Elder Jones – Week 19

Bike Wrecks, Thanksgiving and #LighttheWorld

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Hey y’all! Great week this week. A little slow because of Thanksgiving, but a lot of fun.

Loved the blog. It was weird seeing Tessa with the school laptop. Iwas dying at some parts. Y’all are so funny. It’ll be weird when I get home to be one of the ones visiting home for a week for the holidays.  I’ll have to show the picture of the Cowans to Sister Graves because it’s her cousin.

So I wrecked on my bike so many times this week. Like five times a day.  Thankfully it didn’t hurt my bike at all. Just me. Most of is was me falling off the pedals onto the frame or falling off the bike but holding the bike up. A few times it was a full on wreck. The reason why I did this is because I am trying to learn how to do something.  It’s really annoying to be riding along the curb and the light turns red and I have to press the crosswalk button……on the other side of the curb. So I have to either swerve out into traffic so I can hop the curb, get off my bike, ride to the ramp and back track off something like that. But I am trying to learn how to hop the curb while I am parallel to it by slamming on my front brake which lifts up the back tire, kick it to the side onto the curb, then jump the curb with my front tire. I finally was good enough at it that I did it a few times on a small curb with a few of those tiny accidents. But then I had a bad wreck. Part of the bike didn’t make it over the curb and I tried saving it and I was able to get my bike down softly enough that it wasn’t damaged at all but in the process I was thrown off the bike and full on rolled my ankle. We were in the church parking lot in the dark waiting for our ride to get there and I just laid there on the ground. As I lay there, motionless on the ground, thinking of how stupid I was and how much my ankle hurt, like something out of a movie, it started raining. It was pitiful. I’m laying on the ground with a rolled ankle and a wrecked bike and it starts raining. Yeah. It was like a movie.

So I was at Winco and bought cinnamon bears. Every time I eat them I think about listening to the Cinnamon Bear Stories on the radio every night in the Deline house. Everyone getting blankets and stuff and snuggling on Mom’s bed listening to it. It brings back so many memories and the cinnamon flavor and all that reminds me of the Christmases when we would do that.  🙂

We were at a members house and one of their sons who is about Dixon’s age looks at me and says “Where is your brother?” It clicked that he was talking about Elder Duseigneur.  So I told him that I got a new one.  🙂  I miss Elder Duse.

Thanksgiving was great. We started out the day with the Turkey Bowl.  That was a lot of fun. I had an amazing catch and dodged a ton of people to break through and get a touchdown. So much fun. Then we had District Meeting.  After a while we had our first dinner. We had six dinners that we could have gone to but we only had time for four of them.  We had our first one with Sister Kehm at 2:00 then out next one at 3:30 with a ton of people at one of the churches. We ended up riding back home and waiting for our ride for our third dinner but they never showed up😡.  So we took a nap while we were waiting for them and since they never came we went to our next dinner at the Castro’s. They are awesome. The coolest part is that their son just left for a mission and it was his 3rd day in the field. So it was cool to be able to see kind of what it was like for y’all on Thanksgiving. I had a moment where I got really sad for a second because I missed y’all. But it was good to realize how much y’all mean to me. I really wanted to be with y’all for Thanksgiving. It was really hard being on bikes and having three Thanksgiving dinners. I was so out of it after the second dinner and after the last one. Elder Leathers was out but I had recovered. So it was crazy and really awesome. And BTW, there was Christmas music on during Thanksgiving dinner😈.  Then when I got in bed I got a wonderful e-mail from my wonderful mother and it made me go to sleep smiling.  Thanks Mom.

I absolutely love that Christmas season has started. We have the amazing Christmas initiative that we share with everyone. The video is so good and we pretty much have the music memorized by now. Since y’all are ward missionaries you probably know about all of it but if you don’t, go look it up and do the service advent calendar as a family. That would be so cool to do as a family. I am doing it. So y’all should too. #lighttheworld!  I saw this on the light the world’s mormon.org website and laughed.

Love you!

Elder Jones


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