow way, but the very next day I couldn’t break the habit.  I started it again in my own scriptures and plan on switching topics each time.

Finally understanding why people get depressed from the rain.  It doesn’t happen to me, but I know it is really hard for others.  I realized it really relaxes me.  So much so that I go right into slow motion.  I think that would feel depressing if I came from another area.  I embrace the slow motion and feel like it’s permission to relax.  I actually have problems when the sun comes out all the time because I feel like I have to go, go, go all the time and can’t relax.  Hmmmm….

Heating with our wood stove!  We just keep throwing logs in and it heats our house!  Today we started putting spiced water on the top to fill the air with some humidity (our skin is drying out). 15317813_1300625759979594_2736131378601020712_n

#LIGHTtheWORLD initiative.  Starting December 1st, we began serving each day in 25 ways for 25 days.  I’ve loved focusing on this each day with the kids and seeing all the other inspiring ways people are joining in to spread the light of Christ.  https://www.mormon.org/?cid=HP_FR_25-11-2016_dMIS_fmorg_xLIDyL1-A_

Fun Ward Christmas Breakfast!  It was decorated so beautifully!  The food was delicious and we all had fun.  Singing carols was the highlight.  Dixon and Royce seeing the substitute Santa undress and calling him a fake was probably not the highlight.  Oh, my children…..

Nana and Boppa taking us to dinner at the Grant House, then to the Nutcracker.  Such a festive, fun night.  Thank you Mom and Dad!  15241284_1289932257715611_6488951017324908064_n

Kevin and the kids hauling logs home from someone’s property.  It was incredibly hard work.  Tess and Kevin were so sore.  Kevin is in Heaven chopping it up this week.

I just have to point out that Merritt jumped out of the car and joined the picture to make it look like she was working.... ;)
I just have to point out that Merritt jumped out of the car and joined the picture to make it look like she was working…. 😉

15317860_1294709447237892_8810226521890618117_n 15355574_1294709540571216_1233456198939333841_n

Ordering most of our Christmas gifts in one day on AmazonPrime!  Two days later, we had our presents.  How did I ever do Christmas without it?  So thankful to save time in this way.

Getting to watch the 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional during our third hour of church.  There is one perk to the 3:00-6:00 pm church time!  🙂  https://www.lds.org/broadcasts/archive/christmas-devotional/2016/12?lang=eng&cid=HP_SU_4-12-2016_dCN_fEVT_xLIDyL1-B_

Getting my first text of Corbin on his mission (minus the one’s from his mission pres.).  LOVED IT! 15338655_1293798433995660_6920865184469005747_n

Bryson having the best spontaneous mistletoe first kiss story ever!  It was even documented with pictures.  They were both so surprised, she did the cutest kiss on his cheek, then the rest followed.  I love how Santa and the Elf ended up walking away… Epic!  15285056_1301009979941172_3572275514118484374_n 15338749_1301010009941169_3092993179643932058_n 15337428_1301010146607822_5695325089322349124_n 15380347_1301010169941153_4579044365151392011_n 15380854_1301010239941146_3277999317586810079_n 15337672_1301010263274477_1924376785832080893_n 15326402_1301010446607792_7224718655491993084_n 15356640_1301010456607791_2574478167591312006_n

Boys playing army men under the Christmas tree.   15284013_1294708850571285_6185419767078069763_n 15319147_1294709073904596_7114860314637167229_n 15337665_1294709187237918_968785967142721550_n

Snow!!!!  We got snow twice this week!  The first one was wet.  Hovering right at 32 degrees and so fun.  Then a huge storm blew in and it has been 27 degrees (the app said, feels like 13 degrees with the wind).  So cold and fun!  The wind actually kept me awake most the night, which worked out nicely because I kept feeding the wood stove to keep the house warm.  I love wind, but I was sure a tree was going to fall down on the house!  15337592_1300625379979632_8950110258681246310_n 15380447_1300625673312936_3700516040162512667_n15267797_1294847590557411_6649963619282651363_n 15284137_1294847617224075_3425998350543846451_n

Dixon turning six!!!  No way is our youngest child six!!!  How did that happen?  It was so fun to watch him lead up to his birthday.  He was excited about everything and everyone.  His brothers and sisters were so sweet about calling him and pampering/helping him with everything to make his day special.  Love my sweet little Dixon boy.

Our sweet home teachers brought this to Dixon. :)
Our sweet home teachers brought this to Dixon. 🙂
Merritt made this one for Dixon on his birthday. Go Merri Merritt!
Kevin made Dixon’s Star Wars cake. Dixon was so happy!

15400998_1300888436619993_5274207773556425593_n 15349809_1300888509953319_7896440336520568587_n



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  1. SO awesome how you document “Living After The Manner Of Happiness”. And I will stop worrying about you now that your Sugar Fast is over . ❤️

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