Elder Jones Mission – Week 16 and 17



Hey y’all! So this week was really crazy because of transfers. Not as many big spiritual experiences this week. Just a lot of little ones that you would have to know a lot of things to get. But not as many big things because transfers mix everything up. ***** had her work schedule change and it’s been hard to meet with her.  We had a lot of people that had to meet Elder Leathers so a lot of getting him around to meet people. With a new elder we have been changing some things so we have been doing things differently and planning for what to do. And it was hard because we got sick and that slowed us down. So not the most productive week ever but it should pick up this week.

New comp! Elder Duseigneur was awesome and I miss that guy. My new companion is Elder Leathers. image2 He’s a good guy. He is a good teacher and a fun guy. I’m sad because I am now the shorter companion. But I’ll have to get used to that. Haha. He is from Rigby Idaho. That’s right under Rexburg. A tiny little town where TV was invented.  He did worked on a potato farm. I call him the potato whisperer. Haha. But he’s a cool guy and I’m excited for this transfer. We get along well though. We have somethings that we have to work on as a companionship but we are taking care of that.

Halloween was great. First of all, it was a transfer P-day, so we had a lot of fun. Some of the others carved pumpkins and we had a lot of games we did. Then we went to our Bishops house and had dinner and carved pumpkins. They looked so great. It made me so happy. image4 image9

We got stopped by security this week. That was fun. We were way out in the country and we were a long way from home and we were waiting for the ZL’s to finish dinner so they could pick us up and get us home. We were a little lost and really cold.  We had contacted everyone within biking distance and it wasn’t safe to be out where we were when it was pitch black outside. So it was kinda a bad situation. We couldn’t teach because tracting out there at that time is bad. Then we saw this huge church and were like: “Let’s go check it out.” So we rode into the parking lot and there were even more big buildings. So we chose one and started going to it. We chose the wrong one. These two elderly guys pulled up in a mini van honking and mad. They were harsh and were getting our names and what church we were from and were like: “Ok, good, now we know.” That was almost bad. So we started talking with them and they were cool guys.  By the end, we were laughing with each other and they liked us. Apparently, there are bad things that have happened around right there and the building we were headed for was the church high school building. They told us that if we had gone towards the other building that it would’ve been fine, but since we chose the wrong one they had to stop us. We got out of it and they were cool with it. We were just confused and slightly lost and saw a church and headed for it.

So an Elder here in my zone knows the Huskeys. His name is Patrick Clark. His sister, Kristen Mason, is friends with Olivia and he went with her to Hillsboro for a week or two and got to know them. This was a long time ago but maybe see if they remember him.

So, Elder Clark saw my webbed fingers and said “Your fingers look like legs and the webs are the skirt.” So, I had him draw a person on my hand using my fingers for legs and the web as the skirt. I am not going to send a picture because I don’t want that to be posted.

So, Sister Ginn is one of my favorite people ever. She is in one of the picture emails I’ll send today.  She’s the short girl with short, reddish hair in the middle in the red dress. She’s hilarious. So funny and spunky. At some lunch, we were playing the line game. The line game is a riddle where you say that a line goes from this random, object to another to another and the person has to figure out whose line it is and why. It’s hard to find the answer. I’m sure some of y’all know it. Namely Addy. But we had her going forever and she just could not figure it out. When we finally told her she was so mad because it was right in front of her face and she didn’t see it. She was so mad that the second that she found out, she turned into a Viking woman. She stood up so quickly and grabbed the metal church chair (remember how tiny this girl is) and threw it clear across the room. It hit the door and made a dent in the solid wood door. The whole room just went silent. She full on threw it clear across the room. Of someone had been standing there I think they would have been killed by it. I love Sister Ginn. She is the best. 😄

We got back after our last lesson and it was after 9:00 pm and we were running this watermelon to the dumpster with that old zucchini. As we were going, this crazy lady stopped us and asked if she could have the watermelon. We told her that it was at least four months old (which it was) and that she probably shouldn’t eat it. She still wanted it. So she took it and it was really heavy for her. She wanted to take it but wanted to talk to us about God. So she had me hold it as we taught her. So yeah, I taught a lesson holding a watermelon. Cool mission story.

Sister Ginn said she had a package from me and she had brought it from the mission office. Thank you Nana and Papa Buzz! Loved all the awesome and healthy stuff. Made my day. We picked it up at the church on Friday. Weekly planning is on Fridays and some of the sisters do that at the church. We picked it up there with some other Elders because they gave us a ride and all six of us stayed while eating all of it. They loved it. Then I thought of another one of the riddle things for Sister Ginn. It’s the one where you arrange the pencils into random shapes and they have to figure out what number it represents. It was another one of those things that is right in front of your face and you can’t see it, but you know it is there. When she figured it out this time, she was so mad that she went into Viking mode again and started hitting me with her iPad and almost broke her iPad. She is the best. In the pictures, she is the one posing with the package.  image1image1

One of the Spanish sisters is from Mexico. Her name is sister Bacerra. We can’t roll our Rs correctly and so she ended up nicknamed Bessie. We found out this week that Bacerra actual means calf in Spanish so that fits perfectly!  image1

We had a bag of Takis (really hot chips) and Elder Robinette had one and didn’t like it and spit it out in the trash. Well, last night, Elder Leathers finished the bag and was sad. Then he saw one in the trash and was really exited and ate it. Then he realized hat it was soggy and realized it was the one that Elder Robinette had spit out. That was one of the funniest things I had seen in a long time. His face was priceless.

