Week 18 – Elder Jones Mission


Elder Lawrence, Blessings and President Marston “Throwing Down”

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Hey y’all! Loved the email yesterday. Keep sending them.

So last Tuesday was the last day for the Book of Mormon read with highlighting the names of Christ. I finished on time. That was cool to see how much the savior played a role in it. For the talks we prepared for Mission Conference I was able to pull some stuff from my reading and it was great.  Reading it in 60 days was awesome. But, I didn’t like the aspect that I couldn’t think about it that much because I had so many things to study and couldn’t feast on it.  I focused on the names and that was really cool. It showed me how much the Book of Mormon revolves around Christ and how everything in it is because of Christ. It was awesome.  


As for what church videos I use, I use a lot of videos. I spent the first two months of my mission getting up in the morning and watching all the Mormon Messages so that I could use them correctly. I use videos a lot because they work so well and people stay entertained easily.  It also gets the point across really well.  Here are the ones I use most:  Dare to stand alone, a secure anchor, a shower of heavenly blessing, rescued by Christ, earthly father Heavenly Father, life’s drama, daily bread: pattern, the hope of God’s light, within bounds, leave the party, looking through windows, the will of God, your potential your privileges, origin, the sting of the scorpion, the testimony of the Book of Mormon, flecks of gold, reclaimed, abide with me, stay in the boat, because of him and my new personal favorite, blessed and happy are those who keep the commandments of God. (I didn’t have time to capitalize all the titles….) https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/mormon-messages-video-playlists?lang=eng So those are the ones that I use the most. Maybe for a family home evening you could do a “movie night” and watch all of these. 

So a cool thing happened this week…. Tuesday was horrible. I’ll just put that out there to start the story off. We didn’t have that much scheduled for that day because everybody wanted other days. So, what we did have for that day didn’t work out.  We ended up with absolutely nothing scheduled for that day by the time it came. So we went contacting. We saw names on our iPads and knocked on their doors. All day!!! And we didn’t get let in once. It sucked. It was so hard. It was so exhausting. So exhausting. Biking forever. And ever. And ever. Rejected and turned away. Sometimes they would be nice about it or have a real reason, but a lot of the time they didn’t. It was one of those classic missionary bad days. I kept telling myself that we would be rewarded for it. We probably wouldn’t be able to see our reward immediately, but we would be rewarded. So we kept going all day. Then we went to dinner.  We had been doing this for hours and after dinner we tried the R***’s. They are the ones that gave me the bike lights. They are one of my absolute favorite families for so many different reasons. They have amazing questions, are lots of fun and we all like each other a lot. They actually let us in and we were so happy. Sister R*** works at some company that sells really cool stuff and that’s where she got the bike lights. Elder Duse had this awesome bag that he accidentally left behind here that I was using until I can get it back to him because it is a lot better than mine and really comfortable.  The R***’s brought the bag up because we were talking about where she works. They were saying that they get cool equipment for dirt cheap and that they gave Duse a cool bag that helped him a lot. I pointed out that I was using it and we got talking and by the time we left there that night, we each had brand new bags that are really nice. I take that as a blessing for obedience. One funny thing that I realized is that it will be hard to come home because people won’t just give us stuff anymore😂. But that was a cool experience. It payed off and I saw how blessings work. 

So Conference was great. I learned a lot of cool stuff. Got the Christmas initiative and I’m really excited for that. President Marston is one of the funniest guys ever. He is the best. Love him so much. Sometimes he is funny because he is trying his best to be modern and isn’t. He does a good job about working the iPads and stuff but there are things he doesn’t do the best on. Like he calls flash drives, USB ports which is the opposite part of a flash drive. He tells us that it’s ok to have USB ports meaning we can have flash drives. He says that some missions are making it so that they don’t have iPads, instead they get tablets. Haha. The best was when he was talking about how missionaries sometimes get into debates about doctrine and stuff and pull out the scriptures and go at it. He said “Sometimes missionaries get into too much and they” (turns to the APs and asks “what’s that word again?” The AP responds and says”throw down”) President Marston turns back to us and says “They get into it and throw down!” 😂 One of the funniest things ever. I love him. He used the term a few more times and kept turning and asking the APs what the term was. They would just say “throw down” and he would keep going. 