Also, shoutout to all those people that have been supporting me in one way or another on my mission. I am so thankful for everything that you do for me. Wether it’s sending letters and packages or e-mails or if it’s bigger things, I am so thankful for every one of you. I see that through you, the promised blessings of a mission are coming true. Thank y’all so much!

I’ll talk to you next month and I will tell you all, about it then.




Hey y’all! Better week. More teaching and good stuff. Great missionary work! It’s fun! That picture of Dixon in the tree really freaked me out. I have no idea how that is possible. That tree is already leaning by itself. I’m amazed that it didn’t just lower him to the ground because of his weight.

The absolute worst was on Tuesday when all our appointments fell through and we went out contacting. All day. On Election Day. Not very many people were too happy to see us. That was really rough.

We were contacting this guy that didn’t end up living there but a guy answered the door with latex gloves on and said he was in the middle of a big project. We could smell the marijuana coming from his door. Yea, big project. Oh Chico. Well, it’s worse in other cities in the mission.

This week there were two days in a row where all we had to eat was pizza. So we had six meals in a row of Pizza. I am all pizza’d out 🍕 There is this less active member that is the manager of a make your own pizza place We go there because we get coupons from him every time. We always get buy one get one free cards. Like before we leave he always give us a stack of around 25 of them, and says share. So we share.  When others go we get some from them,  so a ton of missionaries go there now and we all have awesome coupons. So that’s part of the pizza problem. 😉

Had a cool experience during a dinner appointment. There we were at the Wright’s house.  They have two kids. The one that was there at dinner is a deacon and so I said that I wanted to direct the spiritual though towards him. I knew what I wanted to talk about but the spirit directed a lot of the things I did during this. I showed the Mormon message six brothers and we talked about how we can all be missionaries. At the end, I gave him a pass along card and challenged him to do missionary work with it.  Whether it be giving it to someone who might want it or using it to share something else about the gospel. I told him to be better than I was because when the missionaries did this to me, I like stuck the card in one of my friends books or something but it wasn’t really missionary work (still glad he did something). So I told him to do better than me. Then I saw it. I was really there. I saw myself as this deacon. I saw myself when I was in his position, as an Aaronic Priesthood Holder being taught by the missionaries to share the gospel. I finally had it all click at once. I realized what it was like for those missionaries trying to get me to do what they asked. I got the reason that they did it. I realized it was more of a plea. I saw myself as that youth. I saw myself on the other end, as a missionary. I knew what it looked like from his perspective. When I would interact with those missionaries and do things with them, I didn’t realize what was really going on. But in this moment, I could see both perspectives perfectly and knew what was going on. It’s hard to describe. But I really saw myself as him. I actually saw myself as a missionary. I hadn’t actually seen that yet.

So you get to do some cool things as a missionary. We had a Stake Roadshow this Saturday.  It was basically the youth from each ward do a ten minute Gospel centered skit. They were really really funny. But right before the show started, the MC’s had someone quit on them or something and needed someone to crack jokes or something between the skits so they had time. So, naturally they went to the missionaries. They asked all the missionaries who was the funniest and everyone threw me under the bus.  I ended up having to get up there and be a comedian for a few minutes (It must run in the family).  It was a lot of fun. I did a lot of improv and it went great. The coolest part is that I realized that it is opening weekend for the play back home, so as I was onstage, so was everyone else back home at Washougal. That made me happy. But it went great. They got it on video, but it’s too long to send.  image5

We taught the word of wisdom to *****. We knew she drinks a lot of tea and knew it would be a good lesson. We opened the pamphlets and in like four seconds she yelled out “wait! No tea!?” She was staring at it in disbelief and we were all trying to hold back smiles. One of the newly married sisters (a returned missionary) comes with us to her lessons and she is a great help and knows what she is doing. We went through it and the tea she drinks is all natural and she was justifying that it is allowed because it’s natural. That’s a tough one. We shared the video from that conference talk about the shark barrier and talked with her. She took it pretty well though, so I’m happy. We will see if she drinks tea through the week. She said she would give it up.

We have been praying really hard for people to teach and lo and behold this Sunday a less active family came that we haven’t seen in a month or two. They brought a non-member friend with them too! So prayers answered! 

Well that about for this week. Got a lot of pictures that I will send.



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