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Sometimes he is funny, because he is funny. We were talking about proper clothing for the winter season and this guy started “throwing down😂” with Pres. and kept saying that the sisters could have more fun because they get to have more colors and variance in what they wear.  Pres. responded nicely, but this guy just wouldn’t let up. So Pres. went at it with him for a few minutes. Everyone in the room was laughing and trying to get him to stop and it was ridiculous. But Pres. ended it in the perfect way. Then the guy said “Yeah they can do all these different crazy things with their clothes and all we have to choose from is a black, grey or blue suit. All the stuff we get is boring.” Everyone was like “ooooohhh” because we knew that that was ridiculous because we all thought that Press would respond by saying something like “You try wearing a dress for 18 months” but he did even better. He said “Well that’s your fault for getting a boring suit.” Everyone just exploded and Pres. just started talking about the next thing. It was like a rap battle with a mission president. The guy knew he would lose but went at it anyways. And he definitely lost. I love president Marston. 

Cold. Really cold. That’s what happened this week. Woke up on Thursday and it was 34degrees out. It was ok during the day but got crazy during the night. I have a few pairs of gloves at this point. So that helped. Then it started raining during the weekend. Great… In our zone it is snowing up in the mountains, so cool. 

Could you please send a copy of my call letter with the next package please? President Marston expects everyone to have theirs and I don’t have mine. Thank you! 

Look what we found the other day! It’s a ways off but to a missionary, this is huge! http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/book-of-mormon-video-series  My kids are going to grow up with these! Although they could be rated R with how terrible some of the wars are in the Book of Mormon. 

So we had Stake Conference yesterday and the day before. We had Elder Lawrence of the seventy come. He is the one that gave that talk ‘What lack I Yet?’ Cool thing is that I had written that on a sticky note at the beginning of my mission and it helped me improve a lot because I found that talk.  When Elder Ford came over and he pointed out that he was coming! So cool. We had an awesome adult session. Everyone talked about member missionary work. President Marston gave an awesome talk in that session. So cool. Then Elder Lawrence spoke and man is he a good speaker. So spiritual. Yesterday morning we had a recent convert/returning member/investigator session in the primary room. Before Elder Lawrence came in he talked with me, my companion, another companionship and President Marston for a few minutes. He is such a cool guy and really personable. He was just like another priesthood holder in the building. But then we had the session and it was small and personal and I lead the music and all. It was so cool. Then we had our general session right after that. We started looking for a seat and looked on stage and saw that our ward and the YSA ward were the choir. So we joined them and sang the songs with them. They were not easy songs, so that was bad.  They hardly had any tenors, so they needed the help.  Elder Lawrence’s security guard guy sat near us and picked up a folder and sang in the choir with us. Haha. That was a cool session. Sister Lawrence got into some deep doctrine about the Spirit World. Elder Lawrence talked about Joseph Smith and blew us away. He talked about an experience President Hinckley had as a deacon with the song:  “Praise to the Man.” At the end of his talk he had us all sing that song before the choir sang our song, which also happened to be on the First Vision.  Afterwards, president Marston gave candy to the missionaries.  He was talking with us and taking pictures. Those will come with the picture emails. When President Marston relaxed a little because he isn’t leading the meeting, he is so much fun. He jokes a lot with us all and is like one of us. I love him! 

I’m thinking I’ll start a photo share for the family so that we can post pictures whenever and it’s easier. I’ll still send the pictures in the email so you can have it for the blog but I love seeing pics from y’all so I think I’ll do this too. It is allowed, trust me. I just am not supposed to post or comment until p-day. But y’all can post stuff whenever you want. So that would be awesome. Go ahead and do stuff on it and I’ll love it. I just won’t comment or post till p-day. Which is today so I can do what I want. 

***** has been keeping the Word of Wisdom. She finished her last bottle of tea and hasn’t had any since. Her birthday is tomorrow and she is turning 21 which means that ceremonially she is supposed to drink. But she said that she doesn’t have the desire to do that and that she is just going to dance and party. She said that she hasn’t had the urge to drink tea anymore so it hasn’t been much of a challenge. What an amazing example of having the spirit to help you. So yeah that was amazing. Good job *****! 

Just about every week I get an email from Dane Jones! He is the best. He emails me about what is going on at church and what he is up to. It just makes me happy. Sometimes, like this last one, he just sent an awesome spiritual thought to me. What an awesome guy! 

I love hearing that y’all are looking for opportunities to share the gospel.  If everyone was like this, we would enter the  millennium. If all members had that frame of mind so much more missionary work would get done. That’s one thing I have seen in this ward. Especially from this Stake Conference. If everyone does all that they can, the church would double in a week. 

Well, sorry for this being such a long e-mail. Lots of pics this week too so be ready. 

Y’all are the best. Luva!

Elder Jones


One thought on “Week 18 – Elder Jones Mission”

  1. I particularly liked the phrases: Dare to Stand Alone. … Leave the Party ….. Stay in the Boat.
    Sounds like you are thinking about many things. Hugs, Aunt Peggy

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